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Andaman and Nicobar Islands Tour Packages with Prices

Andaman Island packages are the most popular packages that customers prefer when visiting the Andaman Islands. If you are looking into Andaman tour packages that come inclusive of hotels, sightseeing, cruises and boat rides then our packages are the best in the industry. Experience Andamans is a local Andaman-based tour company that operates Andaman tour packages across all islands in the Andaman archipelago

All our Andaman Nicobar tour packages come inclusive with a visit to the top places in the Andaman Islands and you also cover the top attractions and beaches.  Packages to the Andaman Islands can be customized based on your requirement.

Andaman Tour Packages

We cover all the major islands namely Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island in our packages. Each of the packages comes with our signature inclusions that help you Experience Andaman without any hassles even in places and islands where no network is present.


Popular Andaman Tour Packages


Packages Duration Price Per Person
Andaman Delight Tour Package 3 Night 4 Days  10750
Andaman Package with Havelock 4 Night 5 Days  12950
Andaman Tour Package with Neil 5 Night 6 Days  17687
7 Days Andaman Island Package 6 Night 7 Days  20812
Andaman Honeymoon Package 3 Night 4 Days  16000
Andaman Family Package 3 Night 4 Days  12000
Andaman Luxury Packages 3 Night 4 Days ? 20700


Places to visit during your Andaman Nicobar Tour Package


Its very important to know what places you are visiting during your trip to the Andaman Islands. Your package cost will vary upon what are best places you are visiting in Andaman. For instance, if you are staying for less days at Havelock Island and Neil Island then your tour package cost will reduce. Below are the places that we recommend should be in your bucket list of places to visit in Andaman when you are coming on a tour package.


1) Cellular Jail - The national memorial cellular jail should not be missed when you are in Andaman. The jail has been renovated and now looks more beautiful. Keep this place on Day 1 of your tour plan

Cellular Jail Andaman

2) Corbyns Cove Beach - A perfect beach at Port Blair. Ideal for walking, water sports and photoshoot.



3) Chiditapu - Known for its magical sunset Chidiatapu is a must-visit when you visit Andaman

Chidiatapu Andaman

4) Havelock Island - This island is loved by everyone and is the most sorted destination in Andaman. Stay by beach resorts and get a memorable experience of a lifetime

5) Visit Elephant Beach - Known for its water sports activities elephant beach is covered is all of our Havelock Island packages


6) Neil Island - The vegetable bowl of Andaman. Has 3 major attractions - Laxmanpur beach, Bharatpur beach and Natural rock formation. All places gets covered when you visit Neil Island in your package.

Neil Island


How to select an Andaman Tour Package? What will be the cost?

To select the most relevant package for yourself, first you need to identify the number of days you are coming to the Andaman Islands?

We recommend at least 4 days to visit the Andaman Islands with a combination of Port Blair and Havelock. If you are coming to Andaman for more than 4 days then your Andaman trip can cover Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island in your package. 

Now, if you are coming to Andaman for a longer duration tour then your package can cover all the top places in Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island. You need at least 7 days trip to Andaman to cover all major places in South Andaman. Post this if you have more time then you can cover North Andaman Islands such as Diglipur in your package itinerary.

Here is the best way to get the best cost for your trip to Andaman Islands


Step 1 - Select Plan My Trip on our website


Plan my trip

Step 2 - Enter the details of the travelers

Enter the correct date of travel, number of persons planning a visit, and number of rooms required.

enter details

Step 3 - Click on the search button

Step 4 - Select the relevant package from the listed options


On this page, all relevant itineraries as per your search will be listed. Select the package that suits your interest. In addition, Select the package that best suits your requirements and go through the itinerary details and the various price mentioned.


Step 5 - Recheck the date and the number of persons and get the details of the itinerary.

check details

Step 6 - See the package cost mentioned and select from various options

After you have selected the relevant package itinerary, now you need to select which hotel as per your budget fits best. Various hotel categories from Budget, Standard, Premium, Deluxe and Luxury are provided. The price of the package will vary based on your itinerary selection.

Select the option that fits best for your trip and proceed further to book the package.

select category of the package

Step 7 - Proceed to book or contact the Experience Andamans team to know more about the package

More about how the cost varies for a package to Andaman

The cost of your Andaman Packages depends upon the number of Islands you are visit along with the hotels you are staying. Consider a case where you are visiting Port Blair and Havelock in your package and are staying in budget properties that cost less than 2000 per day then your tour package cost will be less. We have covered all Andaman budget packages as well in our website. On the contrary, if you are visiting Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island and are staying much better properties then the cost will be on the higher side. Our Luxury Packages cover all packages with the top hotels and inclusions.

Packages cost to the Andaman Islands is a concern to many and in such case we recommend you to connect with our holiday expert and mention the requirements and expected budget. Our team will rightly suggest which Andaman packages will come within your budget without compromising on your Andaman holiday experience.

Here are some Andaman itinerary cases of our customers  :

Andaman Package Case 1 - The family of Mr Rajveer was very particular about their tour package and was concerned about the safety as well when in the islands. The father and the mother were mainly concerned about hygiene the hotels along with our team etiquette. Our local holiday expert had customized a perfect tour for the family. The family got to see the famous Cellular Jail along with Carbyns Cove Beach where they got a free photo shoot. Next day was their trip to Havelock Island in a cruise from Port Blair. The family enjoyed a lot in Havelock and Visited the famous Radhanagar beach. We have assigned our top tour coordinator, Mr. Ravi, to take care of the family. Overall the family had a wonderful tour of the Andaman Islands. The package that was customized is as below :

Day 1 - Airport Pickup + Carbyns Cove Beach + Light and Sound Show at Cellular Jail
Day 2 - Ross and North Bay Island evening visit to Jogger Parks to view the Port Blair Runway
Day 3 - Port Blair to Havelock Island in Cruise. Evening Visit to Radhanagar Beach for Sunset
Day 4 - Elephant Beach Snorkeling Trip along with Kalapthar Beach. Evening Return Back to Port Blair in Cruise
Day 5 - City Museums and Later Drop to the Airport

Andaman Package Case 2 - Mr. Mohit and his better half were very specific and like most other couples who come to Andaman for honeymoon were worried about each and every small detail. This couple wanted their tour to be special and wished for memories that last for a lifetime. The holiday expert Shaheen was assigned to the couple to customize their tour itinerary. Both of them were coming from the Northern part of India and were concern about the itinerary as well as the food that are available in Port Blair. The couple also wanted some unique water activities that they had never done before. Our holiday expert customized their trip accordingly and the tour experience for the couple was as they had wished for. Below is the tour package they selected

Day 1 - Airport Pickup + Carbyns Cove Beach + Photoshoot + Light and Sound Show at Cellular Jail + Cakes and Bouquet
Day 2 - Port Blair to Neil Island in Cruise. Later Visit to the amazing Sunset at Neil Island
Day 3 - Visit to Natural Rock Formation along with Boat Scuba Diving. Later Transfer from Neil Island To Havelock Island
Day 4 - This day was kept at leisure. Evening The couple had a Candle Lit Dinner Setup on One of the best Beaches in Havelock Island. Upon their return Decorated Bed setup was present.
Day 5 - Elephant Beach Snorkeling Trip along with Sea Walking was planned for this day's tour program. Evening the couple returned from Havelock Island To Port Blair in Cruise.
Day 6 - Drop to the Airport

Package Case 3 - The below tour is another case that is usually true for many of us. The below customers had very few leaves for their Andaman trip, however, wanted to cover all the major islands in the Andaman. The travelers wanted to cover Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island. Usually, for up to 5 days trip we recommend travelers to skip Neil Island as the tour can get hectic and you will have to do check in and check out every day. We had mentioned the same to the customers, however, they were fine with the itinerary and wanted to go ahead with it. Below is the tour itinerary which is action-packed and covers most of the things in the islands.

Day 1 - Airport Pickup + Port Blair to Havelock Island in Cruise
Day 2 - Scuba Diving in the morning followed by Elephant Beach Trip. Evening visit to Radhanagar Beach. We had setup a lovely Candle Lit Dinner on the beach for the customer on this day as well.
Day 3 - Havelock Island To Neil in Cruise. Later visit to All Neil Beaches
Day 4 - Neil to Port Blair in Cruise. Later visit to Chidiatapu Sunset. Post This visit to Cellular Jail Light and Sound Show
Day 5 - Carbyns Cove Beach. Later Drop to the Airport.

Finally, we have served over 100000+ customers to Andaman Islands and every customer has its own requirement. We at Experience Andamans can rightly understand your needs and will work towards offering you the finest Andaman packages that will leave a long-lasting memory that you will cherish for long. 

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