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Car Rental Services in Andaman Island

Car Hire in Andaman – Both Self Driven Rentals and Rentals with a Chauffeur cum Guide

Now, in this article, I will address the query about both Cab rentals in Andaman along with self-drive car rentals in both Port Blair and Havelock Island. Plus, I will address which among the two is cost effective.

Many people in Andaman island question about whether there are self-drive rental vehicles provided in the islands or not? Now, two wheelers are easily available in Andaman. However, self-drive car rentals are not yet a trend in Havelock. In this Island, you get only two wheelers for self-drive as you have in other states in India.

So far in Andaman, no major self-drive car rental services such as Zoom Car has entered. So most things are mostly managed by the local people in Andaman. Now, Andaman Island is a mixed culture altogether, you find people from almost every state in India. Many of the so called locals have their roots for West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Andra Pradesh, Kerala, Haryana, Maharastra and some from Gujrat and Rajasthan as well. Compared to other states in India, Andaman is decent when it comes to giving a state/city its cosmopolitan stature. The people here in the Isles are fairly educated and can communicate in both Hindi and manageable English.

In 2017 self-driven car rentals have been launched in Port Blair. Here you get around 8 Hours of full self-driven experience to explore the beauty of Andaman all by yourself. You just need to pay entry tickets where ever applicable along with the fuel surcharges. Andaman islands are beautiful without a doubt and as many people prefer self-driving car rental services in a city or a tourist destination they wish to experience the same when they come to Andaman.

However, here are two questions that I think personally arises. The first one is, if you actually require a self-driven car rental or not in Andaman? Now many have a preference for self-driving cars for rent just because they want to explore things by themselves, plus they wish for a personal experience all by themselves without any involvement of anyone else. The second thing travelers feel is that renting a car for self-drive will be cheaper in Andaman and they will end up saving more on the trip. Now, I would like to take both the questions separately.

Jeep in Andaman

For those who wish a self-driven car rental service for personal tour satisfaction and for personal space without any involvement of other then you can for sure take a self-driven car. However, please note that NO mobile network will be available at many attractions in Port Blair so make sure you are knowledgeable enough how to handle those situations. Well, you should always find someone who might be willing to help you in the Andaman. Actually, the islands are pretty safe and everyone is approachable.

The cost of renting a car for self-drive is more expensive than hiring a cab with a personal driver. In case you are really stretched for your budget then take a two wheeler for rent in Andaman.

What are the various costs involved in a self-driven vehicle rental in Andaman?

car for rent in andaman

Now for those who are looking to hire a smaller vehicle(hatchback) self-drive then you can end up paying around 3500-4500 + Tax + Fuel Expenses for around 8 Hours. Post this you will be paying around 7-10 Rupees per km over the stipulated limit. This vehicle can accommodate around 4-5 people. The list of hatchbacks to hire for self-drive currently available are Santro, Wagon R, Alto, Hyundai i110 and Ford Figo.

If you are looking for a Sedan type of vehicle then consider the same cost as a hatchback, though the availability is limited. Currently, the available hatchbacks for sedan vehicles are SX4, Verna and Honda City.

Well, for those willing to get a very different experience then you can hire an offroad vehicle on rent in Andaman. Currently, the available vehicles are Jeep and Gypsy’s. The cost of the offroad vehicle is around 7000 + Tax + Fuel.

offroad jeep andaman
Whether you need a self-drive car rental or a rental with driver cum guide in your Andaman Trip?

So now the question is whether you need a car rental for self-drive or you need a car rental with a driver who will take you place? Now, if you are looking for a self-driven experience to explore the attractions all by yourself then you can for sure take a car on rent for self-drive. But it won’t be very cost effective as many think.

The other option is for sure to rent a car in Andaman with a driver who is knowledgeable about the various attractions in Andaman and should be able to take you to places. We have listed all the various costs of sightseeing in Andaman at each and every island. You can always consider this option for rentals in Andaman. The drivers are trained to handle customers plus the vehicles are neat and clean. The vehicles are well maintained and mostly the vehicles that are provided for car rentals with a driver are Swift Desire, Scorpio, Ertiga, Xylo, Sunny and few other comfortable cars for a better experience. This will be cheaper. Tata Sumo and other small vehicles will not be very comfortable for doing sightseeing in Andaman so make sure that you consider a comfortable vehicle for your visit.

cabs in andaman

In Andaman, there are no Ola and Uber. The autos or the tuk-tuk will not be very comfortable as the roads are a little bumpy in the islands. Though they will be cheaper than personal cabs. Some prefer taking tours on a two – wheeler itself but then again road safety and the road conditions comes into picture.

Finally, it depends upon the traveler as to what option to consider in Andaman. The most availed options by tourists in Andaman is that they hire a cab with a driver to visit various sightseeing places in Andaman. It easy, convenient and cost effective. Let all the tension and management go to a tour company so that you can enjoy a hassle-free vacation in Andaman.



    • Basically you can actually drive to Baratang island. However, getting permit and boat tickets will be difficult. There is a possibility that even after reaching Baratang you might not be able to get into the tribal reserve to reach Baratang and eventually get tickets to visit Limestone Caves.