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Rangat Island Middle Andaman, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Rangat Island is located in the Middle and South Andaman Islands. Approximate distance from Port Blair by road is 180 Kms and it is 50 nautical miles (around 90kms) by sea. It is having an area of about 1070 sq. km. Even though the population of this island comprises of people belonging to various linguistic groups, the residents of this island can be majorly noticed speaking Bengali or Tamil. The people in Rangat island are mainly engaged in Fishing and cultivation as their primary occupation.

Rangat houses many picturesque and flawless beaches, several turtle nesting grounds, evergreen waterfalls and a very unique presentation of the diverse Mangrove ecosystem along with a nature walk which is a true example of “Reduce, Reuse & Recycle”. Wondering how? Come along with us through the lines. In our coming sections, you’ll get more detailed information on what Rangat has in store for you on your visit. We will like not just to introduce you but rather make you familiar to the places we admire.

rangat island andaman

Now we feel it’s the high time when we shall take the opportunity to guide you through this to take up a visit to Rangat Island. There are places which we add to our trip list just because our peers and relatives have covered them or because we have seen a lot of pictures on social media. But then there are some hidden or lesser-known destinations which are too pristine and beautiful to miss them from our travel list.

Rangat Island is one such underrated destination which deserves to be explored more than just a transit point while visiting Long Island, Diglipur or Mayabunder. So through this article, we want to make Rangat a familiar place for people coming down to Andamans.

What to Expect while visiting Rangat?

“Rangat has got a lot more to offer than often expected!” – We can say this having visited the place ourselves and seen the type of experience with our naked eyes. Rangat is a true example of an eco-tourism initiative in Andamans.

Popularly it acts as the transit point while one travels to North Andamans from Port Blair. Also, many major islands are connected through sea and road from Rangat hence it attracts many travellers while crossing the path. Since Rangat falls on the way which you will cross when you travel to Mayabunder, Long Island or Diglipur from Port Blair by road, so you can decide to halt back for a night here to explore the major places nearby such as the Ambkunj Beach, Dhaninallah Beach, An Eco-friendly Mangrove walkway & lot more.

For your stays, Rangat Island has 2-3 standard stay options. Don’t expect any star category service or luxury from these properties as it’s a rural part of Andamans and as mentioned, it is still developing as a tourist attraction. So, not a lot of arrangements have been made in terms of the tourist infrastructures. But still, it has enough amenities to serve for a short stay while being in a hygienic and decent place. You will get a detailing about the stay options in our “Accommodation options” section. Many of the attractions in and around Rangat that we are going to discuss here are reachable by private transports. Some of them can be reached using public transportation as well. We’ll discuss more on how to reach Rangat, its serene beaches and other attraction around it in our “How to reach” sections ahead.

Rangat island andamans

Things to do and see at Rangat Island?

If you are crossing Rangat while visiting any of its surrounding islands, you can take a pit stop at Rangat and indulge in a day trip of the nearby attractions. While on a day trip at Rangat you can cover Ambkunj Beach, Dhanninallah Beach, and the Dhaninallah Mangrove Walkway.

In case you have an entire day at Rangat and you are staying back for 1 night, then there are numerous other beaches and attractions here that you can plan to visit. The Yeratta, Cutbert Bay Beach, Morice Dera, Panchavati Hills and the waterfall, Raman Bagicha, are the known ones and each one of these sights has individual importance.

While in Rangat, a nature lover will have no less than a precious me-time with nature out there and the list of the things that you can do here doesn’t end in lazing around in the beaches, soaking in the natural beauty of the beaches and the greenery. But you can also spend your day swimming, sunbathing, watching the superabundant mangroves and see the diverse species of Turtles nesting in the Dhaninallah and Curtbert Bay beaches.

Morrice Dera Beach: The twin rock there presents itself as a unique yet beautiful rock formation Read more about visiting Morrice Dera Beach in Andaman
Amkunj Beach The Amkunj beach is located at the Nimbutala village at a distance of 8kms from Rangat Read more about visiting Amkunj Beach in Andaman
Dhaninallah Mangrove Walkway (Nature Walkway) The Dhaninallah natural walkway is a 1 Kilometer long Read more about visiting Dhaninallah Mangrove Walkway in Andaman
Yerrata Creek Yerrata is located 8 Kilometers away from Rangat Read more about visiting Yerrata Creek in Andaman
Curtbert Bay Beach The Curtbert Bay Beach is a lengthy sandy beach at a distance of 12 Kilometers Read more about visiting Curtbert Bay Beach in Andaman
Panchavati Hills and waterfalls The Panchavati Hills falls in the outskirts of Rangat Read more about visiting Panchavati Hills and waterfalls in Andaman

How to reach Rangat Island From Port Blair?

To visit any island, you have to enter through Port Blair (VSI Airport). So the origin to start through any of the modes of transfers that we are mentioning below is from Port Blair only.

The first and the most economical option to reach Rangat from Port Blair is by Buses.

By Government Bus : You can reach Rangat by Government operated Bus that departs from Port Blair at different timings. The preferred one is around 4:30 AM. It takes around 8 hours to reach Rangat from Port Blair in a bus. This bus will pass through Andaman Grand Trunk Road to reach the Public Bus stand at Rangat. From there you’ll have to hire public transport to reach your accommodation place and to do the sightseeing. These buses are not Air-conditioned. The tickets for these buses can be purchased from the government Bus depot, Port Blair. Due to the cheap cost, there is a huge demand for government bus tickets because most of the local public use this mode of transport as their lifeline to stay connected between Rangat & Port Blair. The boarding point of these buses is at the Aberdeen Bus Depot. It has multiple other pick up points on the ATR. However, you need to enquire at the ticket counter for your nearest pick up point.

If you have reached Rangat by the government buses then the return ticket from Rangat has to be booked from Rangat Bus terminus only.

Buses run by Private Sector: Just like the government Buses, there are buses run by the private sector as well. These Buses also depart from Port Blair at different timings. The preferred/ suggested slot of departure is around 4:30 AM or the earlier possible so that one gets most of his/her time there in Rangat once they reach. It takes 8 hours to reach by these buses as well. They are available in Air conditioned and NON Air Conditioned segments. The AC ones are costlier but worthy for an 8 hour long road journey. Non AC ones are cheaper than the AC ones but expensive than the government buses due to obvious reasons like comfort and seating arrangements. The tickets for these buses are available from their respective reservation offices across the Port Blair town. Online bookings are not made available by them. The boarding point of these buses is mostly near the Aberdeen Bust Depot. It has multiple other pick up points on the ATR. However, you need to enquire at the ticket counter for your nearest pick up point.

If you have reached Rangat by the private buses then the return ticket from Rangat can also be booked from Port Blair when you start or else you can book the same at Rangat Bus terminus as well.

By Private Cab : The second way to reach Rangat from Port Blair is in a Privately hired vehicle from Port Blair and since the driver is accompanying you from Port Blair, neither you need to look for a return option, nor you would have to hire any other public transport for going in and out of your accommodation and seeing the places of attraction which are accessible by the road. By choosing this mode of reaching Rangat and exploring it, you get a local person from Port Blair in the face of your driver who is experienced and has been there before. So he can suggest you for good places to eat, make sure you visit the places you have planned to visit and return on time to Port Blair for your other due schedules.

The private Cab option is the best for travellers who are travelling on a fixed date schedule and have a fixed number of days to explore the Andamans before they go back to their hometown. This type of travellers need a pre-booking in everything and the major relief in choosing private cabs is that you can book this service online before your travel and forget all your stress. The cab will be there on time right at your stay point to pick you and drop you back to your respective accommodation after completion of the trip.

By Government Ferry To Rangat The third way is to take Government Ferry to move directly from Port Blair to Rangat. This voyage will be a 5-6 Hours long journey. The ferry follows the following route: Port Blair - Neil Island - Havelock Island - Rangat. So the voyage time tends to change depending upon the number of passengers boarding and getting down at each stops.

The con here in this option is that the sailing of this ferry is not there every day and the ticket bookings open only 1-2 days before the departure. The tickets are issued from the STAR ticket counters in Port Blair and the return ticket has to be booked from Rangat itself. The Harbor for Rangat is the Yerrata Jetty. Those who come on an extended vacation to Andaman can consider the government ferry as an option to reach Rangat.

However, this mode could be unpredictable and may not work for the travellers who are planning to visit Andaman for around 4 - 10 days. Considering, there are so many things to do in Andamans and the other schedules will get effected if in case this option of reaching Rangat doesn’t work.

Vehicle ferry at Baratang Island

How to reach Rangat from Havelock Island and Neil Island?

From Havelock Island, you will have to take a Government Ferry to Rangat. This ferry is operational on alternate days. This is the same ferry that sails from Port Blair to Rangat as discussed in our previous section. It takes pit stops at Neil Island, Havelock Island before reaching Rangat. After stopping at Rangat, The voyage ends at Long Island.

The same applies to visit Rangat from Neil Island. The same ferry which we have discussed above also takes a pit stop at Neil, so from Neil Island also you need to take the same boat to Rangat.

Ferry to Rangat

Accomodation at Rangat Island

There are 2 (two) private accommodations namely Hotel Avis and Hotel Ross and Smith. Hotel Ross n Smith is the newly introduced property which came in operations in the year 2018. It is mostly chosen by travellers and has decent service feedbacks from their in house guests. Both are good options, but not to expect the luxury or star category amenities while you plan to stay in them.

There is a resort of the Andaman & Nicobar Department of Tourism- The Hawks Bill Nest. Pre-booking is mandatory in all of these properties during the high seasons to ensure you have a reservation and don’t get stuck with your plans. Try to secure your bookings in any offbeat destination through a local tour operator because the online bookings mostly won’t work due to the poor internet connectivity in the islands.

There are some departmental guest houses/ lodges also which have to be checked to be availed on the spot only.

Food Options in Rangat Island

There are small eateries and local restaurants more of a Dhaba and canteen concepts serving good food at reasonable pricing. Seafood is the speciality at this place. One can also get vegetarian food here in these eateries. But pure vegetarian restaurant sort of arrangements are not yet discovered.

The accommodation options mentioned in this article also serves food in their respective restaurants but for all that, they have a limited menu option.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) when travelling to Rangat Island

How many days are required to visit Rangat?

Rangat Island is situated in the Middle Andaman, it requires 2 days to completely visit all attractions at Rangat.

What are the major places to see at Rangat?

At Rangat you can visit Dhanni Nalah Mangrove walkway, Morrice Dera Beach, Yerrata Jetty, Amkunj Beach, Raman Bagicha and Curtbert Bay.

Can Rangat be visited as a Day trip?

Yes, on your way to North Andaman Islands you can visit Rangat as a day trip.

How to reach Rangat?

Rangat should be visited from Port Blair. Bus or Private Cabs are the most preferred option to reach Rangat. Government ferry are also available but not on regular basis.



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