Budget Packages to Andaman Islands

Find the most economical and budget tour packages in the Andaman Islands. So now when we say budget packages to the Andaman Islands? We mean that you don't expect much luxury in properties that you stay across all islands. This is done to minimize the cost of the package, however, your experiences will not be impacted during these budget tours. These budget packages can be availed by couples, family, friends or anyone who wishes to travel to Andaman on a budget.

The low-cost vacation packages to the Andaman Islands include, among other things, accommodations, tours, cruises, and transportation. You also have the option of customising your package to meet your specific needs, and we would be pleased to tailor the trip to meet your specific specifications.

Your budget package for the Andaman Islands will include the best sites to visit, such as Port Blair, Havelock, and Neil Island.


Andaman Budget packages


Packages Duration Starts From
Emerald Andaman 2 Night 3 Days  INR 11300 Per Couple
Easy Escape 4 Night 5 Days  INR 28000 Per Couple 
Andaman Delight 3 Night 4 Days  INR 27000 Per Couple 
Andaman Escapade 5 Night 6 Days  INR 30500 Per Couple
Neil Escapade 6 Night 7 Days  INR 39000 Per Couple


The above affordable Andaman Island deals come with a hotel, food, a ferry to Havelock Island, sightseeing, an entry ticket, a taxi, and a personal tour manager. The price above does not include expenses such as lunch, dinner, and plane tickets.

To minimize your budget in the Andaman Islands - This is what you should do. Follow the exact same steps to minimize the cost of your trip to Andaman


Step by Step details to Andaman Budget Packages

Step 1 - Minimise flight ticket cost

Flight tickets to the Andaman Islands will be a big saver if you are able to get a good deal on the islands. So we recommend getting your flight tickets checked in advance. You can check for flight tickets online or contact Experience Andamans to get the best deals available for flights. Flight prices increase by at least 30% if the dates are near or the dates fall under peak season when people are travelling.

Step 2 - Decide the number of days of travel

Your Andaman budget tour will also depend on the number of days you are traveling to Andaman. A minimum of 4 days are required to visit the Andaman Islands, where you can visit both Port Blair and Havelock Island. However, if you are traveling for more days then your budget will increase.

Step 3 - Select budget hotels at the heart of the city


The third most important step is to select the hotels that are good within budget and not far away from the city. If you are selecting budget hotels out of the city, your travel cost will increase for cabs. Thus adding to your budget during your Andaman trip. All our Andaman and Nicobar Islands tour packages have a specific section of Budget which has the top budget hotels added already. These budget packages have the lowest cost and real value for money if you are on a strict budget.

Scroll down below this page where we have mentioned a lot of various budget itineraries that can be selected during your trip. These budget packages has been sorted to select some of the best budget hotels that are within city limits and at good locations to minimize your budget for the islands.

You can always contact Experience Andamans to help you select any tour within your budget.

Step 4 - Contact locals for your Andaman tour (Sightseeing, Ferry, Activities)

Connect with locals of the Andaman Islands such as Experience Andamans. This way you are in direct contact with people from Andaman Islands to get the lowest price for your budget trip to Andaman. Your cabs, entry tickets, ferry and activities will be charged on actuals and you will not have to pay more for your package.


Step 5 - Decide the itinerary in advance

Select from various packages mentioned on this page or contact our experts so that you can come to know the exact same cost of the tour when you are in Andaman. It is recommended to do your homework before visiting the Andaman Islands. This way your cost will come down and you will exactly know how much will be the entire budget for your package.

Step 6 - Food Cost and Personal Expenses

Food expenses and personal expenses have to be considered as well on your tour package budget. Food and stay are comparatively expensive at Havelock and Neil Island. In resorts, the food is expensive and can be skipped a few times and you may opt for dining in nearby restaurants that has cheaper food options. We suggest don't add food to your package when you are booking.

Breakfast will be complimentary at the hotels, during Lunch hours you are usually on tour so you can dine around any restaurant where you are touring. During dinner time you can either have food at the hotel or you can walk to a nearby restaurant and try some.

Our budget packages to the Andaman are cheapest in cost and can be considered during your trip. If you require better hotel stay then along with Budget option package you can check for the Standard package as well to improve your stay experience.

While looking for a budget tour to Andaman, you can either book packages online on our website or can contact our holiday expert to help you with a package that perfectly suits your budget.


Top Places to visit in you budget package to Andaman


Considering the aspect wherein you don't want to spend at places that will increase your budget during your Andaman trip, below are the places to visit.


1) Cellular Jail and Visit to Light and Sound Show
2) Ross and North Bay Island
3) City Museums
4) Corbyns Cove Beach
5) Radhanagar Beach
6) Kalapathar Beach

If you can extend your budget further then you can visit Elephant Beach for water sports activities and even Neil Island where you can explore some unique places.

Water activities that can be added to budget packages


Andaman is the centre of the most exciting water sports activities in the world. If you're looking for water sports activities in Andaman that are within your budget, we recommend the following:


1) Basic Glass bottom boat ride at North Bay Island or Elephant Beach
2) Jet Ski ride at Andaman Water Sports Complex, Corbyns Cove Beach, Elephant Beach or Bharatpur Beach
3) Banana Boat ride and other basic rides that happen at Corbyns Cove Beach, Elephant Beach and Bharatpur beach at Neil Island

There are many water sports activities in the Andaman Islands - If you have the budget then you can indulge in Scuba Diving, Sea Walking, Parasailing and Sea Kart experience in Andaman.


Budget hotels for your Andaman package


While you are planning to book your budget package to Andaman Islands, make sure you are aware of the amenities that these budget properties provide. Most of the budget properties provide a basic room with basic hygiene. When choosing a modest place to stay in the Andaman Islands, you shouldn't anticipate a luxurious experience. This applies to all of the islands that are located in the Port Blair, Havelock, and Neil Island areas.

Budget Hotels at Port Blair

1) Hotel Adarsh
2) Hotel Vedant
3) Hotel Roy International
4) Rajdeepam
5) Hotel Anbu

Budget Hotels at Havelock Island

1) Hotel V Knot Residency
2) Hotel Saurav
3) Gold Star
4) Radha Krishna

Budget Hotels in Neil Island

1) Sea Seas
2) Neil Banjara
3) Hotel Amoolya

While there are plenty of options for your budget package to Andaman. We recommend you make advance bookings and make sure your trip is confirmed before you reach Andaman Island. During season all the properties gets sold out and then your package cost may go up.

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