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Chidia Tapu Andaman Islands and Munda Pahad

Chidiyatapu is one of the most popular tourist attractions to visit in Port Blair. This attraction is located in the southernmost tip of the South Andaman region. As the name itself states, Chidya-Tapu (meaning Bird Island) this place is home to a bunch of birds of different species and is a paradise for birdwatchers. You can spot migratory birds and the native birds of Andamans flying about in the skies beautifully. Chidiyatapu is not only famous for the beautiful birds but also for the amazing trekking trail and the magnificent sunset view as well. The prime attractions here are the Chidiyatapu Biological Park, Mundapahad and Chidiyatapu Beach.
You will cross the Chidiyatapu Sunset views point first to reach the Chidiyatapu Biological Park and then finally reach the beautifully set up beach ideal for a picnics and spending good cool time even during the sun is over head.

How to reach Chidia tapu?

Chidiyatapu is located 32 km away from the city and can be accessed via road by hiring a cab or a taxi. The tourists are advised to wear comfortable clothing and proper footwear for trekking and do not forget to carry sunscreens and insect repellent creams. Pack some snacks and drinking water in plenty along with you as there are no food stalls or hotels in this area. There is a small food stall near the entrance you can pick some refreshments from there if you prefer.

Why is this destination so popular?

This is why: Chidiyatapu Beach is the spot where you can catch sight of one of the most stunning sunset ever! The beach still has the remains of the trees that were uprooted during the 2004 Tsunami on the shore. The coastline is amazing and beautiful during the sunset, the changing sky colors are a visual treat. One must not miss the view of the sun as it goes down and hides away behind the hills, do not forget to capture a picture or two of this beautiful view.

The Chidiyatapu is also considered as the Bird Watcher’s dream destination because of the variety of birds that live there in their natural habitat. The colorful birds that fly around in this area is a wonderful sight, do not forget to carry your binoculars and cameras as it is one of the most stunning scenes.

The Chidiyatapu Biological Park also known as a mini-zoo was established for the conservation of endemic and endangered animals found in the Andaman Islands. The lush green forest cover has animals such as saltwater crocodiles, Andaman pigs and other rare animals found in the islands. The biological park aims in educating the visitors about the unique richness of the flora and fauna that dwells in this place and their part in the island’s ecosystem. This park is also a center for scientific studies about animal behavior and breeding. There are washroom facilities available in this park.

This place is home to pretty seashells, you can find different types and sizes of seashells in this area and those who like seeing seashells will definitely love the Chidiyatapu beach. However, you are not allowed to carry these Sea Shells in your flight luggage. You can closely look at these natural show-pieces and drop them back in the same place so that your precedent travelers also get a chance to admire these tiny charms. You can opt to purchase some of them from the local souvenir shops and take proper bills and receipts showing these bills in the airport while baggage check in will enable you carry these pretty sea side gems with you and flaunt them back in your home.

The ferry point to board ferries to Cinque Islands is here in Chidiyatapu; those who want to take a trip to the Cinque islands can board a private charter at this spot. The game fishing trips also begin at this point as the boat sails to the Cinque Islands and the passengers taking up the fishing activity and meet various fishes during the trip.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling is possible here. Those who wish to take part in the activity can do so by hiring a private charter. Unfortunately, the beginners' dive is not allowed in these waters. Only advanced Scuba Diving takes place in these reefs and currently professional/certified divers are permitted to dive as per government regulations.

Trek lovers have opportunity of indulging in their activity of interest. The trek to Mundapahad begins from the shore of Chidiyatapu beach. The trekking trail passes through the thick forest and a beautiful coastline to reach Mundapahad, explore and enjoy the wilderness of the jungle. You can spot different kinds of flora and fauna, scenic views do not miss out on all these details. Upon reaching Mundapahad, you will spot an elongated black cliff at the edge of Chidiyatapu and an open seascape on the other side. It is a spectacular view and this area is locally known as “the suicide point”.

Chidiyatapu is also known as the “Bird Island” and “Sunset Point” is an amazing attraction. It offers you a beautiful sunset and a thrilling trek experience that you will cherish forever.

Best time to visit this place

There is no bad time to visit any of the beaches of Andaman as they look pretty and extensively beautiful in each of the seasons. But if you are going there for the Sunset view, which is the most common and worthy reason of visiting the mentioned, it is suggested that you reach their before 3 pm on a bright day and enjoy the nearby beach and the Biological park before you stand witnessing the beautiful moment of the sunset. Since we fall in the eastern time zone, so the sunrise and sunset in Andamans are earlier than usual in other places of India. The sunset generally occurs between 05:30 pm IST to 05:45 pm IST.

Tours available at Chidiatapu

Ross Island and Chidiyatapu Sunset Trip
Half Day City Tour and Chidiatapu Sunset
Trekking Tour in Chidiyatapu
Trip to Rutland Island From Chidiatapu
Trip to Cinque Island From Chidiatapu

Travellers can plan any of the above mentioned tours to experience the beauty of Chidiatapu. For Photographers, Couples and Family we surely recommend this destination. For honeymoon couples this is a must visit destination, make sure your honeymoon package is customized so as to accommodate Chidiatapu sunset.

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