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Radhanagar Beach - Havelock Island - How To Visit

Have you though of coming to Havelock? If yes, it means you already know what is Radhanagar Beach. We would still love tell you about Radhanagar in our words. Radhanagar Beach is considered the most excellent beach in the entire Andaman Islands and not that just we say this, it was ranked the 7th best beach in Asia in 2004. Even today, its one the best beaches in India.
The beach lies on the western coast of Swaraj Dweep (Havelock Island) that is away from the city’s hustle-bustle that makes it calm and a quiet place. The silky white sands stretched across the entire area with the thick trees around and the bluish-green waters offer a heavenly view. This beach will be on almost all the visitors’ lists as this is the most preferred and sorted beach on this island. The curvy shoreline and the gorgeous waters allure people into visiting this beach. And it has a lot more to offer.

Radhanagar Beach Havelock

There is a restaurant that is set up close to the beach and amenities such as eco changing rooms and washroom facilities are provided and these are well maintained. Sagarika, a Government shopping emporium is set out close to the beach for the tourists. The huge trees make a nice space to sit on and there is an eco watchtower on the beach to get a good view. The tower is not very high but you catch a glimpse of some nice views on that. Eco-friendly furniture made out of logs of old fallen trees, bamboo sit-outs and tables are set up on the shore. You can spot a few hammocks and swings for kids on the beach as well.

Do not miss out on this beach!

Here’s why you shouldn’t miss visiting this amazing beach. The Radhanagar beach has one of the most striking environments and the sunset view is mind-blowing. You can admire the beauty of the sun as it hides away on the horizon and the changing color tones of the skies is a breathtaking view that will amaze you! There is a short watch tower kind of structure built right on the beach which lets you take some aerial pictures of the place.

During the day, you can visit this sugary white sand beach for swimming or basking under the sun. The waves are pretty bumpy if you are a good swimmer you can take a few dips here or you can just play in waters as the waves keep you moving. Safe zones are made and are covered by nets for swimming. Lifeguards are available for supervision and guidance.

This beautiful beach is one of the best beaches in Asia and has received numerous accolades. Radhanagar Beach won the title of ‘Asia’s Best Beach’ by TIMES magazine in the year 2004. It was also featured among the top 10 in TripAdvisor’s “World’s Travelers’ Choice Award-Winning Beaches.” Radhanagar Beach has secured the No. 8 position in the world and first spot in Asia. The clean blue-green water, the white silky sands and the beautiful white froth of the waves softly embracing the shoreline make the beach an area that must be visited. So, while you are on your visit to the Andamans do not miss the mini paradise in Swaraj Dweep. Get on to this beach and experience the beauty of this one of a kind beach and the take back home some fond memories.

The Honeymooner’s Paradise:

The serenity and tranquility of Radhanagar beach is loved by the newlywed couples who visit the island for their honeymoon. The charm and the incredible views of the beach emit romantic vibes which allures the honeymooners to this place. The Radhanagar beach has a spectacular surrounding that is a perfect place to capture some great pictures. You can have an amazing photo shoot at the beach. We have our team of Professional photographers who make sure to provide you with some perfect clicks of your visit to this place; you can hire them to take a romantic photo-shoot of you and your loved one.

Want to stay near this beach?

If you want to stay near the beach few properties are available. The Taj and Barefoot provides you the best experience of Radhanagar beach. (The price here ranges from 10,000+) NOTE: You are not allowed to swim at Radhanagar post sunset.

Best time to visit the beach

The best time to visit the beach is from 2 PM until sunset. You can visit the beach around this time to get the perfect sunshine for sunbathing or for basking on the shore. You can stay until the sunset to witness the stunning view of the beach as the sun sets slowly.

Must try stuff at Radhanagar?

Here at Radhanagar, there is some amazing stuff that you got to try and that is food! Yes, this place has some lip-smacking food that is available all around the place. You must go for the yummy coconut water and fruit salads at the local shacks. If you have a craze for seafood then you can have a good lunch at a seafood restaurant nearby. Tasty bhels and chaats are the main attraction among all the street foods that is available. Treat yourself to all the tasty food that is around and enjoy.

Do Not Litter:

The Andaman Islands is a very clean and well-maintained region. The islands are kept neat and tidy and it does not encourage littering garbage in public places. Once you have emptied your food or water bottles do not throw it away in the open environment, find a dustbin and discard the waste in it. Wherever you are at the islands do not throw away the remains of your food or any disposable items on the beach or the roads. It is considered very offensive to litter the public places in the islands.

How to reach?

Radhanagar Beach is about 20-25 minutes away from the Havelock harbor. You can take a cab to the beach. If you are traveling with us, we do not miss to take you to this paradise as a part of our itinerary. Refer Andaman Packages for details.

To conclude, this beach is loved by people of all ages. From elderly people to small kids everyone will enjoy their time here to the fullest. Radhanagar beach keeps everyone entertained and occupied. You can relax, play, swim or just lazily lie on the sand have a peaceful time. We all need some time to escape reality and spend ample of hours in solace and tranquility. So when you are here in Andamans make a stop at Radhanagar beach and forget it never.



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