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Are you looking forward to plan a romantic getaway? How about the beautiful Andaman Islands? The pristine groups of islands are just the perfect destination for you to plan the first vacation of your life as a married couple.

Why choose the Andaman Islands?

Andaman Islands are surrounded by exquisite turquoise blue water and emerald green forests. This is an ideal place to spend the most memorable days of your first romantic trip post-wedding! Give a beautiful start to your life on the dreamy islands of the Indian Ocean and savor each moment of your tour. The island has a tropical climate and is pleasant throughout the year making it a destination that can be visited during any season. The sandy white shored beaches, luxurious stays and resorts, and the splendid landscapes are beyond perfect that makes it the best honeymoon destination in India and one of the best in the world.
Andaman offers everything you would want on your honeymoon. The friendly residents will make you feel warm and welcomed at the island. The topnotch services would leave no room for discomfort, delectable food, the amazing activities and most importantly privacy with your significant other that you would surely appreciate. When you are at Andamans it is like you are on a magic carpet ride, you will find everything wonderful while you are there! It’s time to start planning your trip to Andaman Islands!!

So what do you wish to do when you are at Andamans during your honeymoon? Here’s how you should plan your trip to enjoy it to the fullest. The most favorable trip duration is 5 Nights and 6 Days to cover all the must-see destinations, activities, and exciting places and make memories
that you’ll cherish forever! Choose luxurious properties by the beach for your stay and enjoy the sound of the ocean waves during late evenings with your loved one. Go island hopping and spend some quality time at the enchanting Havelock and Neil Islands to experience once in a lifetime
moments! The beautiful islands are a destination next to heaven, a perfect place to celebrate love, relax or even go on an adventure! You can compliment your taste buds by munching on the delicious food at some of the island’s best restaurants; the seafood is lip-smacking!

Hop onto a boat and boost your adrenaline rush by taking speed boat rides or dive into the sea to explore the exotic corals and rich marine life of Andamans. A tinge of adventure with your loved one is always fun and exciting! After a big fat wedding and the entire hustle-bustle during rituals and ceremonies, you would definitely be craving for some relaxation and tranquility. You can spend ample time at the shores by basking under the sun or watching it set! The Andaman beaches will never fail to charm you;
it will keep you amazed throughout your trip.

The ideal trip duration is 5 nights and 6 days because only then you will have sufficient time to cover the wonderful places in all the three islands i.e. Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Islands. Each island has its charm and features and needs a day to cover it all.


Choose some of the fanciest or luxury properties by the beach for your stay at the islands. You could even go for one with a private pool for relaxing or spend some quality time with your loved inside the property. The beachside resorts are a good choice of accommodation for honeymoon couples as it makes the ambience calm ad romantic. A beach facing room is always the best; waking up to the view of the blue waters rushing to the shore is beyond beautiful.

You can plan a romantic beachside candlelight dinner at one of the beaches in the Havelock Island. The properties will organize the candlelight dinner on request. A lovely dinner set up by the beach with your partner and some great food is just the perfect moment for talks, kindles and all the good times that you’ve had with them.

Attractions and Activities in each island:

Port Blair:

Ross Islands & North Bay: you can visit the former administrative capital of
Andamans, the Ross Islands and enjoy the beautiful ruins here that were caused by the earthquake years ago. Then you can go to North Bay Islands next and indulge in fun activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and speed boat rides or semi-submarine rides. There numerous food stalls and restaurants from the beachside stalls to grab a bite.

Baratang Islands: Baratang Island is a full-day tour that starts early in the morning. You will have to pass through the jungles where the people of the Jarawa tribe live to go see the beautiful natural limestone cave and the mud volcano.

Cellular Jail visit/Light and Sound Show: You can take a visit to the cellular jail to have a look at the historic architecture of this jail. In the evening after the visit, there will be a display of the life of the freedom activists with attractive lights and sounds.

Chidiyatapu: You can go there to spend a great evening with your partner to enjoy the breathtaking sunset or go for the trekking trail for some adventure.

The other places that you can visit are the Corbyn’s Cove beach, Rajeev Gandhi Water Sports Complex, Flag Point, Museums, Cruise Dinner and the Chatham Sawmill.

Havelock Island:

Radhanagar Beach: Radhanagar Beach is the most beautiful beach in the islands and is a great place to relax, spend some time basking under the sun and enjoy the sunset.

Elephant Beach: This beach is the most visited and the only beach that conducts water activities in Havelock Island. You and your partner can indulge in some fun water sport activities and speed boat rides here. There are few food joints around the beach where
you can stop by for a snack.

Kalapathar Beach: This is a secluded beach and is best suitable for those who do not prefer crowded beaches. It is a great place to take long soulful walks or relax and spend some quality time with your dear one.

Neil Island:

Neil Island is also known as the vegetable bowl of the Andaman Islands due to its high vegetable yields. All the attractions on this island can be covered in a day and if you do not want to visit the islands you can avoid it but if you prefer to spend your holiday to relax and close to nature you can visit this island.

Laxmanpur Beach: The beach has the most striking sunset view and is a great place to spend your evenings

Sitapur Beach: This beach has breathtaking sunrise views. It is a great place to talk morning walks or meditate.

Bharatpur Beach: This is the only beach that offers water sport activities at Neil. The waters of this island are pristine and beautiful. It has a wide variety of exotic corals and a rich marine life.

Natural Rock Formation: The iconic naturally formed coral is located here on this island. It is a beautiful sight and worth visiting.

While booking the candlelight dinner, make sure to book it in advance as it might get pretty crowded. The dinner by the beach is something that you must surely try with your partner.


There are various activities that you indulge in as couples and have a whole lot of fun together that you will treasure for a lifetime. The adventure-loving couples must try scuba diving, snorkeling, sea walking, and speed boat rides for a thrilling experience. You’ll get to explore the exotic corals and a rich variety of marine species. If you are not an adventure fanatic then you can hop on to the glass bottom boats or the semi-submarine to have a view of the corals from above the surface of the water without getting your feet wet. Kayaking is another fun activity, kayak your way through the beautiful mangrove vegetation with your partner and enjoy the peaceful surrounding.

Here’s why you should choose Experience Andamans to plan your package to the Andaman Islands. We are one of the top agencies at the islands also recognized by the Andaman Tourism and the Indian Ministry of Tourism. We know the places that not many know and yes, the prices as well and at Experience Andamans, we offer the cheapest and the transparent pricing for tours to Andamans. We aim at giving you the best experience while you are the islands and.

Honeymoon is one of the most special tours in your life that should be planned perfectly without any hassle and our island experts will plan it for you just the way you want it to be. We have great deals on honeymoon packages and you can customize it as per your preference and our experts will always suggest you with the best options. Our honeymoon packages include flower- bed decorations, a cake, a bouquet and a romantic seaside candlelight dinner for you and your loved one. We take care of all your transfers at the islands that are both the cruises and a private AC vehicle.

Our team at Port Blair will always be there to attend you at any time to make sure your trip is hassle-free. Our tour representatives are all native people of Andamans and they know the islands extremely well. They are dressed in orange tees and always out there for you when you need them. We have additional complementary inclusions this year such as photo shoots, dinner vouchers, and scuba diving. Team Experience Andamans’ prime goal is to provide our customers the best of everything at the islands, our island experts are constantly connected with our team at Port Blair and are always updated about the current affairs of the islands. All we work on is to provide you the best of everything while you are the islands.

An itinerary overview:

2 Nights Port Blair – 2 Nights Havelock Island – 1 Night Neil Island

Day 1: Airport Pick Up. Later Corbyn’s Cove Beach and Cellular Jail
Day 2: Port Blair to Neil Island in Cruise and All Neil Beaches
Day 3: Neil to Havelock Island in Cruise and Radhanagar Beach. Evening Candle Light Dinner and Decorated Beds
Day 4: Boat Ride to Elephant Beach and Snorkeling
Day 5: Day at Leisure, later back to Port Blair via cruise and evening shopping trip.
Day 6: Airport Drop

Travel together with your loved one to Andamans and get lost in beautiful places that will mesmerize you in every way possible and spend time with them at this spectacular island where it’s just ‘Emerald Blue and You’.


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