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How To Reach Andaman From Kolkata

You can choose to reach Andaman by Air, Sea, Train or Bus. 

But Air and Sea are the only two options available to reach the capital city of Andaman. As there are no roadline or rail lines connected to Andaman from any part of the world. 

If you choose to travel by air you can avail the direct flight from Kolkata to Veer Savarkar International Airport in Port Blair.

If you choose to travel by sea there are ships sailing to andaman 3 to 4 times a month. You can easily board one of these from Kolkata port.

How Far Is Kolkata From the Andamans?

Compared to a lot of cities in the North, like Delhi, Mumbai and probably even Bangalore down in the South, Kolkata is a lot closer to the Andamans, which means you are one of the blessed few who can make a visit to the island whenever you think you need a break.

The Distance between Kolkata to Andaman by road is 2193 KM. The aerial distance from Kolkata to Andaman is 1288 KM.

If you are looking for the fastest way to reach Andamans from Kolkata, then the answer would obviously be to fly. 

This way, you can be sure to reach the islands in a matter of a day. A flight to the Andamans from Kolkata generally takes about three hours and forty minutes though the time can vary. 

However, if you are looking for something cheaper and within your budget, then you can choose between going by road or a train. 

A journey by ferry would be a 2 to 3 days after which you will reach Andaman.

Once you reach the capital city Port Blair, you can explore the Jolly buoy island is one among the most visited destinations in the Andaman Islands.

Jolly boun Island

Jolly buoy island offers amazing coral reef. The reef at Jolly Buoy Island is something that you will not easily experience in any other parts of the islands.

Jolly Buoy island comes under the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park.

You will need permit and tickets to visit this island. Prior booking is a must for Jolly Buoy Island trip. Trip to Jolly Buoy is considered one of the best trip in Andaman Islands.

Permits And Entry Formalities to Travel Andamans

Indian nationals need not require a visa to visit Andamans. 

A valid ID proof issued by competent authorities is required. 

Pan card is not accepted as an Id proof. 

No specific permit is required for Indian nationals to visit these islands, however entering the tribal restricted area is completely prohibited. 

To enter the area occupied by defense or paramilitary forces requires proper permission from authorized agencies.

Can we Travel by Sea to Andaman from Kolkata

The distance from Andaman to Kolkata is 1255 km which takes 66 hours of sailing to reach the destination.

The Sea route to Kolkata is the longest one among the three possible water ways to Andaman from mainland India.

 Various cruises operate from Chennai, Visakhapatnam, and Kolkata to Port Blair. 

The ships have the capacity to carry hundreds of passengers. Tourists who want to experience the adventure of sailing through sea can take up the cruise from the capital city of Andaman Port Blair.. 

However, it is recommended to travel by air instead of sea. Ship takes a lot of time to sail and reach Andaman. Air Travel can be expensive but saves a lot of time.

Ships sail once every week that is 3 to 4 times a month. This schedule is subject to change depending on the weather conditions.


Ships Operating from Kolkata

If you do not want to travel to andaman by flight you can board on of these cruise that sail to Port Blair from kolkata.

Can we travel by Train or Bus to Andaman

You can not reach Andaman by train as it is a group of islands situated far out in the Indian ocean about 600 kms away from the mainland and is not connected with mainland in any way. 

You need to cross the Ocean by sea or Air. There are no railway lines in the Islands.

No buses are available for travel to Andaman Islands. You will have to cross the sea either by flight or Cruise. At best, you can come by bus to the nearest bus stand of the city later you can reach the airport to board the flight to Port Blair.

There are direct flights from Kolkata to Andaman. You can refer to the details below for flight schedules.

Flight from Kolkata to Andaman

These are the possible ways in which you can reach the Andaman. We suggest you to take a flight to andaman as its time saving and helps exploring the Island in much better way. Choice is Yours.


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