Top 54 Things to Do in Andaman Islands - Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island

The Andaman & Nicobar Islands have a variety of things to do for each and every one. In this topic, we will cover everything from the thrilling water sport activities to the fun souvenir marketplace for shopping in this section of things to do in Andamans. We will help you select various things that you would want to do when you are in the Andaman Islands. In 2022 many new things have come up in Andaman Islands and we are sure going through this article about what are the most amazing things that one can do in Andaman.


Below mentioned are the various things to do in the Andaman Islands. Lately, Little Andaman has also started picking up, however, the connectivity still remains a big question to reach that island. No proper accommodation facility is currently existing but if you wish to take an adventurous trip to Little Andamans we can make it possible for you.


things to do in andaman
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To cover most of the listed things to do in Andaman Islands you will require at least 10 - 15 days. Though traveling for these many days is usually not possible for many. If you plan carefully and with the help of an expert most of the listed things can be visited in a week's time in the islands. You can as well break your tour into two different sections, one tour will take care of your South Andaman Islands and the other tour will take care of your North Andaman Islands. This way you can cover as many things in Andaman Islands as listed below.


1. Visit India’s best beach – Radhanagar Beach, Havelock


Radhanagar beach should be on everyone’s list of things to do in Andamans. You can sunbathe or swim in the amazing waters at Radhanagar and the white sand is as smooth as wheat flour. We know you have to experience it to believe it. This beach has been consistently rated as the best beach in India, and there is a reason so. Photographers, be ready with your kit as this attraction will give you a lot of options to get that perfect click you have been waiting to take all this long. The sunset at this beach is one of the best views at Havelock do not miss visiting this stunning beach. 

Radhanagar beach can be visited throughout the year. This beach lists the most famous beach visit in Andaman. Recommended for Couples, Family and Others. Radhanagar beach was also awarded the prestigious blue flag certification by the Blue Flag Foundation for Environmental Development.

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2. Elephant Beach - Havelock’s Watersports Hub


The Elephant Beach offers one of the best things to do in Andaman Islands and is the most visited attraction in Havelock Island. Elephant Beach at Havelock Island can be reached by a boat ride or trek. The best activities to indulge in this beach are Snorkeling & Sea Walk.

The clear, shallow, and warm waters are perfect for these activities. These exact conditions led to the development of coral reefs in the area, the reason why this place is sought after when it comes to snorkeling. Elephant Beach offers a great opportunity to watch the intriguing and beautiful marine ecosystem, in its purest way. Besides the water activities, you can trek through the marshy woods to reach the beach to add a tad bit of adventure to your Elephant Beach trip. 

Many confuse themselves with the name of this attraction "Elephant Beach" there are no Elephants that roam around here in this place. It was around 10 years back or maybe more when the Andaman Forest Department used its Elephants to logwood at this attraction.

Elephant beach can be visited throughout the year. Book Ferry Tickets To Elephant Beach at Havelock Island. Recommended for Couples, Family and Others.

3. Coastal Ride to Kalapathar Beach - Havelock Island


Kalapathar beach is a stunning but quaint place to spend some quality time with your loved ones leisurely. The drive to Kalapathar Beach at Havelock is much better when compared to Radhanagar Beach. During your drive to this beach, you will spot the open turquoise-colored waters towards your left. The road to reach this beach is a little narrow, however, the destination is worth a visit to spend a couple of hours. Travelers can hire two-wheelers or cab to reach this attraction in Havelock Island.

This beach can be visited throughout the year. Recommended for Couples, Family and Others.

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4. Go Scuba Diving – An unforgettable experience - Best thing to do!


The Andaman Islands are blessed with an abundance of natural resources on both land and water. The underwater world has a plethora of marine life and variety of vibrant corals. Dive into the turquoise waters of Andamans and experience what it is like to swim along with fishes. The Scuba Diving activity in Andaman does not require swimming skills and all the water activities are divided into beginner or non-swimmer courses and advanced diving courses. For the non-swimmer course, you do not require any swimming skills. For advanced courses, swimming skills as well as in some cases a certificate of your previous diving experiences may be required. Scuba Diving can be availed at North Bay, Havelock, and Neil Islands.

Scuba Diving booking is available throughout the year. Recommended for Couples, Family, Friends and Adventure enthusiasts. Elders, Kids and people with health conditions can avoid this activity. Water sports in Andaman can be done at any of the islands. Scuba Diving is famous mainly at Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island.

5. Visit the historic Cellular Jail at Port Blair – Pay a tribute


The Cellular Jail stands as the mute testimony of all the suffering endured by the freedom activists during the struggle for independence. If you are interested in finding out the history of the islands then Cellular Jail in Port Blair must be one of your areas to visit in Andaman.  The jail is best visited with a guide for your company as he/she will throw light on the most important and lesser-known facts about the jail and its past activities. The museum of the Jail is open during the day and post-sunset Light and Sound Show can be visited.

Cellular Jail can be visited throughout the year. Book Tickets to Cellular Jail and Light and Sound Show Online. Recommended tour for Couples, Family, Friends and Others.

6. Boat Ride to Jolly Buoy Island & Enjoying Glass Bottom Boat Ride

If the visit to the prison is too serious for you? Then perhaps you would like a place where you can relax and enjoy some fun activities at a quaint island. Do not miss visiting the Jolly Buoy Island. Jolly Bouy Island is a place where you can enjoy the most amazing Glass-bottom boat rides. The area is safe for children and very clean, so it is very suitable for families to hang out. Jolly Buoy Island comes under the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. This destination is opened only for 7 months in a year mainly to preserve the reef in this destination. When Jolly Buoy is closed the Red Skin Island is open for visitors.

The Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park is a No Plastic Zone so you are not allowed to carry any loose plastic bottles and bags to this destination. Carry an extra pair of clothes to this destination as you will not be able resist yourself after seeing the waters at this destination.

Can be visited only from October to March. Book Tickets and Permits to Jolly Bouy Online
Recommended for Couples, Family, Friends and adventure enthusiasts.

Jolly Bouy Island is not operational since 2020. As soon it opens we will update the travelers.

7. Visit the first Administrative Settlement of the British – Ross Island

If you want to see two different cultures colliding, then you must visit Ross Island in Port Blair. Once upon a time, Ross Island was the British Colony’s capital, you will find numerous British vestiges in the area. There is an old British church, a bakery, and, among the ruins of the area, you will see beautiful deer and a high diversity of birds, from peacocks to hens roaming around freely.

Still, Ross Island is just a reminiscence of what once it was, so do not expect to find restaurants or cafés here. It is better to grab some snacks and refreshments with yourselves. The calm environment, almost tamed and friendly animals, will make you feel like you are entering into a world like no other. This destination requires around 3 – 4 Hours. In case, you wish to visit this destination in the evening then you can go for a Light and Sound in the evening at Ross Island. Tickets to Ross island light and sound show can be booked on Andaman Tourism website.

Ross Island can be visited throughout the year except on Wednesday.
Recommended for Couples, Family, Friends and adventure enthusiasts.

8. Visit Neil Island – The Vegetable Bowl of Andamans

Neil Island has picked up significantly over the last 2 years. A lot of people are visiting Neil Island and are recognizing its beauty and charm. Numerous new hotels and restaurants have been set up in this quaint little island. A Neil Island package covers all the major attractions such as Laxmanpur Beach, Bharatpur Beach, Sitapur Beach, and the Natural Rock Formation. 

The Natural Rock formation aka Coral Bridge is a must-visit destination in Neil island. To get a closer look at the Natural rock formation a tad bit of trekking is required. In addition, only during low tides you can visit this destination. A local guide or our Neil Island representative will help you all through this. If you love early mornings, then this might be your chance to get up early when you’re in Neil Island to witness the stunning sunrise at Sitapur beach.

Neil Island can be visited throughout the year. You need a ferry from Havelock to reach Neil Island.
Recommended for Couples, Family, Friends and adventure enthusiasts.

9. Sunset at Chidiyatapu – The best sunset point in Port Blair

For the ones who are passionate about discovering the wonders of nature, the Chidiyatapu at Port Blair is the perfect place to witness them. A lot of driftwood and uprooted trees will make the sandy beaches over here look rather weary, like coming from a different world. The place is famous for its breathtaking sunsets and bird watching.

To catch the sunset, it is recommended to be at Chidiyatapu around 4 p.m. In the month of October, the sunset happens around 5 p.m. Also, if you want to go bird watching, the best time to do it is in the morning, when they are all highly active. The place does not have rare species, but it is a spectacle of nature that you shouldn’t miss.

Chidiatapu can be visited throughout the year.
Recommended for Couples, Family, Friends and adventure enthusiasts.

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10. Sea Walk at Andamans – Elephant Beach & North Bay Island

If you are wondering about the various activities that can be done on the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, you should know that most of them are water sports, where you can witness the marine wildlife and enjoy the unspoiled corners of nature. Many are worried that they don't know to swim or dive to see the marine ecosystem underwater? 

In such as case your best option is a Sea Walk in Andaman, this is conducted both at North Bay and Elephant Beach. Yes, it is pretty much a walk, even if it happens on the bottom of the sea. You will wear a protective helmet that will provide you all the needed oxygen while you can explore the underwater surroundings in the safest manner. This might be an experience you don’t want to miss. So get ready to walk on the deep sea beds as the aquatic creatures give you company in the islands.

Recommended things to do for Couples, Family, Friends and adventure enthusiasts. Elders, Kids below 10 years and people with health conditions can avoid this activity.

11. Glass-Bottom Boat Ride – Andaman Dolphin, Port Blair

The glass-bottom boat rides are for those people who do not like to get under the waters but would love to see the wonders of the sea. In a glass-bottom boat rides you don't go underwater rather you sit on a boat and view the marine life through the glass fitted as the bottom of the boat. Andaman Dolphin is a high-speed glass-bottom boat that helps you explore the reefs of the islands without you getting into the waters. The clear thick glass enables you to have a look at the vibrant corals and fish besides its suitable for people of all ages. It is very fast and those having back problems may avoid this ride.

The rides can be availed throughout the year at North Bay Island in Port Blair.

12. Semi Submarine Rides – North Bay Island

Well, if not for the actual submarine. You can always get into the Semi Submarine rides in Andaman to explore underwater marine life. Here you sit inside this semi submarine and take a joy ride while exploring the rich marine life of the islands. It is suitable for people of all ages and is a must try activity in Port Blair. Semisubmarine boats are different than the usual boats, these boats have a specific section that is immersed in water to give a better clarity for coral viewing in the islands.

Semisubmarine ride can be availed at North Bay Island and isavaiable throughtout the year.

13. Get a stunning view of the Andaman’s Airport from Joggers Park – Port Blair

Image Courtesy - Magee Mahesh

Ever got a chance to see the entire runway? Now, at Joggers Park in Port Blair, you can view the runway at Port Blair. The view from here is stunning and sometimes you can even witness a take-off or landing of a carrier from here. Recommended time to visit this Park is early morning or just before sunset.

Can be visited throughout the year. 

14. Paani Puri and Chatpati at Gandhi Park and Near Mazaar – Port Blair

If you are a street food fan. Then you should visit Gandhi Park. Ask for "Chatpati" and you will love it for sure. Recently, Chats near Mazaar is a new favorite and you can try that for sure.

15. Trek to Mundapahad at Chidiyatapu – Port Blair

Trek to the southeast corner of the Andaman. Chidiyatapu is mostly visited by travelers for the sunset, however, those who love trekking should take a trekking tour to Mundapahad at Chidiyatapu. The open sea here is just amazing. The trek to reach the peak of Chidiyatapu is for around 1 Hour from the shoreline. The trek difficulty is minimum and you should not face many difficulties to reach the peak of the summit. The view is awesome from the top of the cliff.

Can be visited throughout the year. 

16. Sea Plane & Helicopter Ride

Finding a confirmed seat for a Helicopter or a Sea Plane ride is difficult. As of 2021,  Sea Plane services have been stopped in the Andaman Islands :( We understand it sounds pretty bad. Well, the other option is the Helicopter, however, there are only 6 seats available and you are lucky if you get a ticket. To be honest, the chances are less, and the ticket counter opens only on the day of departure. You might want to try your luck after arriving in Andamans. However, you can take Helicopter rides to other islands such as Middle and North Andaman Islands. The chances of getting helicopter tickets for the South Andaman Islands are fairly difficult. Check the Andaman Government site to know the Helicopter fare.


17. Purchase gifts from Sagarika Emporium – Port Blair

While there are many shops from where you can purchase gifts. However, the one shop that we usually recommend is the Sagarika Emporium under the Government of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This shop has priced products in a decent way and provides quality products locally made in the islands. Operated all through the year. Possibly the most genuine shop for coral artifacts. A Government operated Emporium that sells coral and wood artifacts. Here is our top list of things that you can buy in Andaman Islands.

Experience Andamans usually takes all its customer on a shopping trip before they depart from the islands.

18. Take Ferry rides To Different Islands

Ferry is the most important thing if you want to reach one island from the other. It's like the flight tickets. Ferry booking in Andaman has to be done to reach any islands in the Andaman archipelago. Usually, travelers come and visit Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island. To visit these islands private ferries are available that take you from one island to the other. In case, you want to travel to other islands then a Government ferry is the only option to reach. Make sure you have booked your ferry in advance to reach the other islands.

Both Private and Government ferries are operational and available throughout the year. 

19. Take long soulful walks on the shorelines of Havelock


You will love the long walks on the beach resorts lined up at Beach No 3 and Beach No 5. The white sands, foamy waves, and blue waters are just the right environments for a relaxed long walk. Havelock is the heaven for honeymoon couples visiting the Andaman Islands and the beaches are just perfect for them and in fact to anyone who visits Havelock Island. Make sure visiting Havelock island is on your priority list of the things to do in the Andaman. Beaches at Port Blair and Neil Island are also good to take a walk by the beach side, however, Havelock Island is the best one.

20. Stay in beach resorts while at Havelock and Neil Islands

As much as possible opt for a beachside resort stay for a different experience. Waking up to the beach and its waves is a whole new mood in Andamans. Beach resorts in the Andaman Islands are pretty famous and you can get all the luxury you are looking for. Staying at a luxury resort might not be in the interest to many, however, if you can afford to stay in luxurious resorts in Andaman then you should surely opt for it. Few resorts on budget has good beaches in Havelock, you can select them too and add it to your list of things to do.

Beach resorts in Havelock and Neil Island give you the real feel of visiting the islands. Many who visit the islands don't get an opportunity to wake up to a beachfront and staying in such properties just adds it to your Andaman trip experience.

21. Watch the Sunset at Laxmanpur Beach – Neil Island

Laxmanpur Beach at Neil Island has the most breathtaking sunset view in Andamans. Laxmanpur beach is a unique location, it's is technically the end point of Neil Island and sitting on the beach and watching the sunset here is magnificient. If you are visiting Andaman Islands for more than 5 days then we recommend adding Neil Island to your list of things to do in Andaman, and when you are in Neil Island don't miss visiting Laxmanpur beach. A resort named Pearl Park Beach Resort is located at a walking distance to this beach. Carry a mat and your camera kit for some marvelous clicks of the sunset. 

22. Try the Specialty of Andamans –  Seafood - Fresh and Yummy

Image Courtesy - Sea Food Delights Restaurant 

The Andaman Islands are a treasure trove of fresh seafood that comes in varied varieties. If you are non – vegetarian, you got to try the different varieties of seafood when on the islands. The Seafood Delights Restaurant in Port Blair serves some of the scrumptious seafood in islands do try it.  The best thing about Andaman is the seafood that you find here has variety and it's absolutely fresh. Cuisines of various kinds are available to suits your taste buds. Add a local seafood dish to your list in Andaman.

23. Visit Baratang Island’s Limestone Caves and Mud Volcano

Baratang Island is another major attraction for most of the tourists visiting the islands. Apparently, many are fascinated by the tribal reserves that people pass through when visiting Baratang Island. Many add this Baratang Island visit to their things to do in Andaman list because of the chance to spot a member from the Jarawa tribe reserve.  Please note that tribal tourism is an illegal activity in the islands and travelers are refrain from taking any photographs of the members of the tribal reserve. What would you expect when you visit a tropical island? Dense Forest, Tribes, Mangroves, boats, beaches, birds, caves, trekking, volcanoes; Baratang has all of these to offer. If you love adventure tours, then you must add this to your list. 

Baratang Island can be visited throughout the year.

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24. Go Game Fishing in Andamans - A Sport for the enthusiasts

Andaman is the ultimate heaven for fishing enthusiasts. Go for game fishing in Andaman, either in Port Blair or Havelock Island.  Advanced fishing activity is also called Sports fishing. Though this trip is a little expensive, however, it is worth an experience. In late 2017, new rules for fishing has been introduced in the islands after a long haul for about a year. You can now fish around the Havelock island archipelago or Port Blair. Prior permission is a must for both Indian citizens and foreigners before indulging in any game fishing activity. Fishing is an adventure sport and adventure enthusiasts can add this activity to their things to do in Andaman. Please note that all adventure activities in Andaman are slightly expensive, you will have to plan your budget and prioritize which activity you want to do and which activity you want to leave.

Game fishing activity can be availed at any time from October to April. It is closed from May to September.

25. Turtle Nesting at Diglipur - Unique Things to do in Andaman

The Andaman Islands are nesting grounds for numerous breeds of turtles during the months of December to March. The turtles swim up to the shores for the hatching among the few breeds of turtles the Olive Ridley and Leatherback turtles are regular visitors to the islands. If your package contains 6 Nights or more then you can customize a package tour to Diglipur to see the turtle nesting. A tour package to Diglipur will get this covered for you. Turtle nesting is pretty famous among wildlife lovers and many travels to the islands just to experience turtle nesting in its natural habitat. Though spotting a turtle while nesting requires help from local guides who guard the beaches where the turtle comes, however, spotting a turtle and seeing a turtle lay an egg is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that must be on your bucket list when in Andaman. The two major spots for turtle nesting in Diglipur are Kalipur and Ramanagar beach. Make sure you visit these beaches to experience turtle nesting.

26. Twin Islands – Ross & Smith Islands, Diglipur

We bet you have never seen anything like this. It’s the Ross and Smith Island at North Andaman, Diglipur. If you are willing to stay in Andamans for a long time say 10 Days, then you should explore the North Andaman Islands. Take a tour of Diglipur island to explore this destination. We bet this is among the most amazing things to do in Andaman Islands and it takes some effort to experience this place. You need to travel for around 300kms and then take a boat to visit this unique destination in Andaman.

Ross and Smith Island can be visited throughout the year. Book a tour to Ross and Smith which covers all your stay, sightseeing, cruises and more.

27. Visit Rangat and Explore its Mangrove Forest

Rangat is situated in the Middle Andaman Islands and you need to cross Baratang Island to reach this destination. Rangat is a strategic location and offers some very lovely mangrove forests, the famous of these mangrove forests is the Dhanninalah Mangrove Walkway and another Walkway at Yeratta Jetty. Rangat also has a waterfall known as Panchavati waterfall which can be visited. To visit Rangat you need to plan at least 6 days tour to the islands. Rangat can be explored via road from Port Blair.

Rangat can be visited throughout the year. Recommended tour for all age groups.

28. Walk by the Marina Park and Try Food Trucks – Port Blair

Well, this can be called the necklace of the Andaman Islands. A perfect set-up for evening walks at Marina Park. If you are looking for any calm and composed place to spend an evening, then you must try a walk at Marina Park in Port Blair. The open sea on one side and trees on the other is a great place for relaxing. At Marina Park, you can find various food trucks offering local cuisine. You can try few of these food trucks and get a taste of local food in Andaman. We recommend you to stay at nearby hotels to Marina Park, this way you will be able to walk any time to this Park and can enjoy the area around the Park. One such recommended stay is Hotel Bay Walk. The Flag point where the first tricolor flag was hoisted in 1943 is also within walking distance from this park.

Marina park can be visited throughout the year. The preferred time to visit here is post-sunset and is recommended for all age groups.

29. Visit Mount Harriet, Port Blair

Mount Harriet is Andaman’s second-highest peak and is a great place for adventure enthusiasts. Mount Harriet offers an amazing panoramic view of the islands and also the picture on the 20 Rupees note was taken from here. Madhuban at Mount Harriet is a good trekking trail that many adventure lovers would love to explore. You can even go bird-watching here. For those who wish to connect with nature should add this place to their things to do in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. You will need a full day to cover Mount Harriet.

Mount Harriet can be visited throughout the year and is good for all age groups.

Book Trip to Mount Harriet.

30. Visit the mesmerizing Cinque Islands

Cinque island is another wonder of the islands. A private boat has to be chartered to visit this destination and a special permit is required to land on Cinque Island. At Cinque Island, you can go for fishing, Scuba Diving, and snorkeling. This island can be visited only during the day and no night stay is allowed as per the new Government regulation. Our Cinque island tour explains one such tour. As of 2019, permission to visit Cinque island has been stopped by the administration. Cinque Island, Jolly Bouy Island, Red Skin Island and Tarmugli Island all comes under the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park.

Can be visited any time from October to April. It is closed from May to September. Only recommended for Adventure enthusiasts.

31. Go Sea Karting - Drive Your Own Seakart


Seakart in Andaman Islands is a fairly new introduction. Sea Kart in the islands was launched in early 2020 and this Sea kart provides you an opportunity to drive your own Sea Kart.  Many compare Sea Kart to a Jet Ski ride, however, Sea Kart looks different and is much more powerful than a normal Jet Ski. You will be accompanied by a guide and you can go for a ride on the boat by yourself. This ride can be availed at Corbyn's Cove beach, you can visit here during the day or in the evening.  Sea Kart is the first of its kind in India and many travelers love to have this trip on their bucket list of things to do in the islands.

32. Visit The Oldest Saw Mill

Chatham sawmill is one of the oldest sawmills in Asia and was established on a small island in the year 1883. The island is connected to a bridge named after the island, Chatham bridge. Locals use this bridge to take the ferry to different islands around Port Blair.  The Chatham Sawmill hosts a number of woods from trees that are locally available in the forest. This mill is closed on Sunday so you can plan a visit accordingly based upon your interest to visit the mill.

33. Take a Government Ferry Ride - Strongest & Fittest


Some feel that Government Ferry in Andaman is not that great or luxurious. Well, it’s not luxurious for sure, however, it’s the lifeline of the islands. The Government ferry connects different islands in the Andaman. You name the island, and the Government ferry is the only option that you will find operating to the remotest corners of the islands. Those looking to go offbeat should add Government ferry rides to their to-do list.  Bookings of Government ferry opens a couple of days before the tour begins and is cheaper compared to other private ferries that sail in the islands.

34. Snorkel in the Islands


Andaman Islands are blessed with naturally beautiful marine life and rich coral reserves. Those who know how to swim can just carry their snorkeling kit and snorkel around the shores of Havelock Island. The designated places for snorkeling in the Andaman Islands are Bharatpur beach at Neil Island, Elephant Beach at Havelock Island, North Bay at Port Blair, Beach Number 3 at Havelock. If you are visiting any of these places then you can easily snorkel around these islands. Those who don't know swimming, can hire a guide and go snorkeling. Snorkeling with be cheaper in cost when compared to other water activities in the islands. Snorkeling is one of the most budget-friendly water activities on the islands and can be added to your list if you are tight on budget.

35. Kayaking at Havelock - Day & Night

Kayaking in Andamans has gained some fame in the recent times. The Kayaking tours in Andaman can be availed during the months of October to March. Though Kayaking is available throughout the year, the best time is from October to March. Havelock island is one great destination to indulge in kayaking at Andaman Islands, you can avail Kayaking both during day and night. During day Kayak you explore the mangroves and during Night Kayak at Havelock, you indulge in bioluminescence and star gazing. Night kayaking has gained popularity and when the sky is clear there is no better experience than a night kayak. No prior experience of Kayaking is required to do this activity. A guide accompanies you during your kayaking tour.

36. Sunrise Viewpoints in Andamans

Many wish to start a day with a beautiful sunrise. In the Andaman Islands, Sunrise is as beautiful as sunsets and many locations in the islands are just perfect for sunrise. Well, sunrise in the islands is another extraordinary activity. The calm and clear environment with settled water is a perfect location to watch the marvelous sunrise on this beautiful island. The best places to watch the sunrise in the islands are on your way to Corbyn’s Cove beach at Port Blair, Beach No. 3 and 5 at Havelock Island and Sitapur Beach at Neil Island. If you stay at Havelock Island in Blue Island beach resort then early morning around 4:30 AM you can see a magnificent sunrise. Likewise, if you stay at TSG Blue in Neil Island then also you can see a good sunrise. Among both the locations at Havelock and Neil Island, sunrise at Havelock Island is better. In Port Blair, you can go to Flag Point also known as Tiranga Park to view a beautiful sunrise. Staying at Hotel Bay Walk can make the location very much accessible for you. If you love getting up early during your trip then seeing a sunrise should be on your list to do in the islands.

37. Have a romantic candlelight dinner by the beach

Plan a romantic dinner date by the beach with your loved one for an unforgettable experience. Couples who are coming to Andamans for their Honeymoon must avail a Candlelit dinner, and we recommend it do it by the beachside. Havelock & Neil Islands are the best spots to plan for an amazing seaside candlelight dinner. A 6 days honeymoon tour to Andaman is most recommended and a perfect package with all the details can be created for the couple.

38. Avail a private charter to visit the only active volcano in India – Barren Island

How about visiting the only Active volcano in India, Barren Island? Well, you will need some mettle to visit this destination. A private charter boat is required to visit Barren Island. You cannot land on Barren Island due to safety concerns and as per the law by the Government. Night stays are strictly prohibited. You will have to hire a boat from Havelock Island or Port Blair to visit Barren Island. Now Barren Island can be visited for two kind of tours, one is for fishing and the other is for advanced scuba diving. Only those with certificates can dive at Barren Island under the guidance of a Dive Instructor. At Barren Island, you can find huge Manta rays and Dolphins. One of the most unique things to do in Andaman Islands is a visit to Barren Island Volcano.

39. Boat Ride to North Bay Island, Port Blair

North Bay Island is another great destination for a day tour to enjoy the water activities such as Scuba Diving, Sea Walking, Snorkeling, and Glass-Bottom Boat Rides. The lighthouse seen at the back of a 20 Rupee Note is located at North Bay Island. North Bay Island is also known as a coral island because of its many water activities and the reef that surrounds North Bay Island. Water sports activities that are not available in Havelock and Neil Island are as well present in North Bay Island. You require a boat from Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex to reach this island. This trip is usually combined with Ross Island Island tour. The corals here on this island are extremely beautiful, it is also known as the Coral Island. North Bay Island is also the most visited island in the Andaman and is loved by many.

North Bay Island is open throughout the year. 

Book Ferry to North Bay Island

40. Dine in a Luxury Dinner Cruise – TSG Bella Bay Or Semisubmarine

Dinner cruises in the Andaman Islands have started taking prominence. With not much activity to do post-sunset, a Dinner cruise in Andaman comes as a savior for those looking to party and cruise in the islands. These trips are unique and the sailing time in total is for over 2 Hours. Here during the cruise, you see various spots around Port Blair city and later go ahead to dine a full course meal. Live music and DJ is also a part of the cruising experience. TSG Bella Bay was the first dinner cruise launched in the islands at Port Blair. The 2 Hours cruise dinner will take you through an amazing experience through various attractions in Port Blair such as Chatham Saw Mill, Viper Island, Ross Island, North Bay Island and Water Sports Complex. Later the second dinner cruise named Semisubmarine was launched in 2020. Both the cruises are good to provide you a lovely dinner and cruising experience in the islands. 

41 Parasailing - Port Blair Or Havelock


Parasailing in Andaman has to be on your list of to-do activities when you are at Andamans. The view high up from above Corbyn’s Cove Beach is incredible and one must definitely give it a try. Parasailing first launched in Port Blair in the year 2019, this activity was done both at Corbyn's Cove Beach and North Bay Island initially. Later in later 2020, Parasailing was launched in Havelock Island at Elephant beach. The experience while doing parasailing in Andaman is nice and breathtaking. All safety measures are taken while doing Parasail. The total duration of the Parasailing experience is for 20 minutes.

42. Visit Guitar Island - An Offbeat Place in Andaman

Guitar island is a unique island in itself and many rumors surround its wrong guitar-shaped image that is published across the web. Many think the island is completely shaped as a Guitar and for that reason, the name of the island has been kept as Guitar Island.  The actual image of Guitar island is as seen above and it is a real image during our last visit to Guitar Island. To visit Guitar Island you will have to hire a private charter boat. Since this is a remote island, no government ferry operates to this island. If you are looking for an island all to yourself then this one island should be on your to-do list. Locals visit this island to experience a magical sunset or for fishing and a picnic. If you are visiting Andaman islands and wish to go offbeat then try a visit to Guitar Island.

43. Trekking To The Highest Peak in Andaman - Saddle Peak

If you have Diglipur in your itinerary then you can give trekking up the Saddle peak a shot. Adventure enthusiasts are sure to enjoy this activity as this is the highest peak in the entire Andaman Archipelago. Trek to Saddle Peak is about 10 Km each and ascent to the peak is fairly difficult and will be a challenge for those who are beginner or amateur trekkers. The descent is fairly easy as you will be coming down up the peak. Saddle Peak is protected by the Andaman forest department and you will require a permit to enter the forest. The total ascent and descent are for 20 Kms. Carry enough supply of water and food as you will require it while trekking. For trekkers who wish to cover this part of the islands should surely have Saddle in their things-to-do list in the Andaman Islands.

44. Plan a destination wedding at Andamans

Andaman Island is an exotic spot for a destination wedding or a pre-wedding. The beaches can be set up beautifully with props and decors to make it a proper place to carry out your wedding rituals/ceremonies and photoshoots. We have professional photographers in the islands to capture pictures of one of the most special events in your life. Make-up artists and clerics are also available in the islands. Destination wedding in Andaman is quite popular and people prefer to go for a wedding in Havelock Island. You will have to make the arrangements for a wedding at least a couple of months before your dates as many things in Havelock island get sold out and you might end up not getting the desired locations for a perfect beachside wedding ceremony.

45. Hire a pro photographer for some Candid shots

Hire a professional photographer to shoot perfect snaps of you at some of the best spots in Andamans. You can have a photography session at Port Blair and Havelock Island. The photo shoot experience is better in Havelock Island. You can get a photoshoot done at Radhanagar beach, Beach No. 5, Beach Number 3, or while on a Candlelit dinner experience. A photoshoot in Havelock Island is costly than a photoshoot in Port Blair. So if you have a budget then you can consider availing photoshoot in Havelock Island. In Port Blair, photoshoots can be done at Corbyn's Cove Beach, Cellular Jail or Chidiatapu. If the distance of the shoot is far then the cost of the shoot will be expensive. Many honeymoon couples have photoshoots on their bucket list of things to do.

46. Visit Mayabunder and Its Amazing Places

Mayabunder is quietly tucked in Enroute North Andaman Islands, Mayabunder homes the Karen people these are the people from Burma who were given settlement in the Andaman Islands. Since people from Burma have their home in Mayabunder, this place has distinct vibes. Even people from Tamilnadu have their homes at Mayabunder. The major attraction around Mayabunder is the Avis island and you need a boat to reach this island from Mayabunder. This one island has a lot of scope for tourism-related activities and proposals to develop water villas on this island are also in discussion. Not many tourists visit Mayabunder because of its accessibility issues, those who wish to explore everything in the islands sometimes visit this place. Karamatang beach is the most accessible beach in Mayabunder. A long stretch of beach is usually accessed by the locals during the weekend for picnics. Apparently, Karmatang beach is also famous for turtle nesting. 
If you are visiting North Andaman Islands, then you can take a pit stop at Mayabunder and then move on to Diglipur.

47. Know about the Various Tribes in Andaman

Andaman Islands hosts numerous tribes with the Sentinelese tribe as the most hostile one among all. Many across the globe just come to the islands to know about the lifestyle of these tribes. We recommend a visit to the Anthropological Museum to know about the various tribes and how they live in the islands. Various books are as well available which describes the tribes and how the government is making an effort to protect the indigenous tribes of the islands. A visit to the museums in Andaman islands will help you with the understanding of the local tribes, different fishes and many more historical things about the islands.

48. Swim with the Dugong and Dive with Bob the Turtle

Dugongs also known as the Sea Cows are very rare and can be spotted in Neil Island, Andamans. Dugongs are friendly animals that have been spotted swimming with many divers and if you are lucky you might spot one while you are diving in the waters of Neil Island. Scuba Diving at Neil Island is an amazing experience and people just go crazy diving at Neil. If you are not able to spot a Dugong then the other option is spotting a turtle when diving at Neil Island. Bob is a sea turtle that accompanies you while you are diving at Neil Islands. Many tourists have spotted a turtle when they go for a dive at Neil Island. Swimming with sea turtles is an amazing experience and one must try it if you are at Neil Island. 

This video shows the experience of Scuba diving with a Dugong at Neil Island.

49. Explore the Night Life of Andaman Islands

Many expect parties as in Goa at the Andaman Islands, when they think of Nightlife in Andaman. However, the Night life in the islands is not that vibrant except for very few places. We recommend going for Dinner cruising in Andaman, this happens at Port Blair. The other options are the Light and Sound show at Cellular Jail and Ross Island. If you are in Havelock Island, then some properties such as Havelock Island beach resort or other 4 star properties conduct live music and party on weekends. You can enjoy these parties when at Havelock. There is no Discos in the islands. You can go and dine at some of the good restaurants in Port Blair and Havelock Island.

50. Go Bird Watching in Andaman

Andaman Islands are home to a variety of birds and a lot of migratory birds visit the islands annually. There are few dedicated spots for bird watching in the Andaman Islands with the most famous ones are Sippighat, Ferrargunj, Chidiyatapu and Mount Harriet. Regular birding tours take place in Port Blair and with the help of local guides, you can spot various kinds of birds in the islands. If you are interested in bird watching then we recommend you to carry your binoculars when coming to the islands.

51. Trek To Lalaji Bay Beach and Overnight Stay

Lalaji Bay Beach is one of the most spectacular beaches in the islands that we have ever seen. This beach can be accessed by boat or by trek from Long Island. At Lalaji bay beach you can see the real turquoise-colored water. The best part of this location is that you can find a small restaurant here along with accommodation facilities. If you love spending overnight on a remote island then our recommendation is to spend a night at Lalaji bay beach. A visit here will be for sure a once-in-a-lifetime experience and we will vouch for this place. For any offbeat traveler, we will want this place to be on their bucket list.

52. Meet Locals and Try Their Homemade Food

Locals in the islands are helpful and inviting. You will have a great time with them if you visit their house. Some locals prepare homely food and invite guests home for a dining experience. The food tastes of the locals are very different and seafood is a must in their meals. Try visiting a local home for lunch or dinner and you will feel a difference. Many local farmhouses are available and they provide accommodation to travelers in their farmhouse. If you get a chance to stay in a farmhouse then don't miss the opportunity.

53. Visit Long Island - Best Offbeat Island Destination

Long Island is an offbeat destination in Andaman that slowly gaining some popularity. The infrastructure is very basic here, however, the experience is very remote and pure in terms of getting you closer to mother nature. If you are an adventure enthusiast, then you can add this destination to your package. The only mode of transport here is by walk, you will not find any public conveyance to travel within the island. For a backpacker or anyone who prefers an off-beaten experience then Long Island should be their list of things to do in Andaman. You can reach Long Island by taking a boat from Rangat or Havelock Island. 

54. Visit Little Andamans

Little Andaman is another remote destination in the Andaman Islands that is extremely beautiful and not explored by many. The lagoons and the waterfalls here are something that people love visiting when in Little Andaman. Little Andaman is also famous as a surfing spot in Andaman. The only way to reach Little Andaman is by a Government ferry that takes almost a day to reach this island. Very few and basic accommodation facilities are available on this island. The place has a good following among backpackers who wish to explore off the beaten track in the islands.

The above-mentioned 54 things to do in the Andaman Islands are the most exhaustive and genuine things that one can do in the islands. All the above-mentioned things are possible to Andaman. However, proper planning is a must to cover all the above-mentioned points. When you are planning a visit to Andaman the above-mentioned points should surely help you decide what things you want to do in Andaman and what can be ignored.

Hope this article has helped you select things that are of interest to you when visiting the islands. 

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