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Andaman honeymoon packages are one of the most sorted out packages in India. Andaman island provides a very unique experience for honeymooners which you will not find anywhere in India. Couples coming to Andaman on a honeymoon trip usually covers Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island. However, your Andaman honeymoon package can be customized as per your requirements. Your Andaman honeymoon package plan should be perfect for a memorable experience of a lifetime. The beaches, climate, food, resorts, people and hospitality is perfect for your honeymoon in Andaman Islands.

Andaman Honeymoon Packages Duration Highlights
Havelock Delight 3 Nights 4 Days Inc Havelock, Beach Dinner and Sunsets Trips Package Details
Andaman Best Honeymoon 6 Nights 7 Days Inc Havelock, Neil, Dinner, Private tours Package Details
Havelock Runaway Honeymoon 5 Nights 6 Days Spend Most Time in Havelock and Neil Package Details
Andaman Honeymoon Delight 5 Nights 6 Days Perfect Blend of Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Package Details
Luxury Honeymoon 5 Nights 6 Days Most Luxurious Honeymoon Tour Package Details
Honeymoon Escape 4 Nights 5 Days Covers Havelock and JollyBouy Island Package Details
Private Honeymoon Excursion 6 Nights 7 Days Private Honeymoon Trip with Special Inclusions Package Details




|--- Customize your Andaman Trip ---|

MUST READ FOR HONEYMOONERS - Firstly, congratulations on selecting Andaman Islands as your honeymoon destination. It's amazing to be honest and you will love the experience here. With us your Andaman Island Honeymoon Package will contain Exclusive Honeymoon Kit that include beach side candle lit dinner (It is the most exclusive one), Decorated beds, cakes and Bouquet, Cruise to reach all the islands, personally reviewed hotels and resorts and yes we cover all the best attraction in all the islands (Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island). For your Andaman Nicobar honeymoon package our local island expert customizes the tour like no one else can.
Experience Andamans is almost a decade old company providing good and genuine honeymoon experiences to travellers on visit to the Andaman Islands. With you Andaman honeymoon package for the season 2019-20 we are providing additional complimentary things such as Photo shoot, dinner vouchers, scuba diving and many more lovely inclusions. Make sure you check our packages for the best experience in Andamans.

WE ARE APPROVED FROM MINISTRY OF TOURISM, INDIA AND ANDAMAN ISLAND TOURISM, and yes the most knowledgeable local island experts. We share tour cost breakup so you know what you pay for. Don't get thrilled with packages that look cheap across the web, but has no value. Learn the fine prints so that you can Plan and Customize your Andaman experience in the best way like no one else.

|--- Customize your Andaman Trip ---|

Let's spice up your honeymoon in the ultimate honeymoon destination in India, the Andaman Islands. The honeymoon phase is so much fun when you discover somebody and fall in love and chase them. The moments of ultimate togetherness where you discover one another. Let us start a new journey of togetherness with the most amazing honeymoon trips in the Andamans.

All our Andaman honeymoon packages have been carefully thought of keeping in mind the comfort of honeymoon couples visiting the Andaman Islands. We include Beach Side Candle Lit Dinner, Cakes, Bouquet, Decorated Beds and a lot of personalization to each couples trip, and all trips are done in a personal vehicle in all the islands. Let go worries and explore the most customized and out of the box experiences in the islands.


While there are hundreds of honeymoon options for travelers visiting the Andaman Islands. Here is our case study for what steps, if taken can be worth for you to plan/gift the most memorable honeymoon trips to your loved ones. Ok, let's not waste time with all the fluff that people put in everywhere thus complicating things for people traveling to Andaman.The top 5 things that you need to identify before planning your trip to the Andamans. Before even we jump to these key points we would like to walk you through the 5 Myths about planning a honeymoon trip to the Andaman Islands.

MYTH 1 - Honeymoon Trip to the Andaman Islands is extremely expensive. Well, many cancel their plan to the Andaman Islands just because the budget overshoots ones expected budget. Now take this approach to lower down your honeymoon cost to the Andaman Islands. We suggest you to do a couple of things first. Firstly, find an extremely cheap flight deal to the islands. The flight tickets to Andaman is cheap when booked 3-5 months in advance. We understand it is a little too early to book a flight ticket, however, why not book a flight ticket early after all most airlines provide free cancelation or even free rescheduling. This way you will surely save up to 50% on your return airfare which will approximately account to around 8000 Rupees in return airfare per person. This is quite big money that you save isn't it? You can then follow how to plan cheapest Andaman package to make your trip less expensive.

MYTH 2 - Andaman is only for people who know swimming.The island is filled with water activities we agree, however, you don't have to know swimming to come visit Andamans. The majority of people who come visit Andaman are from India, and many do not know swimming. Also, every activity such as Snorkeling, Sea Walking and Scuba Diving does not require swimming skills. There is always a guide with you in water, and you are provided with life jackets or rings during your water activities in Andaman. For the elder people or family on a visit who do not want any water activities can go avail a glass boat ride only.

MYTH 3 - Candlelit dinner in Andaman is a waste of money. We understand and have seen many people opting out from the candle lit dinner during one's honeymoon trip. However, we recommend it for honeymoon couples as you don't go out for a honeymoon every year. Well, the beachside honeymoon setup for candle lit dinner is perfect to make for a romantic dinner. Just make sure that the Candle lit dinner is organized near a nice beach resort from where you can see the beach.

MYTH 4 - Andaman is only for people with luxury. A big NO for this question. There are many 4 star resorts in Andaman islands that starts with Rupees 8000 per night and if this amount is out of your budget then we recommend go for 3 star properties in Andaman, this will cost you less than Rupees 5000 per night and if you are looking forward to even cheaper ones then go for eco huts that cost less than Rupees 2000 per night. In Havelock, the beach resorts are expensive, however, is value for money. In Port Blair, you can opt for either a beach resort or something in the main city as per your convenience. Selecting a hotel in the city in Port Blair will help you to minimize your cost. As of 2016, NO 5 star hotel exists in the Andaman islands. Our luxury honeymoon package to Andaman explains one of this tour. The prices actually varies based upon the resorts you are selecting.

MYTH 5 - Andaman is just as Goa or any other beachside destination. This is something that you need to be aware of, Andaman islands is a different destination altogether and do not compare it with cities wherein you book your hotels and rest things get done. Here the hotels will not pay you any refund in case you get late to arrive at the respective islands because the ferry got cancelled or because of bad weather you were not able to reach a given island. You need to carefully sit down and plan each day's activity in advance. All trips and activities start early in Andaman. Good travel companies can help and assist you with various alternatives during such conditions.


ACTION 1 - Check for the dates when you are planning. Ok, this is something everyone should know, the season. Andaman island is currently promoted as an all-weather destination and travelers can visit the islands throughout the year. Usually, the season in Andaman island is from September to April end and you can consider visiting the island in the month of May as well. In June, July and August what happens is cruise such as Makruzz, Coastal Cruise, and other private ferry does not operate. Also, activities such as Sea Walk, Snorkeling in Elephant beach and Jolly Bouy island are closed because of less inflow of travelers to Andaman. However, if the surge of travelers continues then you can expect these activities to be open. You can expect rain during your visit to the Andaman islands in the month of June, July, August and September as well. Keep a check on the weather forecast in case you are arriving during the off season. Contact us in case you wish to know the local ground reports. Also expect peak season charges from December 15 to January 15 in general.

ACTION 2 - Know about the best destinations in Andamans. Here are the top 3 destinations in Andaman, Havelock Island, Neil Island and Port Blair. Each of these has its own unique charm that one should experience. Andaman Honeymoon Packages should contain these destination. Your Andaman Nicobar Honeymoon Package can contain 2 Nights in Havelock Island, 1 Night in Neil Island and 3 Nights in Port Blair. This is the best combination and is widely availed by travelers who visit Andaman Nicobar Islands on Honeymoon packages. Our best Andaman Honeymoon Package explains one of these trips. Make sure your Honeymoon Package contains all the best islands in Andaman.

ACTION 3 - Know about the best sightseeing places in Andaman. Everyone wants a trip to their liking and fully customized as per requirement. We recommend you to check the list of Sightseeing in Andaman Islands. These trips are day trips that you can avail during your visit to any of the islands.

ACTION 4 - Discuss with your partner. We recommend you to discuss with your partner as whether the itinerary or the sightseeing trips are in his/her interest or not. This is a must as both of you should be happy about the tours that are being availed. If you both have different sort of interest then mix and match the trip so that it is liked by each one of you. Well, this will be nice as well because you both may get to know each other in a better way through such trips. A nice start isn't it?

ACTION 5 - Go with someone who knows the turf. Andaman honeymoon packages can be offered by anyone and everyone, however make sure that the company you are traveling with is a genuine company as after arrival in the Andaman Islands you will never want to see issues, unless otherwise you were informed about it prior to your travel. Our suggestion will be the local travel companies in the Andaman Islands as these are the people who are in Andamans and who know the ground reality to help you better.


Planning a Honeymoon to Andaman from Chennai? Ok, you are lucky as direct flights from Chennai to Port Blair are on daily basis. The best thing for you will be to arrive to the Andaman Islands as early as possible, and later leave the islands around 02:00 PM. This way you can make better utilization of your time in the islands. You can book the flight tickets by yourself and select or customize a honeymoon package as per your liking, Or ask Experience Andamans to book both the flight and the land package for you. If you are planning to visit Andaman on Cruise then please note that NO Cruise sails to Andaman from Chennai. These are Government operated ships and it takes 3 Days to reach Andaman. Find various options about how to reach Andaman Islands, so that you know the best way to reach Andaman.

Planning a Honeymoon to Andaman from Kolkata? Now, you are also lucky as direct flight from Kolkata are on daily basis. You can also make the best utilization of your time by arriving early at the islands any by leaving after 2:00 PM from the Andamans. Please note that Government operated ships take around 3-4 days to reach Andaman Islands from Kolkata.

Planning a Honeymoon to Andaman from Bangalore? Recently, in 2015 direct flights from Bangalore started thus helping travellers to reach Andaman Islands without wasting much time because of the overlay in Chennai. Andaman see a lot of travellers from Bangalore, and we have been serving quite a lot of them. For one of our directors, Bangalore is his second home. Please note that NO Ships sail from Bangalore. In case you want to experience Ship journey for 3 days then you will have to come to Chennai.

Planning a Honeymoon from Mumbai, Delhi, Gujrat or any other state in India? For those coming from these states, you will first have to reach Chennai, Kolkata or Bangalore either by train, bus or air, and then take a flight to Port Blair.

Andaman has all what you were expecting for a perfect honeymoon. Explore various things to do in the Andaman Islands, and we are sure you will explore a lot of options that you might want to do during ones visit to Andaman. Hope this page, helped you to plan your honeymoon in a better way. Hope to see you in the islands someday.




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Frequently Asked Questions While Booking Andaman Honeymoon Packages

Q: What are the main things included in a Honeymoon Tour Package?

A: Honeymoon tour packages to Andaman islands are personalized by Experience Andamans. Along with the best prices, tour coordinators and drivers you get an exclusive candlelit dinner by the beachside along with decorated bed and goodies. Also currently, festive season offers are live.

Q: Do you offer Andaman Honeymoon packages from Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad?

A: Yes, Andaman packages from Delhi and all other states are available. You can connect with our holiday experts for personalisation of your honeymoon trip to Andaman.

Q: Is it safe to go for a Honeymoon in Andaman?

A: Andaman islands are absolutely safe for honeymooners. Honeymoon in Andaman will be a lifetime experience.

Q: When is the best time to visit Andaman for Honeymoon?

A: Andaman islands can be visited throughout the year for Honeymoon. However, September till May is considered to be the best time in Andaman for honeymoon.

Q: Do we cruise during Andaman Honeymoon?

A: Experience Andamans offers exclusive honeymoon package with cruise rides in the Andaman Islands. You will be visiting all the islands in a Cruise.

Q: Can we customise our honeymoon trip to Andaman Islands?

A: Yes, you can customise your honeymoon trip as per your requirements.

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