The Andaman Islands and Night Life Dilemma

Aatika Fatima
September 14, 2019

Just the name of the Andaman Islands resonates a feeling of rejuvenation, tranquillity, and beauty. The conglomerate of Islands allures a person to take a break from the chaotic city life, grueling work pressures, and city traffic. The turquoise blue water beneath the feet and the clear blue sky above the head will make one instantly connect with the inner self. But often people ask about the nightlife of the islands? What are the options available for Night Life adventures? Are there any nightclubs in Andaman? In this article, we will cater to these questions and share the options for night owls of urban culture:

Lifestyle of Andaman Islands

The life of natives of Andaman Islands is mundane and starts around 4 am to 5 am. People go to work early and return by sunset. Port Blair, the capital city of Andaman has many hotels, and markets yet most markets close by 9 PM. The nightlife of Andaman is not very happening and there are no nightclubs even in the capital city to hang out and enjoy but there are private pubs in the hotels with live music to relax and enjoy.

Apart from Port Blair, even if we talk of Havelock and Neil Islands, there are no nightclubs. Though in Summer Sands, Coral Reef Resort, Silver Sand Beach Resort or Corbyn’s Resort one can enjoy at the pub or have private parties in the halls.

Night Life options in the Andaman Islands

The Eco-friendly Islands are ideal to enjoy the walks on sandy beaches, indulge in water activities and rejuvenate with spa treatments, but when it comes to nightlife there are few options available:

Marine adventure at night

Are you a pro scuba diver or certified in snorkeling? Going underwater at night is an experience in itself but it is advisable that only advanced divers should go for diving at night or late in the evening. Night time diving is a perfect way to feel the adrenaline rush but night diving cannot be done around the year. It is only seasonal and is not operational during monsoon seasons.

Andaman Dolphin Evening Cruising

The ideal way to enjoy the nightlife in Andaman is by opting for a cruise. Wine and dine on a cruise with live music will make the night hammering and lively. The only downside of this is that you get to do the pre-booking and confirmation is given only a few days before the trip, clearly depending on the number of people who will be traveling.

Floating restaurant

 You can go to the floating restaurant run by the Government for a different experience. Though the restaurant is a basic one, with nothing much special, having dinner in a floating restaurant is in itself an experience.

Bar Hopping

 Sea Sip and Nico Bar are the bars to try. These bars make innovative and string cocktails that are served in coconut shells. The whole vibes of the place are enticing as the sea waves crashing, earthly smell and cocktails make the person relax and feel the beat.

Candle Light Dinners

Couples can enjoy candlelight dinners on the beach and the arrangements are done by the hotel staff on special requests.

A couple can go for a nice long walk on the beach after dinner, gaze the moonlight and enjoy some personal space as the beaches are not crowded at night. It’s the perfect time for them to create some romantic moments and cherish them for life.

What about Christmas and New Year’s Eve?

Andaman is crowded during New Year as many people are visiting these exotic islands to enjoy some time with self or host private parties on the beaches. Most of the hotels in Andaman are booked and host New Year’s Parties. Especially Havelock Islands from 24th December to 1st January never sleeps and is very crowded. The 4-star hotels in Havelock like Havelock Beach Resort, Symphony Palm Beach resort, Sea Shell Havelock or Barefoot host best of the parties and welcome New Year in a grand manner.

One can also organize destination parties in 4-star hotels of Andaman if visiting the islands in a group and enjoy New Year’s Eve in style. These parties can also be organized on the ships or cruises as it is different from the routine parties back home.

In a Nutshell

The Andaman Islands are known for their natural vivacity and are perfect to recharge mentally and physically. But one should not forget that these islands are not known for their urban lifestyle. The relaxed lifestyle of the Islands will make you love its simplicity as nightlife of the Islands is not what one can expect in cities or other beach destinations. So, if you plan to visit the Islands, be prepared to leave the urban trend aside and enjoy the simple pleasures of life – walk on the beach, make sandcastles, enjoy candlelight dinners with and of course take a break from the internet. As internet and phone signals are restricted only to some parts of the Islands.

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