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Kalapathar Beach Havelock Island - How To Visit & Things to Do

The Kalapathar Beach is a small quaint beach in the Kalapathar Village, Swaraj Dweep. It is a beautiful beach with silky golden sands, blue waters, and lush green trees around. This beach is not a very popular destination and is secluded most of the time because there are no water sport activities that are available here. The way towards the beach is a very beautiful one; you can catch glimpses of the stunning coastline. The beach goes just by its name numerous black rocks are present inside the water and on the shore as well.

The black rocks are the reason why swimming is prohibited on this beach. This is the beach is just the right place to relax and spend some time with nature as this place is not at all crowded. The remains of the trees that were uprooted during the 2004 tsunami are still scattered on the shore making the beach even more attractive.

You can take tiny strolls or long soulful walks along the shore and enjoy the marvelous view of the beach. You can carry hammocks and tie it around the trees lay on it and enjoy the sight of the foamy waves coming forward and retreating to the sea.

Since water sport activities aren’t available here it makes the beach less populated but water sports are not only what you come to Andaman for. Take a break from the ordinary and go spend some time alone staring at the tides and breathing in some fresh air away from the pollution and population.

How to reach?

The ride to the beach is about 15 to 20 minutes from the harbor and the Havelock marketplace. You can take either a boat or hire a cab to go to the beach.

Want to stay near this beach?

There are some properties where you can stay on the way towards Kalapathar Beach and they are Blue island beach resort, Silver Sand resort, Emerald Gecko, Flying Elephant etc.

Best time of the day to visit?

Since Kalapathar beach is a sunrise point, the best time to visit it is before 5 AM. If you just want to chill in this place for a picnic or relax for a while you can visit it anytime during the day. It is a good place to spend the layover time between your hotel check-out and the ferry boarding. 

Must try when you are in Kalapathar Beach?

We suggest that you must try the fresh coconut water and fruit salads that are available at the local shacks. Try the delicious bhels and chaats here they are the best street food in this area.  

Do Not Litter:

The Andaman Islands is a very clean and well-maintained region. The islands are kept neat and tidy and it does not encourage littering garbage in public places. Once you have emptied your food or water bottles do not throw it away in the open environment, find a dustbin and discard the waste in it. Wherever you are at the islands do not throw away the remains of your food or any disposable items on the beach or the roads. It is considered very offensive to litter the public places in the islands.

The beach is less crowded making it the best place for those who love peace and tranquility. Even though it is hardly visited by many it stands out in terms of nature and solitude. You can just go there to relax with your loved ones and have some local food nearby and get back after absorbing the beauty it has to offer. Enjoy the stunning scenic views of the beach and carry home great memories.



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