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How is Andaman in October, November, December and January?

So here comes the best time to come visit the Andaman Islands. Usually, from October onwards, the season begins. Then in November, it picks up and then December and January is the peak time to visit the Andaman Islands when the cost of almost everything goes high because of the huge inflow of travelers to the Andaman.

December and January are among the best months to visit Andaman and most people celebrate their vacations during this time of the year owing to Christmas and New Year. Thus in December and January the cost of almost everything, the hotels, the ferry, the vehicle and the cruises increases.

There is a surcharge applicable during these months over and above the usual tariff rates. On December 24th and 31st there is a mandatory supplement cost in many hotels for the special dinner and karaoke arranged in the hotel/resort. So if your travel dates fall between December and January then get ready to pay that surcharge.

Though only a handful of travel companies can give you the most competitive pricing during this time of the year as they have booked almost everything in advance for their customers. Experience Andamans is one such company, that will give you the best rates at any time of the year.

So what basically happens in the month of October, November, December, and January?

This topic of mine is dedicated towards the following questions usually asked by travelers:

  • How is October, November, December, January and February to visit Andaman?
  • Will we be able to visit all the major attractions during these months?
  • How is the weather from October to January?
  • Can we go for underwater activities during these months?
  • Can we do all the boat rides, cruise rides and water activities?

In this article, I will help you understand about traveling to Andaman in the months of October, November, December and January.  You can also read on to know more about February, March and April also.

Though Andaman Island is an all season destination, however, October to January and even till April are considered to be the best time to come explore Andaman. Usually, in October the Dusshera holidays kick in. Dussehra is the biggest festival of the Bengalis and in Andaman, there are a  lot of Bengali population both in Port Blair and Havelock Island.

Well, all across the islands you will find people from Bengal, right from South Andaman till North Andaman. This festival brings a lot of enthusiastic crowd to Andaman. Plus the island is lit up properly at various temples and specific Pandals are created in all the islands during this time of the year. One of our Andaman Dusshera package that operates in the month of October explains one of this tour.

Then comes November, now usually around the month of November, Diwali is celebrated. Diwali is one festival that is celebrated all throughout India, and in Andaman, we celebrate it in a very nice way. Bursting of crackers and the sweets are distributed among friends and family.

The Andaman island are fairly diversified in its cultural perspective. People from across India have settled in the islands and that’s how we have grown up here. November again is a very good time to visit the islands and every attraction in the island is open for the tourist. All activities are operational, be it scuba diving, sea walking or cruise rides all are operational during this time of the year. Any new product or activity that comes to Andaman are also launched during October and November.

Now, December and January! What do I say about these months? These are possibly the best time to visit Andaman. Well, there are multiple reasons to consider the time between October and April as among the best time to visit Andaman.

However, among these months also, if you ask me to pick any 2-3 months for vacation in Andaman then I will emphasize on December, January and February. The clear crystal waters, the blue luminescence is experienced during this period of the year, the visibility underwater is fabulous and the humidity quotient goes down as well.

Its a tropical climate in Andaman and throughout the year it is the same kind of weather. Its just that the humidity goes down from October till January. Well, there is monsoon season though during July and August mostly.

With Christmas and New Year in the month of December brings up the vacation period and there is a lot of influx of travelers to Andaman. Though Andaman doesn’t have much nightlife, however, In the month of December and January you can experience some nightlife. Especially on Christmas and New years eve.

All hotels, trips and ferry get booked during these months well in advance. Don’t wait until the last moment to get things done as getting an availability will be a big question during these months.

What cannot be done during these months?

Actually, everything in the Andaman island is possible during these months. From sea walking, scuba diving, glass boat ride, semi submarine, snorkeling, cruise rides in Makruzz, Green Ocean and Coastal Cruise to kayaking, turtle nesting in North Andaman and boat rides to Ross Island, North Bay Island, Jolly Bouy Island and Baratang Island will all be operational and can be experienced to the fullest.

Basically, you are arriving at the best time of the year to Andaman.

Will it be too cold from October until January or February?

In Andaman there is no summer and winter. The temperature usually remains the same all the year round. It is just that the humidity decreases during this time of the year. It won’t be cold, however, you can carry a light sweater just in case if you are planning a walk by the beach at night.

Whom do you recommend to visit Andaman during these months?

Actually, this time of the year is good for everyone. You will just love it here in Andaman.

Can I go for Scuba Diving, Sea Walking, Snorkeling and Other Underwater Activities?

Absolutely, there is no question about it. You can enjoy all kinds of water sports in the Andaman Islands.

What are the best attractions to visit during these months?

Well, you can cover any part of the islands both in South and North Andaman, also the Middle Andaman. What it means it you should cover Port Blair, the capital of Andaman. In Port Blair, you should visit Cellular Jail, Ross Island, North Bay Island, Chidiatapu, Jolly Bouy, City Museums and Corbyn Cove Beach.

In Havelock Island, you should cover all the three attractions Radhanagar Beach, Kalapathar Beach and Elephant Beach.

In Neil Island, you should cover Laxmanpur Beach, Bharatpur Beach and Natural Rock Formation.

In North Andaman, visit Diglipur with Ross and Smith Island, however, to cover North Andaman you will need around 10 Days.

In case you are short of time, then cover Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island only. Also, you can consider a day trip to Baratang from Port Blair. Baratang is another good attraction in the islands. An itinerary should be a combination of all these destinations and attractions so that you can make better use of your time in the islands.


How do you recommend us to come to Andaman?

The best option will be to take a flight from your city to Andaman. It is pretty easy to get to the islands via a direct flight. You can now fly from Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kolkata. Just check for which sector the flight is operational and you can easily get your tickets done to visit Andaman.

Andaman in October, November, December at Chidiatapu

So, In case you wish to visit Andaman in the month of October, November, December, January, February, March and April then don’t overthink too much as you are arriving at the best time of the year and you will surely enjoy it.

Check out my various other blogs about How to Plan, Things to do and about various water sports in Andaman to get an understanding of how to plan a visit to this exotic destination in India. You will surely love your experience during your visit from October until April.

If you need help in planning an itinerary for you vacation, hit us up at www.experienceandamand.com and one of our Island experts will get back to you to understand your requirement before coming back to you with a itinerary as per your travel dates and budget.



  • Hi I would like to know how safe is Andaman – Port Blair, Havelock and Neil for honeymooning couples?
    What sort of dressing would you suggest?
    Will shorts be okay?

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