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Andaman In February and Valentines Day

February in the Andaman Islands is considered one of the best months to travel. The season in the Andaman is from September till May and in these months if I have to choose 1 month that is just above others then I will choose February. This month is better than October, November, December, and January.

Apparently Valentine’s day falls during this month and the charm just increases many folds. With amazing beaches, food, resorts, and activities you have a lot to explore in the Andaman during your Valentine’s day.

In this article we will cover what one can do in the Andaman Islands during valentine day. This year, take your love and relationship to a whole new level by going aboard on a romantic tour! Traveling with your partner will help you intensify your connection and feelings.

Also, traveling places with your loved one will always be fun and you will get to explore different places and learn a lot of new things together.

Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to surprise your love by going on a romantic tour to one of the most serene places in India, the Andaman Islands! The islands are one of the most favorite spots for numerous honeymooners and couples to Andaman because of the lovely surroundings and great vibes the island has for its visitors.

The Andamans is a wonderful place to spend time with your loved one, and to enjoy peace, tranquility and celebrate love. The calm and pristine beaches give a pleasant feeling to the ones who want to relax and rejuvenate.

It is one of the most offbeat destinations in Asia and has numerous places that remain unexplored thus making it a great place for a peaceful vacation.

Why the Andaman Islands?

The Andaman Islands have sugary white sands, crystal clear waters, and thick emerald green trees to add to the ambience. The island has a tropical climate and is pleasant throughout the year making it a destination that can be visited during any season.

The sandy white shored beaches, luxurious properties, astounding ambience, and the stunning panoramic views make the islands a romantic destination for the couples. The reason why you should choose Andamans for your Valentine’s Day celebration is that Andamans offers a whole lot of things in one platter i.e. whether you are looking for adventure, relaxation, leisure or privacy you can have it here all at once.

Each of the beaches in Andamans is unique and different from the other and has something amazing to offer to its visitors. Some offer thrill and adventure sports, some have exotic coral collections, some have stunning sunset/sunrise viewpoints and some offer privacy and seclusion for the people who prefer less crowded areas.

The locals of Andamans are friendly people who will sure to make feel warm and welcomed. The services provided by the restaurants and accommodation properties are excellent and they make sure to have all your needs attended and fulfilled.

The island has cool water sport activities that you and your partner will love if you are both adventure junkies.

The foods here in the islands are excellent and delicious you must not miss out on trying the iconic seafood here if you are a non-vegetarian.
Take some time for yourselves and discover love in the islands like never before. Try seafood in restaurants such as Sea Food Delight, Anju Coco and Full Moon Cafe.

Candle Lit dinner for couple

How to plan a romantic trip in February?

You need to
have a minimum of 5 Nights and 6 Days in your plan to visit all the major attractions and islands of Andamans.
There are a bunch of activities that you can indulge in while you are at the islands with your love.

We have specially lined up a few activities in this article for the couples who come down to the islands to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

February is considered to be one of the best months. Try going for a Candle Light Dinner on Cruise

Dinner Cruise

Valentine’s Day falls in February and the hotel surcharges are also reduced after going high in December and January.

Right after the peak season, the hotels/resort prices will be normal without any surcharges and you can opt for a property that you prefer from among the premium to luxury categories. There a couple of properties that exclusively host Valentine’s Day parties in Havelock and surcharges are applicable only on the hotels that host parties.

Since the Valentine’s Day parties are hosted only in Havelock Islands by a couple of properties, you should book tickets for the parties in advance if you wish to attend the party, as only a few hotels host parties and it might get full.

We also recommend couples in Andaman to capture moments from their Candle Light Dinner. A professional photographer can make this special day more special by capturing it in the best way. Options for both Photos and videos are also available when you plan to do a photoshoot in Havelock Island during February.

Accommodation Options for Couples

Choose luxurious properties by the beach for your stay and enjoy the sound of the ocean waves during late evenings with your loved one.

Numerous properties on each island have private pools it would be a good feeling to spend some time at the pool that is surrounded by beautiful nature! While looking for a property to stay at Andamans you could go for a property that has a private pool or a beach resort.

It will be a great experience at properties like these for a romantic tour.

You can refer to my article about where to stay in Andaman Islands to get the list of the best places to stay in Andaman in 2022.

You can plan a romantic beachside candlelight dinner at one of the beaches in Havelock Island. The properties will organize the candlelight dinner on request. Imagine having gloriously delicious food with your loved one in a dreamy set up on the seashore, sounds wonderful, isn’t it? You can spend a special moment with your most valuable person and have a great evening.

While booking the candlelight dinner, make sure to book it in advance as it might get pretty crowded. The dinner by the beach is something that you must surely try with your partner.

During valentines eve most of the beaches are full of honeymooners who have opted for a candle-lit dinner in their private resorts.

Sunsets in Andaman

The islands of the Andaman Archipelago have some of the most splendid sunset viewpoints. All of the three islands have stunning sunset points and they are simply alluring.

The Laxmanpur beach at NeilThe Laxmanpur beach has the most spectacular sunset view in the entire Andaman Archipelago. The color of the sky keeps changing as the sun sets and the view is just stunning! The shore here has dead corals and shells scattered all over that give this beach a beautiful look.

Laxmanpur beach is a great place to witness the sunset while you are at Neil Island. You will need a ferry from Havelock Island to Neil during the day so that you can visit this beautiful sunset at Neil.

The Radhanagar beach in Havelock : The Radhanagar Beach is Asia’s best beach and stands as the 7th best beach in the whole world and was also awarded with the prestigious Blue Flag certification.

The sheer beauty and incredible environment is a total stunner! The landscape of this beach is extraordinary and is one of the best places to relax and leisurely bask under the sun.

The Radhanagar beach has the best sunset view in Havelock Island and it is remarkable, you can spend a day at the beach and wait to see the breathtaking sunset view and complete your wonderful evening.

Radhanagar beach sunset

Chidiyatapu in Port Blair  is said to have the most striking sunset view in the city. This place has a beach, a variety of birds and a trekking trail.

You can go on a trek and watch the sunset or just sit by the shore with your partner and spend some time with them. Chidiatapu is one of the most recommended tours for couples in Andaman.

Chidiatapu Sunset

Water Activities that you can do in February

There are various activities that you indulge in as couples and have a whole lot of fun together that you will treasure for a lifetime.

The adventure-loving couples must try scuba diving, snorkeling, sea walking, and speed boat rides for a thrilling experience.

You’ll get to explore the exotic corals and a rich variety of marine species.

If you are not an adventure fanatic then you can hop on to the glass bottom boats or the semi-submarine to have a view of the corals from above the surface of the water without getting your feet wet.

Kayaking is another fun activity, kayak your way through the beautiful mangrove vegetation with your partner and enjoy the peaceful surrounding.

Things to do in the month of February

Port Blair, the Capital of Andaman Islands hosts a lot of things for everyone. Here is the list for travellers coming to Andaman in February

  • Visit Ross Island & North Bay: you can visit the former administrative capital of Andamans, the Ross Islands and enjoy the beautiful ruins here that were caused by the earthquake years ago.

    Then you can go to North Bay Islands next and indulge in fun activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and speed boat rides or semi-submarine rides. There numerous food stalls and restaurants from the beachside stalls to grab a bite.

  • Visit Baratang Islands: Baratang Island is a full-day tour that starts early in the morning. You will have to pass through the jungles where the people of the Jarawa tribe reserve to go see the beautiful natural limestone cave and the mud volcano.

  • Go for Cellular Jail visit/Light and Sound Show: You can take a visit to the cellular jail to have a look at the historic architecture of this jail. In the evening after the visit, there will be a display of the life of the freedom activists with attractive lights and sounds.

  • Chidiyatapu: You can go there to spend a great evening with your partner to enjoy the breathtaking sunset or go for the trekking trail for some adventure.

Cellular Jail Museum

The other places that you can visit are Corbyn’s Cove beach, Rajeev Gandhi Water Sports Complex, Flag Point, Museums and the Chatham Sawmill.

Must visit Havelock Island: Known for its beach resort and amazing vibes these are the things that one can do in Havelock.

  • Radhanagar Beach: Radhanagar Beach is the most beautiful beach in the islands and is a great place to relax, spend some time basking under the sun and enjoy the sunset.

  • Visit the water sports hub of Havelock Island, Elephant Beach at Havelock is the most visited and the only beach that conducts water activities on Havelock Island. You and your partner can indulge in some fun water sport activities and speed boat rides here.

    There are few food joints around the beach where you can stop by for a snack. You will need to get boat tickets from Havelock Island jetty to reach this beach.

  • Indulge in spectacular beach view and sunrise at Kalapathar Beach is a secluded beach and is best suitable for those who do not prefer crowded beaches. It is a great place to take long soulful walks or relax and spend some quality time with your dear one. This beach is also good to view a beautiful sunrise.

Elephant beach Havelock Island

Neil Island: Neil Island is also known as the vegetable bowl of the Andaman Islands due to its high vegetable yields. All the attractions on this island can be covered in a day and if you do not want to visit the islands you can avoid it but if you prefer to spend your holiday to relax and close to nature you can visit this island.

  • Visit Laxmanpur Beach, this beach has the most striking sunset view and is a great place to spend your evenings. Spend a couple of hours when at this beach.
  • Visit Sitapur Beach at Neil, this beach has breathtaking sunrise views. It is a great place to take morning walks or meditate. The closest property around this beach is the TSG Aura resort.
  • Visit the water sports hub at Neil Island, Bharatpur Beach, this is the only beach that offers water sport activities at Neil. The waters of this island are pristine and beautiful. It has a wide variety of exotic corals and a rich marine life. Scuba Diving, Jet Ski Ride, Glass bottom boat ride and Snorkeling can be done here.
  • A must-visit natural wonder at Neil, Natural Rock Formation is the iconic naturally formed coral is located here on this island. It is a beautiful sight and worth visiting. A small trek is required to visit this place.

At Experience Andamans we have tailor-made Andaman packages itineraries that are specially planned for couples you can customize it as per your needs and convenience.

Plan a tour of the islands to celebrate your special day and we are sure you will not regret it. Here is an ideal itinerary for a romantic getaway. You are expected to reach the islands on the 12th of February.

Day 1: Airport Pickup followed by check-in at the hotel and later
Chidiyatapu/Cellular Jail Light and Sound Show.

Day 2: Port Blair to Havelock. Check-in at your stay refresh and
later Radhanagar Beach.

Day 3: On 14th, you can go to the Elephant beach during the day
and go for the Valentine’s Party or have a romantic candlelight dinner by the beachside.

Day 4: Havelock to Neil Island. Visit all the beaches at Neil.
(You can avoid Neil Island if you do not want to visit it)

Day 5: Neil to Port Blair. You can go to North Bay and Ross
Islands during the day. Later you can go shopping or for dinner at the TSG
Bella Bay Cruise.

Day 6: Airport Drop

The above itinerary I have created keeping in mind that your Valentine eve should be in Havelock Island. You will love it, even if valentine’s Eve is on Neil Island is also good enough. Both Havelock and Neil Island are lovely islands for couples.

Do write to us if you wish to customize the above tour itinerary.

So forget about the soft toys, and chocolates, and plan or surprise a romantic tour to the Andamans to have an amazing time with your loved one. Andamans, a paradise that is one of a kind!   


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