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Mobile network operators in the Andaman Island, specifically Port Blair and Havelock?

Mobile networks in Andaman are a huge concern for travelers visiting the Islands. Basically, the networks are extremely weak and 3G/4G are yet to become a trend in the island. We are at least 5 years behind when it comes to the network connectivity and internet in the islands when compared to mainland India.

Reliance Jio and Tata Docomo don’t work in the Andaman Islands. You will need to change your preferred carrier in case you are carrying sim cards from these networks. So the mobile networks that function at a basic level are mainly Airtel, Vodafone and BSNL. Among these nowadays it looks like Vodafone is providing the most clear signal. With Airtel, there is a lot call drop and with BSNL you would experience a lot of disturbance in the line.

If the weather conditions are perfect all the networks work pretty much the same, but in a case of bad weather, in most cases it is Vodafone that comes handy. I have had a personal experience with Vodafone and, I believe Vodafone stands out among other networks. I will rank BSNL as the second option and Airtel at the last for now. Though if you are carrying any of these networks to Andaman then you will be connected at least.

The second thing to know is while traveling to other islands BSNL might come as a savior as at some parts of the islands BSNL works better and in some Airtel or Vodafone. Around Radhanagar beach (Best Beach in India), Elephant beach at Havelock, Jolly Bouy at Port Blair no signal can be seen in your mobile irrespective of whichever operator you use.

Considering the remote locality of Andaman such things comes as a part and parcel of a tourist destination. Make sure your tour operator is aware as to where you will be visiting during the day so that in case of bad network connectivity we can send a person for assistance. At Experience Andamans, our representatives are at most of the places where such network connectivity issues are present and they coordinate/help all travelers who are in need of assistance. In addition, sometimes we provide an extra sim card to travelers who are facing issues with their network operator after arriving to the islands.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mobile Networks in Andaman

Q: Which network works best in Andaman Islands?
A: BSNL and Airtel are the two best options in 2019. No other network has coverage in all the islands.

Q: Is 4G Available in Andaman?
We are still living a life with 2G network. Youtube streaming is still not very easy.

Q: Do you provide SIM card to travellers?
A: Experience Andamans is present in all the islands. You can use the mobile of any of our team members to make a call during your trip in Andaman. We don’t charge for this, its our responsibility to help you when you are in Andaman.

Q: Is Wifi Available in Andaman?
A: Only in limited places, the internet is available. However, the speed is very slow.