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Best Seafood Restaurants in Andaman Islands

Food! Food is something that we all crave for and when we travel to different places we make sure we try out the special cuisine of that particular destination. They say that nothing brings people together like good food. So, stop by that restaurant and eat your heart out wherever you are!

Out of all the food that is available out there, seafood is something that stands out. It is very special, appetizing and is preferred by almost everyone. Seafood does not limit to just one type of food but it is of different kinds and types. When you are a foodie in a beach destination then it is time to unleash your eating restrictions and feast on the scrumptious seafood platters served in the island’s restaurants.

Andamans is the place to be if you are in love with typical Seafood delicacies. The Andaman Islands are rich in producing a variety of seafood. Fishing is one of the main occupations on the islands, seafood is available in plenty. The sea that surrounds plays a crucial role in the island’s way of life, cuisine, and source of revenue.

Seafood is the main feature of the cuisine in Andamans and also a part of the staple diet of the natives. The island is blessed with a plethora of marine species that are exceptionally fresh and delicious when cooked.

What is so special about seafood in Andamans is that it is fresh, some are rare and they are very delicious. The seafood found here is incomparable to that of mainland India because in the islands there are a varied variety of fish and crustaceans that are rarely found in many places. 

Seafood is loved by a whole lot of people for the reason that it is not only delicious but also healthy and nourishing. The groovy taste that it has makes it a good choice of food for kids and adults alike. 

The diverse kinds of seafood are fishes, lobsters, prawns, and crabs. Apart from these Oysters and Squids are also attracting food lovers. To name a few edible fish found in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands for you to relish on are pomfrets, mackerels, seer fishes, mullets, tunny, silver bellies and the Red Snappers.

Numerous restaurants/food joints exclusively specialize in seafood in the islands. The restaurants have attractive seafood dishes on their menu that are lip-smacking and delicious. If you are a seafood fanatic then you should visit the local eateries as well as the fancy restaurants to try out the different kinds of dishes and give yourself a treat! If you are hardcore but not a fan of seafood and you are at Andamans you got to try the yummy varieties of fish, lobsters and prawn dishes that will surely make you fall in love with seafood. The amazing crabs and live lobster cooking is another thing you can go for.

Few restaurants give you the choice of choosing the lobster or crab that you want to have. The seafood dishes served are fresh and flavorful which you will savor. The Andamans have abundant eateries and restaurants that serve seafood in all the islands and people flock to these places to munch on some of the tastiest fish dishes, prawns and grilled crab/lobsters.

Restaurants that serve Good Seafood in the Islands

At Port Blair, the top 2 restaurants, that can serve your craving for good seafood will be Sea Food Delights and Lighthouse Restaurant. These two restaurants have an exhaustive seafood menu and concentrate on fresh seafood experience. Seafood Delights will be more in a premium segment because of its location and rooftop sea view.

At Port Blair

Seafood Delights

One of the best seafood restaurants in Andamans. Seafood Delights is located closely toward the Aiport and Aberdeen Bazaar. It has a great ambiance and serves good seafood varieties. MUST TRY: Full Fish in Indian Masala, Chef Special King Mackerel, Tandoor Prawns and Butter Garlic Lobster.

Lighthouse Restaurant

Lighthouse Restaurant renamed New Lighthouse Restaurant is located near Marina Park and is a budget-friendly restaurant with good menu options. The food served here is excellent and tasty.

At Port Blair, if you are looking for good seafood. Then the above 2 restaurants top the list. No looking further. Menu options are excellent in Seafood Delights and New Lighthouse restaurant can be a little easy on pocket with minimum seafood menu options.

At Havelock:

Now Havelock Island takes food tasting to all different levels. Many restaurants line from Beach Number 1 – Beach Number 3 are present that offer a good food tasting experience. For seafood lovers, Havelock Island is heaven. Below are some of the most famous ones

Full Moon Café

Full Moon Cafe is located at Beach Number 3 and serves quality seafood, and have been rated consistently high for over a period of time. This restaurant is one of the best places for seafood at Havelock.

MUST TRY: Chilli Prawn, PAN Cake, Thali

Something Different 

Something different offers a lot of options for food lovers at Havelock Island. The ambience is good and direct access to the beach is an add on. The place take care of the quality and makes sure you have a good time at their restaurant. 

MUST TRY: Red Snapper, Tuna Steak, and Prawn Curry.

Anju Coco

Anju Coco is a famous restaurant at Havelock for its extensive menu.
It has amazing seafood at a reasonable price with great hospitality and service.

MUST TRY: Prawns Curry & Tuna Barbecue.

The Andamans does not have just beauty and charm to offer but great food that will keep your tummy and heart content. So, when you are at the islands whether a seafood lover or not do not miss out on treating yourself to the divine seafood of the Andamans!


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