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Elephant Beach Havelock Island, How To Visit in 2020

Think of doing water activities at Havelock means thinking of going towards Elephant beach. The Elephant beach offers more than just amazing views and natural sceneries, you can take part in various water sports activities or relax or just laze around.

Elephant Beach is one of the most distinctive beaches in the Andaman Islands. This stunning beach is situated in Havelock Island and it is the most visited beach in the Andaman Archipelago. Once upon a time, there were elephants on the islands they were spotted roaming around on the shores of the beach that is how the beach got its name. There was an elephant training camp close by back then but now there are no elephants that can be seen around the beach.

Surrounded by coconut and palm trees and sugary white sands the blue water beach attracts tourists in a large numbers annually. Elephant beach at Havelock Island is a neat and serene area with amazing views. The emerald green trees shed plenty of shadows where you can get shelter from the sun, you will find uprooted trees lying on the shore, these are the remains of the tsunami that hit the island in 2004. The beach is very famous for the variety of untouched corals and a rich marine life with diverse species. The coral reefs in this beach start a about a metre or two. A little deep into the sea you can spot vibrant corals and schools of colorful fish swimming around elegantly, must admit it is an amazing view!

Elephant Beach Havelock

How to reach?

The Elephant beach can be reached in two ways, one way is by taking a boat from the Havelock Island jetty to the beach and the other is by a trek. Most people prefer a boat ride to the Elephant beach.

By Boat:

You can take a fiber boat from the Havelock dock to reach the Elephant Beach which takes you just 20-30 minutes.

Daily hundreds of travelers move towards Elephant Beach to embark on the most memorable coral island trips. The boats are frequently available at certain time slots. This trip is difficult to be booked on the spot because the permits and boats are pre booked one day in advance. In addition, the slots may get missed. Make sure you have pre-planned to visit this place and get your boat tickets reserved in advance. Please note that on any given day only a limited number of boats can travel to Elephant Beach.

By Trekking:

You can ditch the boats and take the trekking trail to reach Elephant Beach. The path of woods is a beautiful one with lots of trees, birds, insects and reptiles too. People hardly opt for the trekking trail and go for the boat rides most of the time. The walk to the beach is an amazing feeling for trekking enthusiasts as you reach the shore; the view of the beach from between the trees is a stunning one. However, the trek option is not suggested if you are traveling with kids or elderly people who face difficulty in walking as the trekking trail is not very smooth for them.

NOTE: If you go by trek, the return has to be by trek only. So make sure you plan to trek only if you are comfortable to do so for both ways.

How the trip to Elephant Beach is conducted and Is snorkeling complimentary at Elephant beach Havelock Island?

Customers who have booked their trip are attended at the hotel and brought to the Havelock Island jetty from where boats to Elepant beach departs. The boat is ready by the time you reach Elephant beach and then you board the boat to Elephant beach. Experience Andamans team helps you throughout the process. The boat then reaches Elephant beach where you can sit, relax and swim. Snorkeling at Elephant beach can be availed by paying extra on the spot. Usually, the ticket contains your ride to the beach and return. Water activities to be done at Elephant beach can be pre booked as per customers convenience.

Uprooted Trees Elephant Beach

Elephant beach offers a variety of water sports and activities to you. If you are an adventure junkie then beef up and get ready to get into the amazing waters of this beach and peep through to see the amazing marine life hidden here. The various activities that can be done here are Sea Walking, Snorkeling, Glass Bottom Boat ride and Jet Ski ride. Please note Scuba Diving is not done at Elephant beach for beginners.
All these activities can be availed at the beach, you will be provided with all the essentials that are required for the particular sport you are indulging in. If you want a thrilling experience of the underwater marvel then you should try snorkeling and sea walking. You will get to explore the beautiful corals and the colorful fish and other aquatic creatures of the sea around you.
If you are not a fan of going underwater then you can go for glass bottom boat ride, Jet Ski or Banana Boat rides. Snorkeling used to be a complementary activity with the boat tickets to Elephant Beach. However, currently, Snorkeling is no more complementary in the beach as per the boat association’s Rules and Regulations. But you can purchase a session of snorkeling on reaching the island at reasonable pricing.

If you are someone who just wants to swim and bask in the sun you can just lie down on the shore after a swim or two and get soaked in some Vitamin D. Few shacks that sell snacks and refreshments, you can stop by and purchase something to eat or drink while you leisurely spend time on the beach. If you have come with your family then you can plan a wonderful seaside picnic and have a good time at the beach. The Elephant Beach is also a great place for some amazing photography, carry your camera kit and capture your happy moments and the stunning views of nature. There are eco-friendly changing rooms and washroom facilities available at the beach for the tourists; you can use these facilities during your visit.

The best time to visit Elephant Beach is between Septembers to May. Sometime between June and August the Elephant beach gets closed by administrative orders so that the island can revive and flourish itself away from human activity. This helps the island maintain itself in its purest and natural form. Cooperate with the nature, if unknowingly your travel falls between the periods when this island is closed (we don’t have any fixed date for that though- the closure depends on administrative orders), don’t worry! Our island experts will make sure you have visited a coral beach somewhere else in the Andamans, so that you are not left alone not seeing the rich corals of Andaman.

Havelock Island Light House

The best alternative (when allowed by administration) would be the nearby Light house beach which is a replica of Elephant Beach. It is just 15-20 minutes away from the Havelock harbor and has good platter of corals to serve you with. When Elephant Beach is closed the boats can be used to take you to the Light House Beach, wherein you can enjoy snorkeling, and other fun rides which are made available there by the activity providers.



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