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How To Reach from Bangalore to Andaman By Ship, Train, Flight and Bus

Andamans. Isn’t that a place where we all long to go, a place away from the tall buildings and IT life, a place with sea, sand and lots of sunshine, a place of greenery and lots of activity, food of different kinds and artifacts that you can pick while you walk, a place called Andamans, for the dream holiday on an island. 

Andaman is one of the most sorted destinations for travelers from Bangalore and in this article we will guide you with the best options to reach Andaman Islands from Bangalore.

All modes of transport Flight, Bus, Train and Ships will be explained so you to choose the best option during your travel to the Andaman Islands

How Far Is Andaman From Bangalore By Flight?

Just in case you were wondering, you cannot go walking. It’s a journey of 1641 km.

Flight to Port Blair (capital city of Andaman) takes around 2 Hours 30 minutes to reach from Bangalore. The major flights that operate direct flight from Bangalore to Port Blair are Gofirst and Indigo.

The other option will be to take connecting flights from Chennai or Hyderabad. These two cities are more feasible in terms of connectivity.

How Much Does It Cost To Go To Andaman From Bangalore?

Among the cheapest way to reach Andaman Islands is by ship, however, it will take you 3 – 5 days to reach Andaman from Bangalore. The most efficient way to consider this is by flight.

Below are the various flight options available from Bangalore. The cost may change based on the season and your travel dates.

Flights from Bangalore to Port Blair

These are some of the options that you have if you are looking to travel from Bangalore to Andaman via plane. 

There are a couple of direct flights, and then various others that would require you to stop a while. 

Now that you know what you have before you, take time to consider what would be best for you, based on your convenience and budget, the timing in which you would be comfortable flying and yet at a price that is not too high.

You can explore all our tour packages to Andaman from Bangalore  this will take care of everything from flight, hotel, activities, ferry and sightseeing. You can check and based on your budget can select the best possible option for your trip to Andaman Islands.

If you want cover most of the places in Andaman including the north Andaman, we would suggest you travel by flight, saving the time sailing 3 to 4 days by the sea, which can be utilized to explore off-beat places of Andaman.

Ross and Smith Island is one such offbeat destination which is located at Diglipur, however, you will require 9 – 10 days just to cover this part of the Andaman along with Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island.

Ross n Smith

How To Reach Andaman From Bangalore by Train or Bus?

Bangalore to Andaman by air usually takes about 2 hours 30 minutes, but as you saw in the above table, this can vary based on connectivity.

However, if you have a fear of planes and flying, there are train and bus options too, but it won’t directly take you to Andaman. The nearest that you can reach via train/bus is Chennai. From Chennai, you will have to take a Ship if you are not willing to take a flight to Andaman.

If you are planning to travel by bus to Chennai it takes about 6 hours to 7 hours from Bangalore. The fastest bus to Chennai from Bangalore is operated by Parveen Travels.

The last bus from Bangalore that departs to Chennai is operated by Bharathi travels

Post that the ship journey will take 3 days to reach Port Blair.

Buses from Bangalore to Chennai

If you’re planning to take up the Journey by train to reach Chennai from Bangalore, Mas vande Bharat the fastest train you can take. It takes 4 hours 25 min to reach Chennai.

Train From Bangalore to Chennai

Above is the list of trains running towards Chennai. Upon reaching Chennai you can avail the Ship run and managed by the shipping corporation of India to Andaman.

Distance by sea is 1362 Km. It takes 3 to 4 days from the mainland to reach Port Blair.

Chennai Port is the most well-known among all 3 ports (Kolkata and Vizag) with the most number of ships operating from Chennai. 


Trains from Bangalore to Kolkata

The Fastest train from Bangalore to Kolkata is HWH Humsafar. It takes 32 hours and 3 minutes to reach Kolkata.

As you cannot continue your train journey to Andaman, you need to sail through the cruise to Andaman from Kolkata port.

Reaching Kolkata from Bangalore is not recommended, however, if you have no other option then the above table can help you with the plan to reach Andaman from Bangalore.

Ship Operating From Mainland

Once you reach Chennai or Kolkata from Bangalore, you can board the ferry sailing to Port Blair the only entry point to Andaman. Here after you start exploring the different islands of andaman.

Ships from Chennai to Port Blair

Ships from Kolkata to Port Blair

Above is the chart depicting the ships that will be sailing from the mainland to Port Blair with different cabins available inside the ship.

Do We Need a Passport For Andaman?

Not if you are an Indian citizen. Book your flight, go ahead and enjoy your holiday. 

However, with regard to visiting certain tribal regions, you may need some specific permission. If you are visiting Baratang Island for a day visit then you will have to take a permit which is easily available upon reaching Andaman.

Explore the various things to do in Andaman Islands to get a fair idea about what you will do when you are in Andaman and the amount of time it may take you to explore all the places.

If you are looking forward to visit Andaman Islands for water sports activities then you will have to know that each water activity requires basic skills and medical conditions that needs to be known before starting any activity. Since, the Andaman Islands is famous for Scuba Diving you will have to give a medical clearance before indulging in diving in Andaman

Along with water sports if you want to enjoy the breathtaking coral reefs, and dense tropical forests then you must visit Neil island the vegetable bowl of Andaman. It’s famous for its natural rock formation which is a bridge-like structure of dead corals.

Neil Isalnd

So these are the possible options to travel to Andamans from Bangalore. But we would suggest going by flight as its time saving and can provide you with plenty of opportunities to explore the island in a much better way. Now you decide how you want to reach the destination.


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