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Maushumi Sakhari
June 20, 2021

Its been around 10 years of hard work that has made us today the best travel company in the Andaman Islands.  There is a lot of hard work and sleepless nights to make sure you get the best of experience in Andaman. However, it has not come in an easy way. We have constantly corrected ourself to make sure that all the expectations of the travellers are met in the Andaman Islands. Andaman Island is one of the most challenging grounds for tour operations because of so many dependent things happening around in the islands.  You constantly keep moving from one place to the other and if one things goes wrong everything goes wrong. “Today, we can proudly say that we are well equipped to make sure travellers are happy with their experience in the islands”, says Azhar, Director, Experience Andamans.

Experience Andamans also owns the most unique activity in the Andaman Islands, Sea Walking. This is the first of its kind in India.

We follow various check right from the customer does trip planning and speak with our holiday experts to the time you come to the islands and go on a tour with us. Our tour coordinators are well trained and understands how to address every customers concerns and queries.

Know About the Story of Experience Andamans :

If you are looking into a travel company who listens to customers and who understand each and every requirements be it a honeymoon trip, family trip, friends, offbeat travellers, adventure enthusiasts or special interest travellers then we are the people in the islands to look forward to. Its not that we are boasting ourself, but as a matter of fact we are.

Post-COVID 19, we have made changes to how we conduct our tours. Regular temperature checks and regular sanitisation of our vehicles and hotels takes place to ensure safety :

Some of our recent customer photos on their Andaman Island Tour 🙂

So far we have helped over 100,000+ People travel in the Andaman Islands. Some of their reviews are seen below.

Some of the celebrities who experienced our hospitality when in the Andaman Islands 

Mannara Chopra

Raveena Tandon

Raveena Tandon – Bollywood Celebrity

Rahul Dev

Mughdha Godse a Bollywood Celebrity

Rahul Dev Bollywood Celebrity

Urvashi Routela Bollywood Celebrity

Bani Yadav Fastest Women Car Rallying for Our Racing Event in Andaman

We have also taken international journalist that came through Ministry of Tourism, India on a guided tour to various Islands. https://echoofindia.com/port-blair-firsthand-experience-andaman-tourism-products-international-journos-137835


Honestly, we have served many and we try to keep all customers happy by adhering to their dreams. Though we do our best, considering the practical situation of the islands sometimes the expectations are not met and we are sad about it. We try our best to make sure that the traveler goes back with fond memories of the Andaman Islands. Having said that, bad experiences happens mainly when the weather conditions are not good and the travellers are not able to make it to any attraction or water activities because of the safety guidelines as per Government Regulation.

In addition, sometimes cruise to Port Blair or Havelock island gets into a technical snag because of which people are not able to reach the other side of the islands. Such conditions are in no ones control and everyone in Andaman are affected because of such last minute technical issues. However, in such tough conditions we do our best by providing complementary trips to nearby location to make sure that people leave happily from the Andaman Islands.

In case you are looking forward to the best services in the Andaman then we will surely ask you to try Experience Andamans. It will be worth your time and your hard earned money. See you in the Andaman Islands.

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