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Top Offbeat Places to Visit in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The thought of visiting a place that is untouched by pollution and city life is something that many individuals dream of today. Andaman and Nicobar Islands has always topped the list of holiday locations in this category due to its secluded beaches and unique landscapes. 

The serenity of the island has been enchanting not just for us Indians but also many international tourists. There are some common packages to visit in Andaman in 4 days. But if you wish to explore Andaman tourism at its best, do consider spending at least a week to discover the offbeat locations too.

The 5 Well Known Spots in Andaman Island

Andamans is full of a variety of landscapes and picturesque locales. Here are some of the common places that are visited for 5 days package to Andaman

Havelock Island

Havelock Island Beach

Havelock Island is the largest and the most commonly visited islands in the Andamans. The contrast of white sand and blue seawater calls for a picture-perfect location for selfie lovers. Due to the onset of a high number of tourists on this island, there are a number of hotels and resorts that have come up to pamper the tourists with modern facilities in the midst of the natural elegance of the island.  

Neil Island

Neil Island

Neil Island is another famous destination after Havelock Island. If you are an adventure freak, you will love to snorkel and scuba dive in the crystal clear water of Neil Island. Besides, the lush green forest on the sides of the white sandy beach is a breathtaking scene to die for. 

Port Blair

Port Blair, the capital city of Andaman and Nicobar union territory is the gateway that leads to different spectacular islands such as Havelock Island, Neil Island, and others. Apart from being the entryway, Port Blair is also a famous destination that houses famous tourist spots such as the Cellular Museum, Ross Island, Samudrika Marine Museum, and many more.

Elephant Beach

Elephant beach Havelock

Elephant Beach is a part of Havelock Island that is explored by many tourists for its leisurely atmosphere. This fantasy land is known to display a good amount of coral reefs under its transparent water and is an irresistible spot for bird-watchers, forest hikers and trekkers. You can go for a trekking to Elephant beach from Havelock Island. You will have to pass through marshy road to reach the Elephant beach.

North Bay Island

One can fall short of words while describing the thrilling beauty of this island. Also known as coral Island this Island can be visited from Port Blair. North Bay Island is the only place around Port Blair that offers most types of water activities. From Scuba Diving, Sea Walking, Parasailing, Snorkeling, Semi Submarine you have it all at North Bay Island. The colorful stretch of reefs under transparent water is simply irresistible and even the non-swimmers will wish to explore underwater marine life here at least once.

Best Places to Explore in Andaman Island

The explorer in us always wants to wander out into the unknown. If you covered all the main locations, you can add up some offbeat places in your package to visit in Andaman in 7 days.

Baratang Island

Lies in the Middle Andaman Island, Baratang Island is known for its mangrove forest, limestone caves and Mud Volcano. A boat ride through the mangrove forest and a small trek are adventurous when you visit this place.


Diglipur is one of the most underrated romantic spots for couples. Diglipur lies in the North Andaman Islands and takes around 8 hours to reach from Port Blair via road. Diglipur has a lot many places to visit and experience. The gorgeous coastal environment and humble lifestyle here will take you close to nature and lead to a special bonding. Exploring the Ross and Smith Island with your special half is an experience in itself. 


Rangat is another off-beaten place in Andaman that can be visited to explore the mangrove walkway and some of its beaches that are off the beaten track. Rangat lies in the middle Andaman Islands and is the main entrance to North Andaman Islands and to islands that surrounds middle Andaman such as Baratang and Long Island.

Long Island

Long Island is an exotic island that can be visited from Middle Andaman. You can reach here from Rangat by taking a Government ferry or by hiring a private charter. Long Island is among the most remotest places in the islands. Some of the most lovely coastlines surround Long Island. Recommended places around this island are Guitar Island, Merk Bay Beach and Lalaji Bay Beach

Panchvati Waterfalls

The rushing milky water from the top of the greenery-covered Panchavati hills is a blissful view. While some tourists find it adventurous and go out trekking, for others, it offers a perfect background for photography.

Alfred Caves

Adventure wrapped in natural beauty is what you get when you reach out to the Alfred Caves. From Ramnagar Beach, you can have a small trek in the forest to reach the wet mushy caves that are home to several fruit-eating bats. 

Avis Island

Avis Island is another offbeat destination where you can go for a day’s picnic but with all the arrangements of food and water with you. The calm sea here allows you to walk through the water and have a glimpse of bright coral reefs as well as fishes swimming around you. 

Why Andaman Island is the Top Choice for Tourists?

Earlier, Port Blair was one of the famous destinations that were explored by tourists due to the cellular jail, known as Kaala Paani during the British Rule. But soon enough, tourists started paving ways to several other islands and beaches from Port Blair. Today, there are several places that one visit on a package tour to Andaman for 6 days or more, depending upon your available days and the spots that you select. 

The pristine beaches of Havelock Island, Neil Island, and others not just offer a mesmerizing view but also an adrenaline rush with the water sports activities here. Whether it is scuba diving or snorkelling, the underwater experience under the transparent water is something that surely triggers your senses. People who are faint-hearted can experience the coral reefs and some part of the marine world through boats that have glass flooring. 

The sun-kissed beaches, perfectly featured resorts, and adventure journeys make Andaman not just a holiday destination for groups or couples. It also offers a soothing ground for those who are looking for a rejuvenation of the mind and the soul. 


Which country is closest to Andaman Islands?

The Andaman Islands is the union territory of India politically. But when noticed in terms of distance, the island is much closer to the countries Myanmar and also Thailand. Hence, the best way to go there is to take a flight up to Port Blair from the Indian mainland. 

Can I live in Andaman and Nicobar Islands?

Only a few islands of Andaman and Nicobar are yet discovered and have human life thriving there. Andaman and Nicobar Islands can be a great place to lead a composed and peaceful life due to the spread of dense forests and sea around with exotic fauna and flora. Also, as the Islands does not have any religious dominance, it is also free from any kind of political and religious turmoils. The islands have all the necessary facilities and leading a life there is pretty easy. 

Is Andaman expensive?

Andaman is a fairyland for those who have a planned vacation just as those honeymoon couples who have booked a complete Andaman tourism package. But if you are looking forward to traveling on your own, you will not find it much convenient due to the non-availability of cab services such as Ola or Uber. Yes, the public transport option is there but as a visitor, it can get difficult for you to keep a track of the transports and their timing. The last option will be to depend upon the private cabs that can actually get quite expensive. 


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