Things to do in Andaman

Aatika Fatima
July 18, 2016

There are many things to do and to know in Andaman. Some of the best things to do in Andaman are visiting to the place called ‘Diglipur’, and some other places like Barren Island, North Andaman Island, Middle Andaman Island, and so on. Likewise, there are many places as such where you can simply enjoy in the Island.

Just browse the internet to find out the best places to see in Andaman. When you visit Diglipur, you can do snorkelling within the Kalipur beach, as well as the small island behind the pristine resort of this amazing beach. Find best things to do in andaman. There is one more resort known as ‘Turtle Resort’ apart from the ‘Pristine Beach Resort’.

If you visit Rutland, you can definitely do scuba diving, and other water sports activities. There are also some other islands in Andaman such as ‘Little Andaman Island’, Cinque Island, Amkunj Beach, Karmatang Beach, and so on. More than these, there are several beaches and other interesting attractions where you can enjoy your trip.

Andaman is a beautiful place and a must-visit place for the photographers to shoot the amazing scenic beauty. Also, when you visit the city first thing that comes to mind is the tasty food like grilled fish, burgers, Israeli dishes etc. Moreover, there are many such foods including seafood that you can eat and enjoy.

This spectacular views of the Andaman, brings a palette of delicious dishes for you to eat, awesome views of the beaches, along with the great adventurous activities and a wonderful scenic beauty. What else is needed for you rather than such a great enjoyment? Andaman is a one stop destination for all your travel plans – you can either make an individual tour or a family tour. It is one of the best places for honeymoon, couples will love candlelit dinner, enjoy seafood, do adventurous activities, walk by the seaside, and enjoy in some of the romantic private beaches, etc.





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