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Top Places to Stay in Andaman Nicobar Islands?

Whenever we plan to visit any destination, our first concern is invariably in terms of ‘Where to stay?’. Even for seasoned travellers, the answer to this question is difficult. With so many accommodation options coming up each year, keeping a track of what’s good for you within your budget might be challenging.

We end up counting on suggestions given by friends and family members, we go check the reviews from various sites before deciding whether to select the specific accommodation or not.

Having said that it’s always a doubt even after we arrive until we have seen the accommodation.

This article will talk about all the major places to stay in Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island. I will differentiate among why you may consider not to select a hotel because of its location, amenities, location, beach etc and many more factors.

This will be an ongoing article where I keep updating what’s new in the islands in terms of accommodation and what you can select during your Andaman Island trip. A stay is Andaman Nicobar Islands is perfectly suited based on the location. Many people want to stay at a beachside place when they visit Andaman, however, in some islands staying in the main city is more beneficial than staying by the beach. Keeping these factors in mind, we have built a list of where to stay and why.

The major 3 islands of Andaman namely Port Blair, Havelock (Swaraj Dweep) and Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep) will be covered in this article of where to stay in Andaman Nicobar Islands.

Let’s first cover Port Blair and where to stay in Port Blair.

Port Blair is the capital city of Andaman and Nicobar Islands with tons of hotels around the area. Many travelers come to Port Blair with a dream of staying at a place with a sea view. However, only a handful of properties in Port Blair have sea view rooms. Most of the properties are located in the main city and only 2 property have a beach associated with it.

Considering Port Blair is a small town it’s better to stay at a prime location in Port Blair. The major location in Port Blair is Foreshore Road, Aberdeen Bazaar, Junglighat, Goal Ghar, Middle Point, and Phoenix Bay.

These are the main locations in Port Blair where the property prices are on the higher end. At these localities, you have many options to leave the hotel premise and go for a walk and explore locally. Most of the travelers who come visit Andaman prefer to stay around these locations. Hotels that are not present at these prime locations do not give you the option to explore things by yourself.

These are some important factors when you are shortlisting places where you can stay in the Andaman Islands.

locations to stay in port blair

Major Locations in Port Blair has been marked on this Map

 So when it comes to selecting a place in Port Blair, try to close down on the above-mentioned localities. You can add Dollygunj, this place has slowly started booming as well provides a wholesome experience while you are in the Andaman.

The hotels that can be selected in Port Blair are:

  • Hotel Bay Walk – Walking distance from Marina Park, Flag Point and Cellular Jail – 3 Star
  • Hotel Olive, has sea view rooms – Phoenix Bay – 3 Star
  • TSG Emerald View – Phoenix Bay – 3 Star
  • Lemon Tree – 4 Star – Located very close to the airport.
  • Megapode Nest – Foreshore Road – 3 star
  • Hotel Mansha Regency – 4 Star
  • Symphony Samudra – Located Far away from the city – 5 star
  • Welcome Hotel ITC – 5 Star
  • Peerless Sarovar Portico – 4 Star
  • Sinclairs Bay View – 4 Star
  • Sea Princess – 4 Star

Hotel Bay Walk – Port Blair is a seaside 3-star property located at the heart of the city and at walking distance to Marina park, Flag Point, Food trucks and to Andaman Water sports complex as well. The best part of staying at this location is that you can easily walk down to these top attractions in Port Blair. The rooms are spacious. The various category of rooms offered are Premium, Deluxe and Family rooms. Conveyance to various sightseeing places is also available from this location. If you are looking into a good option for your family with good comfortable rooms at the heart of the city then this property can be your pick and you will enjoy your stay. 

Hotel Olive – Port Blair – Phoenix Bay is a proper 3-star property in Port Blair which offers panoramic sea view rooms. The property is perfectly located and the property has 3 segments of rooms. Deluxe, Deluxe Sea View and Suite sea view rooms. Breakfast is given complimentary in this property. The property has a roof top sea view restaurant that serves islands best sea food.  For those looking for a perfect getaway at the heart of the city with perfect sea view rooms then there is no better property than hotel Olive.

Salt life is another decent property which is a bed and breakfast, and is located at sea shore road. Currently, in 2022 the car rentals in Andaman are not in app-based model so still the traditional way of booking cabs is currently present. Few rooms at this property are sea view. The disadvantage of the property is that its not a proper hotel and is a bed and breakfast with only 6 rooms. The property does not have a restaurant of its own.

Sinclairs Bay View – 4 Star property –  This is one of the most luxurious and strategically placed properties in Port Blair. This property is located very close to Flag Point and within walking distance to the shore.  The property has a swimming pool and for families who are looking forward to a luxurious vacation can select this property as it has multiple rooms that can accommodate a family of 4 people easily.

Welcome ITC Bay Island – This is one of the very good property in Port Blair and at the heart of the city. The experience here is good and the sea is properly visible. This property is located at a prime location in Port Blair.

If you prefer to stay far away from the city then you can consider staying at Symphony Samudra and Sea Princess resorts. Both these properties are luxurious and offer customers a good experience. The only downside of these properties is that they are far away from the main city and make commute difficult and tiring for many travelers. Peerless Sarovar Portico at Corbyns Cove beach is a good option for people looking to stay closer to the beach at Port Blair.

I will keep updating this post to share with you other properties that can be considered staying when in Port Blair.

Let’s move to Havelock Island now, 

Havelock Island is where everyone wants to be when coming to the islands. Now, though Havelock Island is famous, there are very limited places in Havelock Island that can be considered as a proper beach to have a worthy stay.

Properties that are lined around Beach N0. 1, 2 and 3 does not really have a great beach in comparison to properties that are lined up in Beach No. 4 and 5. Beach Number 5, namely Vijaynagar beach is the best place for a wholesome experience. The beach experience around Beach Number 5 is something that you will really want to experience when in Havelock Island.

Only when beach resorts are sold out go for the non-beach resorts in Havelock Island. Though some of the non-beach resorts also provide varied kinds of experiences.

The other location which would make a luxurious stay is Beach number 7 which is very close to Radhanagar Beach. Radhanagar at Havelock island is one of India’s best beach, however, you are not allowed to venture into the water post-sunset. The waves at Radhangar are quite strong so if you are planning to get into the water post-sunset then the chances are pretty less. Though you can walk on the long stretch of the beach hearing the sound of the waves giving you an atmosphere that is as serene as possible. 

Opting for any budget properties around Radhanagar beach is not a wise decision, as you will not have anything much to do post-sunset. Instead of staying at a budgeted property around Radhanagar, my advice will be to book a property that is from Beach No. 2 to Beach No. 5. These are some of the best places to stay in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

A traveler who is new to the local ground needs to be aware of the practicality of a location when you reach the islands.

location to stay in Havelock Island
Defining the top places to stay in havelock island

Major properties that are present at Beach No. 5 are :

  • Blue Island Beach Resort
  • Silver Sand Beach Resort
  • Munjoh Beach Resort
  • Coral Reef Beach Resort
  • Aparupa Sands Marina
  • Sandy Waves

Blue island beach resort at Havelock Island
is situated right on top of Vijaynagar Beach. Now, Vijaynagar beach at Havelock island offers a beach experience like nowhere else in Andaman. This is a perfect beach for swimming and spending time lazying around. The property is a basic 3-star property and provides you ample open space. For those on a strict budget can select this beach property. 

Note: In Havelock Island, it’s recommended to go with beach resorts to get the best experience of your stay. There are many non-beach resorts in Havelock Island as well, however, the most preferred ones by travelers are the resorts with a private beach.

For those looking for the best properties at Havelock Island then I recommend Taj and Barefoot. There are no other properties that can match the charm that these 2 properties offer. With a slight inclination towards Barefoot at Havelock.

Other properties post the above-recommended properties are Silver sand beach resort and Coral reef. Now the beaches here are breathtaking. Seashell is also a recommended property in Havelock island, however, the beach is not as great as that of Silver sand at Havelock.

Havelock Island beach resort and Symphony palms also offer a good beach experience. These 2 properties come under the mid-segment range of hotels and provide a good experience.

The above properties provide an exquisite beach experience in Andamans.

Not all the luxurious properties in Andamans are located at prime locations, however, staying at a prime location has its own charm.

If the budget and the availability of rooms fall in place, for Port Blair and Havelock Island, it’s better to stay at locations as suggested above. 

For those visiting Neil Island in Andaman, you can stay at any of the good beach resorts. Here the main location is near Laxmanpur Beach. Pearl Park Beach resort is one good property in Neil Island. This property is located at Laxmanpur beach, which is known for its mesmerizing sunset.  Summer Sand is also a luxurious property on Neil Island.

Sea Shell samsara and Silver Sand is a recommended property for those looking for a good luxurious experience on Neil Island.

Symphony Samudra and Aquays at Neil Island are good options for you to stay at Neil. Both of these property has rooms with direct room to pool access.

places to stay at neil island
find the top locations to stay in Neil island at Andaman Islands

Well in Andamans, managing to get a good place to stay means the rest of your holiday is going to be a cakewalk. When you know where to stay in Andaman and Nicobar Islands then it gets easier for you to decide which hotels or resorts to pick based upon your budget. The hospitality of these islands adds to the charm of the place. Andaman has various things to do that you will love for sure, right from the beaches to underwater activities. Make sure your tour to Andaman islands is very well planned and executed in the best possible way.

Once the place to stay is shortlisted then comes the itinerary which needs to be planned carefully as well. You can refer to some of our Andaman packages listed that will give you an idea about itinerary selection . You also have an option to connect with our holiday expert to build your own customized package as your your budget and travel dates. We look forward to hearing from you!


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