How safe is Andaman and Nicobar Islands ?

April 13, 2014

How to reach Andaman IslandsAndaman and Nicobar Island, being an ideal gateway to spend your time by just relaxing and enjoying. The most preferred time to visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands is between November and April as the climate is quite pleasurable. Tourists can reach there by Air or by Sea. In case you are wondering how and where the islands are located, then you can begin with How to reach the Andaman Islands.

The Andaman groups of Islands are well connected by Air and Sea.  A regular service of passenger ships and domestic flights are available. Ship service is available to Port Blair from the Indian cities of Chennai, Kolkata and Vishakapatnam and direct flight services to Port Blair are from Chennai, Kolkata and Bangalore. One can take Ferry or Cruise in Andaman to reach different islands in Andaman and to Nicobar Island from Port Blair, Havelock, Neil Island, Diglipur etc.

Tourism is increasing rapidly day by day in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Before planning to have a trip to Andaman and Nicobar Island, some practical information about the island is quite essential. According to the climate of the Island, the weather in Andaman is usually that of a tropical climate. It’s not too hot, but yes it is humid in the islands. With the least humidity observed from the month of November, December up to March in Andaman. During afternoons, it becomes really hot. It is advised to carry sun block ointments, tanning ointments and a pair of sunglasses and hats. You may require AC Vehicle and Rooms at all the islands. For Indian citizens, NO visa is required. Just a photo Id will do. Many people in India are confused whether Andaman Island is a part of India or not. Just to clarify any doubts whatsoever, It is a part of India.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands is becoming one of the favorite spots for tourists. With the increase in number of visitors, the security challenges also increase. The safety factors are of primary concern for the administration. To provide the sense of comfort, safety and security, administration make available safety to the tourists by giving them safety through tourism police and life guards at beaches at all the major attractions. Proper signboards are also present to guide travellers.

List of Safety measures taken at respective attractions

  • Jollybouy / Red Skin Island – Life Jacket is provided to individual persons during boat ride.
  • Ross Island / North Bay / Viper Island – Life Jacket is provided to individual persons during boat ride.
  • Elephant Beach – Life Jacket is provided to individual persons during boat ride.
  • Snorkeling Trips – Life Ring is provided and a guide accompanies you during snorkel.
  • Baratang – Mangrove Boat Ride – Life Jacket is provided to individual persons during boat ride.
  • Scuba Diving – A dive instructor accompanies you underwater and all professional safety standards are followed.
  • In addition, in case of high wind speed or bad weather no boats are allowed to go into the waters as per strict instructions from the Government of the Andaman Islands. In such cases, the tour is either delayed or rescheduled to the next day.

In general, before any boat ride we assure that life jacket is provided to our customers. At any moment before your trip begins, if you find that the safety procedures are not followed appropriately then raise the concern with Experience Andamans team and we will assist you accordingly.

How safe is Andaman for lone travellers and women?

See, every local in the islands understand that in the Andaman Islands you cannot run away. Its a very small island, and the crime rate is extremely low. The only exit is either by Sea or by Air. Not like the cities wherein many other states are connected. The tri-command (Army, Navy and Airforce) resides in the Andamans.  Well, these points are from the technical aspects. However, you know what people here are very different. They are nice and respectful to each one. There have never been any communal violence. Anyone visiting Andaman should never face any issues whatsoever in regard to the safety. Take our word on this please, we are here in the islands since ages 🙂

Hope we addressed, your query in regard to your safety in Andaman. Now, If you are still wondering what is there in the Andaman Islands? Then explore the things to do in the Andaman Islands. These are genuine places that one could visit and experience, not just photoshop you know. Wish you a memorable vacation in the Andamans.

Written by Azhar


Hey, thanks for reading my post. Do let me know what you think about my insights about the Andaman Islands. Also, if you have any inputs for me then do write to me at I will be happy to assist you. Wish to see you in the islands soon 🙂

  • Sidharth Gopal

    Thank you for the post . Really Helpful!!!
    Cheers mate!!

  • arya

    good post

  • Nalini Saxena

    We are visiting port blair and havelock in mid june with our 10 month old daughter.
    I wanted to know what precautions we need to take while travelling with infant and also which places should we avoid in both port blair and havelock. Also are there too many mosquitoes and other insects in june and is there any chance of my infant catching malaria.

    • experienceandamans

      Hi Nalini. It should be fine. Avoid Elephant beach as it could be bumpy for the infant. Usually, NO life jackets are provided for infant on any boat trips. All other ferry and boat rides are absolutely fine for the kid. Andaman is fairly clean though there are sand flies in Havelock Island. Carry a kettle for the kid and try drinking bottled mineral water or boiled water if possible. We are in process to write an exhaustive article for people traveling with kids. Will update you as soon as it goes live.

  • Laura

    Hello there,
    I am planning to go to Andamaan but I am so worried about crocodiles. I have read some articles that says crocodile comes from somewhere and can attack people. Can you give some information about that. Is it safe to swim in the sea and lie on the beach?

    • The crocodiles inhabit far away from where the tourist attractions are allocated in the islands. Some places in Andaman are NO swim zone and travellers are cautioned not to swim at those locations. Beaches marked as safe are only opened to travellers and you can easily swim there without any issues. Swimming should not be an issue at all.

  • Hemant Krishnan

    Hello experience andamans,
    We are planning for a trip to Andaman during October. We have 4 yr old boy child with us, we are going to visit most of the places as mentioned in this article and my son is a basic swimmer with floater. I would like to know what are all the water activities that he can enjoy and would be safe for the children of his age.

    • Hi Hemant,
      The water activity your 4 year old boy can do are banana ride, jet ski ride, coral safari and dolphin ride. Underwater activity like scuba and sea walk will not be possible for 4 years old.

  • Claudia Caddeo

    Hello experience Andamans, me and my husband are planning visiting Andamans in March, but we are slightly worried about the presence of poisoning snakes and/or insects. We have read that there are several poisoning snakes, also seawater ones. Is it true? and would it be dangerous to swim or dive in some areas of the islands? Especially since we would like to visit beaches which are not very crowded. We came from a region of Europe where there are no poisoning animals/insects thus we are a bit scared! Thanks in advance

    • Hi Claudia, Sorry for getting late on this query. Port Blair, Havelock and Neil are pretty safe in this context. Basically, the administration has opened up only those destinations that are safe for travellers and have marked up all the spots where swimming should not be done. In addition, for any underwater activity a guide accompanies you during your underwater experience.

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