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Our Services

  • Candid Photoshoot
  • Photoshoot at the top locations in Havelock Island
  • Beach, Forest, and Sunset Shoots
  • Photoshoot at the property
  • Cinematic Videos and Drone Shoots
  • Candle Light Dinner Photoshoot and Videos
  • Post Wedding / Baby Shower / Special Occasion Shoots
  • Memory Maker - Our Signature combination of photoshoots and Videos where you get a professionally edited video along with photos.
  • Hire a Photographer - A dedicated Photographer wherever you want in Havelock Island
  • Dedicated Videography
  • Reel Creation

For Photoshoot Bookings Reach Us at - 9513290687 / Email Us -

We recommend a photoshoot at Havelock Island, and this is where our entire team is stationed with the best kit to provide you a perfect photography and videography services at Havelock Island. While most of the photo shoot happens at Havelock Island, however, we will help you with some places in Port Blair and Neil Island as well so that you can select from where you want your photoshoot to take place.

Experience Andamans team uses top-end cameras, lenses, and kits to provide the best output for your moments in the islands. Our photoshoot team in Havelock Island are professionals with years of experience under their belt.


Photoshoot at Havelock Island

Looking to Hire Photographers in the Andaman Islands?

Now, the island has very few decent Photographers, Experience Andamans photoshoot team is stationed at Havelock Island. However, if need be then some wedding, pre/post wedding shoots are done at Port Blair as well.

Havelock Island is the best place in Andaman for a photoshoot. Many newlyweds take this opportunity to do a photo shoot at Radhangar Beach or by the beachside resorts. In addition, many prefer photoshoots during their special candlelit dinner as well.

Photographer at Havelock Island

Based upon one requirement, such as a beach side photoshoot, property photoshoot, pre-wedding shoot or any other shoot you can hire a photographer.

Kalapathar beach at Havelock Island is also a great location for photoshoots at Havelock.

Andaman Island is a photographer's heaven and candid photographs will just be perfect to capture those amazing memories.

What are the different Photoshoot Options available in Andaman?


The most important and the most recommended place to do a photoshoot in Andaman is Havelock Island. A skilled team is available and various spots can be easily accessible for you to do some of the best shoot in Andaman. Below are the different photoshoot options available in Andaman and most of them are done at Havelock Island.

1) First is the beach Photoshoot at Havelock Island - This is the most popular shoot at Havelock and is the most availed shoot. Here you get on the beach and a photographer accompanies you during the photoshoot. Best place to do this photoshoot is at Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island


Beach photoshoot at Havelock Island

2) The second photoshoot option to do at Havelock Island is to shoot amidst the huge trees that are present at Havelock Island. These trees are marvelous and give you a perfect place to get that tropical forest shoot in Andaman Islands.

Forest photoshoot at Havelock Island

3) Third is the killer sunsets that you see at Havelock Island and get a chance to capture it in the best possible way. Witness a magical sunset and capture a once-in-a-lifetime moment at Havelock Island.

Sunset photoshoot at Havelock Island

4) Photoshoot at Kalapathar Beach takes your photoshoot experience to the next level. The elements available at Kalapathar are very natural and recommended for couples who are looking forward to a different location at Havelock Island.


Photoshoot at Kalapathar beach Havelock


5) Capture your moments during Candle Light Dinner. Options to make a video or to capture a photoshoot are available.


Candle light dinner shoot in Andaman


6) Drone Shoot at Havelock Island - Want to Add a moment in your 


Drone shoot at Havelock


What is included if we hire a Candid Photographer in Havelock?

Actually, almost everything is included when you hire a photographer in Andaman. All things including Camera Cost, photographer Charge, editing, equipment and Extra Props. Please note that soft copies of the photographs will be provided. We believe this covers almost everything, however, any specific charges applicable will be updated to the customers upfront.

The cost varies based upon location, kit, number of raw images, number of processed images and time duration during the shoot.


What is the Cost of Photography at Havelock Island?

The cost of the photoshoot varies from

- Location
- Duration
- Number of Raw
- Number of Edited
- Photographers Time
- Event Specific

Having said that the main photoshoot in Andaman happens for beach, sunset, sunrise, property, and pre or post-wedding shoots with a dedicated photographer.

The above cost is for the best photographers, the cost may change based upon the skill of a photographer.

Whom Should I Contact to book a photoshoot in Andaman Islands?

For Photoshoot Bookings Reach Us at - 9513290687 / Email Us -

If you are at Havelock Island and need a photoshoot on an urgent basis then you can get in touch with our Havelock team at 7695070721 / 9679559166

Note: Prior booking is a must for the photoshoot.

Best Photographic Locations in Port Blair?

  1. Sunrise en route Corbyn's Cove Beach.

  2. Mount Harriet - Amazing Panoramic view of Both North Bay Island and Ross Island.

  3. Sunset at Chidiatapu.

  4. Capture the ride to Jolly Bouy/Red Skin Island.

Best Photographic Locations in Havelock Island?

  1. Radhangar Beach Sunset and the huge trees around it.
  2. Underwater images posing around the corals and the fishes.
  3. Pose anywhere by the beaches for lovely turquoise-colored waters in the background.
  4. Kalapathar beach during early hours during sunrise or day shoot.

Best Photographic Locations in Neil Island?

  1. Sunset at Laxmanpur Beach.
  2. Natural Rock Formation.

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