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Diglipur Mayabunder Baratang Long Island Havelock Island Neil Island Barren Island Port Blair Little Andaman
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Ferry Booking, Schedule & Cost in Andaman

Ferry Booking, Schedule & Cost in Andaman

Ferry booking in Andaman from Port Blair to Havelock Island and other islands is a must when you want to travel to various islands in the Andaman archipelago. Andaman Islands opens to tourists and the ferry booking has again started for 2020 to Havelock from Port Blair and other islands. Without a confirmed ferry ticket in the Andaman Islands, you will not be able to go anywhere in the Andaman Islands. It's a must you need to book your ferry tickets online before coming to the Andaman Islands. Now, the ferry schedule in the islands changes quite often and you need to keep close monitoring on your ferry booking in Andaman Islands. Your online booking of ferry will happen for the ferry and the seat you have selected. For any reason, if the given ferry is not available then an alternate ferry booking based upon your requirements will be provided.

The ferry in Andaman Islands is operational throughout the year. Some ferry opens a few days before the trip and some ferry opens months before the scheduled journey date. We recommend travelers that your online ferry booking to Andaman be completed before the journey date. It is recommended to go on a complete tour when traveling to Andaman because on the day of your trip if any of the ferries cancels because of technical issues then our team will find an alternative ferry service in the Andaman Islands for you.

Below are the step-by-step guide as how you need to book online ferry in Andaman Islands :

Step 1 - Firstly you need to select a date on which you need to book a ferry from Port Blair to Havelock Island. If you arrive early in the morning then you can check all the ferry schedule from Port Blair to Havelock Island at Online Ferry Booking in Andaman Islands

Step 2 - On this page you can filter the page based on your date of travel. So if suppose your travel date from Port Blair to Havelock Island is on 20-October-2020 then make sure you filter the date to the date of travel. Post this you can click on the "Search" Button.

Step 3 - After you click on the search button and if no results are found in the data records it means either the ferry service on those dates are currently not open or the ferry are sold out for those dates. We recommend you to "CONTACT US" in such cases. You can drop an email to info@experienceandamans.com with your contact number for our ferry service team to get in touch with you.

Step 4 - If relevant results from Port Blair to Havelock Island are displayed then you can then select the appropriate ferry time along with ferry type and proceed to "BOOK NOW"

Step 5 - Enter the traveller details of your ferry from Port Blair to Havelock Island and other islands such as Neil and Baratang and proceed to payment.

Step 6 - Once your booking is completed our Online ferry booking team will connect with you and will provide you with the tickets.

IMPORTANT SUGGESTION - Ferry booking in Andaman Islands is very important to visit Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island.
If you dont find a ferry from Port Blair to Havelock Island then you will not able to visit Havelock. Its recommended to book your ferry in advance.

If you are planning a tour by yourself then please note that in case of ferry rescheduling or cancellation because of technical issues or weather conditions then the ferry operators may not help you find any alternative arrangements of ferry for you to go from Port Blair to Havelock Island.

However, at that moment you may get stuck to find an alternative tickets to the other island. It is recommended to visit Andaman Islands in a complete managed tour plan with a reputed tour company based in Andaman Islands so that in such a case of emergency they recommend you correct alternatives.

We understand that the above points may sound absurd, madeup or unreal, however, with our experience of around a decade in the Andaman Islands this is the fact that you should know before coming to the islands. We have seen hundreds of customers getting stuck with no options in their hand to reach from Port Blair to Havelock or other islands but then at that moment nothing much can be done. We want all customers to be aware of the real experience in the islands without giving any fancy stories. Having said that Andaman islands are beautiful and you will surely love the overall experience. You need to take care of this part very cautiously. You will be very good at doing things but we don't want you to take a wrong decision to spoil your vacation.

Hope this page helped you to book ferry in the Andaman Islands. For any queries you can contact us to plan your vacation in the islands


How to Book Ferry from Port Blair to Havelock Island?
Ferry from Port Blair to Havelock island can be booked at our website. You need to select your date of travel from Port Blair to Havelock and then select from the listed ferry options from Port Blair to Havelock Island. In case the ferry from Port Blair to Havelock Island is not available online then you can contact our team who can book it for you along with the tours.
Can I go from Port Blair to Havelock Island on Day 1 of our trip?
Yes, there is an option to go from Port Blair to Havelock Island on Day 1 of your tour, however, please not that in case the flight gets delayed or if the ferry in Andaman runs into any technical snag on the day of your arrival then by no means you can reach Havelock Island on that day of your arrival. It is recommended to go from Port Blair to Havelock Island on Day 2 of your tour program to avoid any complexity that may arrive.
What happens if I book only ferry tickets and the ferry gets cancelled after my arrival?
If you have self-planned your holiday and if your ferry gets cancelled then you will have to find a ticket to reach other islands by yourself. The chances are high that you might not get an alternative ticket as other people will also be trying to get the tickets on the ferry. With very little internet connectivity no online portal will open after you reach Andaman Island. It is recommended to go on a planned tour with a company such as Experience Andamans who will assist you during such times of difficulty.
Can I book ferry in Andaman Islands after I reach Port Blair?
Yes, you can book ferry after you arrive in Port Blair. But in case the tickets are sold out which usually happens then you will not be able to visit other islands.
How Old is Experience Andamans and what are its accreditation?
Experience Andamans is almost a decade old company with recognition from Andaman Tourism, Ministry of tourism, AATO, IATO, ACCI and TAAI.
Is it possible to book Sightseeing tours in Andaman Islands along with ferry booking?
Yes, you can book both Sightseeing and Ferry together in Andaman. You can also book hotels if you require.
Which ferry should I select from Port Blair to Havelock Island?
You can select from Sea Link, Green Ocean and Makruzz all provide different experience and all are good.
Who are the ferry booking company in Andaman?
Online Ferry booking can be done by Experience Andamans. Experience Andamans is a registered and trusted agent for all ferry services in Andaman.
When can we book ferry tickets for Andaman?
Ferry tickets can be booked online. The ferry schedule varies and its opening timings also varies. You can put an advance booking request with Experience Andamans.
Is Online Ferry booking available in Andaman Islands?
Yes, online ferry is available in Andaman Islands. You can book the ferry without any issues.
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