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Visiting Andamans in April – Good or Bad?

Most people are always worried or have mixed feelings about visiting the islands during April. Just like any other month, April is a good time to plan a trip to the Andamans as the islands will be calm, pleasant and less crowded during this time and you can have a nice vacation here with your loved ones. In this article, we will be covering how your trip experience would be like if you travel to Andamans in April.

Weather & Climate

The Andaman Islands experience a tropical climate and the weather here remains the same throughout the year. It is a destination that can be visited during all seasons. Usually, people have a perception that it is good to visit the islands only from October to March.

Please check this data of weather in the Andaman Islands. So this gives another clear dimension of travelling to Andaman in April month. Basically, the weather is not too hot as many parts of India and the maximum temperature goes to 33 degree celsius.

People perceive that the islands will have heavy summers and skip traveling to Andamans in April. I feel that it is a wrong conception that people have as the weather here remains calm and mild with just the humidity quotient being a little high. The humidity quotient is the only difference between April and other months as it is on a higher side. We can compare the weather in Andamans during April to that of Mumbai City.

April falls in the middle of the main season and summer. The weather during this time is not as hot as people assume it to be. In Andamans, there is no winter,it is neither too hot nor cold. It is calm and mild.

Activities & Attractions Open During April

All the water activities and attractions are open and operational in April. It won’t be as hot as people expect it to be you will be able to relax and enjoy your activities at the beaches and other attractions.

Activities such as Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Parasailing, Sea Walk, and other Speed Boat Rides, etc can be availed of at the islands.

Beaches that are open in April

To name a few beautiful beaches

Elephant Beach




and Corbyn’s Cove is all great places to visit for some fun and adventure. The beaches can be accessed at any time during the day. Please note that in general on the islands No swimming is allowed post sunset. Carry an extra pair of clothing when visiting any beaches. Changing rooms are available near the beach.

Radhanagar Beach Havelock

Islands that are open in April

You can indulge in island hopping and visi

All the islands are open in the month of April and you can visit the island without any issues. Make sure your tour is planned properly to avoid any hassles. Tour planning is important to visit these islands as you should know the chronology about which island can be visited first followed by the next one. Also ferry sailing in each of the islands is an important factor to consider while planning your trip in the month of April.

Neil Island

Benefits of Visiting Andaman in April

Lower Hotel Prices – The benefit of visiting the islands in April is that hotel prices fall and you will get the season time experiences at a lesser price.
Since most people because of the perceived notion of April being too hot avoid traveling to Andamans this month that makes the islands less crowded.

Less Crowd – Considering the less crowd the hotel prices reduce and you will get to save a quite sum of your money and extend your trip by a day or two if you come to islands around April. Here, you are in a win-win situation as you get to save some money and have the option of extending your trip.

Easy on Pocket – So, if you are a budget cautious person who would want to experience season time perks then this is the perfect time to plan your tour. If you are still skeptical about visiting the islands during April you can visit anytime from 1st to 15th of the month and it is worth your money and time.


If you still ask why April is a good time to visit Andamans it is because it is not exactly summer or monsoon it’s right in between having regular weather with a bit of humidity. No rains, not much heat and an ideal time for a laid back summer vacation. Pack your favorite swimsuits and plan a trip to Andamans for one of the best summers with your loved one.


Choose luxurious properties by the beach for your stay and enjoy the marvelous view right from your place of stay. There are numerous properties on each island that have private pools, it would be a good feeling to spend some time at a pool that is surrounded by beautiful nature!

While looking for a property to stay at Andamans you could go for a property that has a private pool or a beach resort. There are a range of hotels and resorts that you can choose on each island that offers discounts or low price than compared to the other months. We have listed out some of the best hotels/resorts in Andamans on our blog you can have a look at it.

If you want a trip that is a little more economical in the islands with not much crowd around and are willing to be a little flexible with your timings then this month should be fine and perfect for your travel to Andaman Island.

Why Choose Experience Andamans?

At Experience Andamans, we know the places that many people may not know and yes, the prices as well, we offer the cheapest and the most transparent pricing for tours to Andamans. We aim at giving you the best experience while you are on the islands with us.

Our tour representatives and coordinators are always present at all places and will be available whenever you require their favor. We have numerous packages for family tours, honeymoon, group/solo tours, etc., you can select the one that suits you the best. We have tailor-made packages and itineraries that you can customize as per your needs and convenience.

Here’s an ideal itinerary for exploring Andamans in 5 Nights and 6 Days. You can customize this plan as per your requirements.

2 Nights Port Blair – 2 Night Havelock Island – 1 Night Neil Island

  • Day 1- Airport pick up. Later Corbyn’s Cove and Cellular Jail Light and Sound Show
  • Day 2- Port Blair to Havelock In Cruise and Visit Radhanagar Beach Sunset
  • Day 3- Elephant beach boat ride and snorkeling trip and Evening Kalapathar Beach
  • Day 4- Havelock To Neil Island in Cruise and Visit Laxmanpur Beach
  • Day 5- Natural Rock Formation and Bharatpur beach visit. Later Neil To Port Blair return
  • Day 6- Airport drop

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long to visit in April?

We recommend that you have a solid 6 Days minimum to visit Andamans to cover all the major attractions. In April, you will actually save up to 15 % to 20% of the money that you can use to add an extra day to your trip and can relax or explore an additional attraction.

2. How hot will it be?

The temperature will remain somewhere between 30 to 33 degrees with a little of high humidity. Even on the hottest days in Andamans, you will be able to come out and enjoy it normally.

3. Will our vehicles have AC?

Yes. You will be accommodated in a private AC vehicle throughout your stay at the islands.

We hope this article was of help to you! Do give us a thumbs up if you liked it and you can write to us for any questions or queries.


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