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Port Blair Travel Guide and Information 2019

Port Blair is the capital town of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a union territory located in the Bay of Bengal, India. The islands has gained popularity among the folks of India and International nationality. The tourism and its related activities are there only in Andamans. Nicobar is part of these islands but however it is a tribal restricted area and hence is not allowed for Tourist visits.

In this article we have brought to you an introduction and detailing on the capital town of A & N Islands- the Port Blair. It is the gateway to the entire island and it can be accessed by air and sea. You can find more detailing on reaching this island in our “How to reach” segment.

Port Blair Island City Andaman

“Port Blair” got its name from the Bombay Marine lieutenant Archibald Blair who discovered this place. The city does not have all the facilities that are available in mainland India, but still it is the life line of the entire group of islands. People from all the corners in this island are dependent on the capital town for the urban facilities- at least for the reason that the services or commodities brought in as imports from mainland India, is easily available here.

The city offers great amenities for the tourists. Tourist friendly accommodations are located near the Phoenix Bay and restaurants, local food joints and hotels near the Aberdeen Bazaar and Junglighat. People from all cultures and traditions from around mainland India live in Port Blair making it a ‘Mini India’. Cuisines of all kinds are available here, Port Blair has a wide variety of choices for restaurants and all of which are situated in and around the major locations of the city.

Boats in Port Blair

Port Blair is the lifeline of the Andaman Islands because it is the most prominent city which is connected to all the other islands in the territory. Almost all the services and facilities available in mainland India can be found in Port Blair. The only drawback the city has is the lack of super-fast internet, as of now, 3G is the only fastest connection that is available that too only in certain hotspot area.

Port Blair has several attractions for tourists such as museum visits, historical tours, adventurous water sports, extraordinary boat rides, strolls at parks and shopping.

History Of Port Blair, Andaman Islands

Port Blair History

Andaman and Nicobar Islands were first inhabited by the tribal people of the islands, the archaeological evidence dates back to 2200 years. Andamanese people may have been isolated from other populations during the Middle Paleolithic, which ended 30,000 years ago. Since that time, the Andamanese have diversified into linguistically and culturally distinct, territorial groups. This history of the island isn’t a pleasant one, it was a sorrowful one where the innocent people were tortured and killed mercilessly. There are a total of 6 tribes still dwelling in the islands and they do not come in contact with the rest of the world.

The famous Battle of Aberdeen took place in Port Blair that was fought between the native Andamanese and the British. The islands were captured by the Marathas and the Cholas for a while before the British took control over the islands and exercised their rule on the islands until independence. The Japanese too has occupied the island forcefully during World War II and moved out later.

Post-independence in 1947 the beautiful islands were formed into a union territory of India and Port Blair was made the capital of Andaman and Nicobar Islands of them officially. Slowly people from all over India began settling down in the islands and start living there and the tribal people moved to the remotest areas of the island avoiding the contact of the other people. People from Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, etc, have moved down to the islands. The people on the island live together in peace and harmony without any discrimination based on caste, religion or language. The tourism industry in the beautiful has developed well over the years.

The Veer Savarkar Airport was built in 2005 which made accessibility to the island quicker and easier. Earlier Port Blair was a place of horror for the Indians now it is the beautiful city in one of the most amazing islands in Asia. Now the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a perfect holiday spot for a lot of people, the island that was once horrifying is now a historical center and a serene island for a great vacation.

Climate and Weather

Roads in Port Blair

The climate in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a warm tropical climate which is why the weather is pleasant most of the time. It has a humid weather and no winter season, the monsoon lasts up to 180 days and the rainfall varies from medium to heavy. The Monsoon sets in towards the end of May. There is no fury of hot summer or the chilling winter, nor water clogging or traffic jams due to monsoon. For those who want to enjoy nature, beaches, sightseeing and a pleasant holiday, throughout the year it’s a good season for vacation. The mean temperature ranges from 25-27°C.

How to Reach Port Blair?

The capital city of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Port Blair can be reached by air and sea. There are flights and ships available from different points in mainland India.

By Flights:

For travelers visiting for a fixed duration/on a planned holiday, flights are the only suggested option to reach these islands. An approximate distance of 1300 Kms from Mainland India to the island by air, in a non-stop flight, is covered in 2.5 Hrs maximum.

Airlines such as Air India, Spicejet, Vistara, Go Air, and Indigo fly to Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Direct flights are operating from Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata. Flights from Mumbai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad are operational during the season time by Go Air/Indigo. Please check the official website of the airlines to know more about the flights to Port Blair (IXZ)

Currently, there are no evening flights available that is post-sunset, the first flight takes off at around 7 AM and the last flight of the day around 4 PM.

By Ships:

Ships in Port Blair

Andaman Islands can be reached by sea as well; some ships are available to the islands. The major ports which have ships that sail to Andamans are Chennai, Kolkata, and Vizag. There are government-operated ship services that can be availed. The tickets for the ships can be booked through the Directorate of Shipping/ Shipping Corporation of the concerned ports. If the weather is clear the journey usually takes up to 2.5-3 days to reach the Andaman Islands. The frequency of sailing to and fro from Kolkata is usually once or twice in a month, in Chennai and Vizag it is just a single sailing per month. (And all the journeys depend on the weather conditions.)

We always recommend the tourists to take flights to Andaman Islands as it is time-saving and convenient. Ships can also be taken to the islands if the tourists are coming on a long vacation it will be a different experience to sail, we usually do not suggest ship journeys due to the long journey and weather conditions that might become an issue during the journey.

How to reach other islands from Port Blair?

Port Blair is the only point from where all the other islands in Andamans can be accessed and there are various ferries, boats, and available cruises. Transfers from Port Blair to Havelock Island and the other islands are possible through the following ways:

Government ferries:

Regular government ferry services are available from Port Blair to almost all the major islands. The sailing schedule for these ferries is published in the Administration's News Paper i.e. The Daily Telegrams and Dweep Samachar or on the official website. But the ticket booking has to be done offline at the STARS counters in the Phoenix Bay harbor or from the government authorized Common Service Centers nearby. The tickets have to be booked three days before departure or on the day of sailing due to the high demand.

Private ferry:

There are private luxurious cruises that carry out from Port Blair’s Phoenix Bay Harbor & Haddo Wharf for Swaraj Dweep (Havelock) & Shaheed Dweep (Neil) daily. These cruises mention their sailing schedules and offer pre-booking facilities of tickets on their respective websites which makes the transfers definite well in advance. The cruise operators to these islands are Makruzz, Sea Link Cruise, Green Ocean Cruise, and ITT Majestic.

By Road:

The islands in the North Andamans are half-way connected via road and private car rentals are available for hire in Port Blair.

Cab Service in Andaman

Entry Formalities

Foreign Nationals

All the foreign nationals/ NRIs / OCI Card Holders have to mandatorily produce their original passport copies at the immigration counter on reaching the Port Blair airport or Sea Port for verification. All the foreign nationals require a permit (RAP - Restricted Area Permit) to visit the Andaman Islands, which is easily available on arrival at Port Blair by flight or ship from the Immigration Authorities for 30 days subject to availability of valid visa. Currently, the compulsion of RAP has been removed from 30 Islands. Details of the same can be referred to on the official website of Andaman Tourism.

Indian Nationals

Passport is not required for the Indian Nationals to visit Andamans. A valid ID proof issued by competent authorities is required. PAN Card is not accepted as an ID proof. No specific permit is required for the Indian Nationals to visit these islands, however, entering the tribal areas that are restricted are strictly prohibited. To enter the areas occupied by Defense/ Paramilitary forces and any other sensitive areas require proper permissions from the authorized agencies.

Islands and Beaches in Port Blair

Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Island (Earlier Known as Ross Island):

Netaji subhash chandra bose island Andaman

Ross Island was the first administrative settlement of the British in the Andaman Islands, the ruins of which is currently present for a visit. You can spot the Japanese bunkers and cannons during their occupancy, also birds and deer can be found roaming around the islands. This island offers scenic views to its visitors. It is a great place for nature photography. There is a light and sound show that will be displayed in the evenings for the tourists depicting the history and struggles of the island during the pre-independent era. The boat leaves from Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex to reach Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Island, both the entry tickets and the boat tickets to the island are to be booked in advance. Boats timings are from 08:30 AM to 10:00 AM and the island is closed on Wednesdays.

North Bay Island:

North Bay Island Andaman

North Bay Island is known for the amazing water activities that it offers. The boat to North Bay should be boarded at the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex. Normally the boats cover Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Island and North Bay Island together as a full day trip. But chartered boats are available for visiting these islands individually. North Bay Island has a variety of food joints available for snacks and lunch for the tourists also have proper facilities for changing and washrooms. This island offers the coral safari in a semi-submarine which is one of a kind and which is available only here. The ferry tickets and the entry tickets should be pre-purchased. Boat timings are from 08:30 AM to 10:00 AM and the island is closed on Wednesdays. Activities the island offers are Scuba Diving, Sea Walking, Snorkeling, Glass bottom boat rides, Andaman Dolphin, Semi Submarine Ride, etc.

Corbyn's Cove Beach:

Carbyns cove beach Port Blair

Corbyn’s Cove is the closest beach to the city. The crescent-shaped coconut palm-fringed beach is ideal for swimming, sunbathing and relaxing. Activities such as Jet Ski and speed boat rides can be done here. There is a small hotel where refreshments are available, you can grab some snacks here and relax by the beach. The beach is open on all days and no entry tickets are required. It is just 8 KM from the center of the city and can be reached via road.

Chidiyatapu: The Chidiyatapu Beach at Port Blair is about 32kms away from the city and can be reached via road by hiring a cab. This is a perfect spot for bird watching, trekking, and a perfect sunset viewpoint. You can trek to the Mundapahad for some adventure and it is a great place for photography of the birds or the amazing landscape. This place is open on all days but is closed after sunset and entry tickets are not required.

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park:

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

This park is a cluster of about 15 islands. The famous Jolly Buoy and the Red Skin Island are a part of this cluster. Located at Wandoor, 27 Kms from Port Blair, this park speaks volumes of the marine life at these islands. These islands are untouched and undisturbed which makes it one of the most pristine islands in Andamans. The corals in this region are attractive and beautiful; the famous glass-bottom boat rides can be availed to have a look at the amazing corals and the rich marine life. The ferries to Jolly Buoy Island and Red Skin island leaves from the jetty at this Park. The Jolly Buoy & Red Skin Islands are kept open for tourist visits alternatively for six months each for the restoration of the corals. Entry tickets, ferry tickets & permits are needed to be booked in advance. The islands are closed on Mondays and the island opens from 6 AM to 2 PM. To reach the island you need to go to the Wandoor Jetty via road and take a 30 minutes ferry from there to the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park.

Museums in Port Blair

Museums in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Chatham Saw Mill: The Chatham Government Saw Mill established in 1883 is one of the oldest and the largest sawmill in Asia. It has a museum inside the mill which exhibits several decorative Padauks, Marble, Peauma, Gurjan, Satin Wood and wooden furniture, etc. The mill is open from 8 AM to 2 PM and is closed on Sundays. It can be reached via road from Port Blair to Chatham Island.

Cellular Jail: The Cellular Jail earlier known as Kalapani was built by the British in the late 18th century to imprison the Indian freedom fighters. It now stands as a national memorial and shows how the freedom fighters were brutally tortured and the sufferings they had endured. The jail was constructed as a seven wing prison and had a total of 663 cells with one prisoner in each cell. Today, the jail has just three wings others were damaged and destroyed at various times. The jail today stands as a mute testimony of the barbarous treatment the Indians underwent when they were fighting for their rights. A light and sound show about the agony of the Indian freedom fighters will be displayed to the visitors, which will give them chills as they see how the Indians were treated during the pre-independence period. The museum timings are from 09:00 AM to 01:00 PM & 02:00 PM to 05:00 PM (entry closes at 04:00pm) and the show timings are 05:15 PM, 06:20 PM, 07:25 PM. The light and sound show is displayed in Hindi and English Languages. The jail is closed on Mondays (except if there are permissions from the government to keep it open on all days due to tourist flow) and is located in the Atlanta Point.

Cellular Jail Andaman Islands

Zonal Anthropological Museum: This anthropological center was established in the year 1975, it all about the life and culture and of the native Andaman tribes. The museum showcases the tools, clothes, handicrafts, art & crafts, pictures, and the other tribal items on display for the tourists. It gives the information about all the 6 tribes who have inhabited this island ages ago and how they still live with little or no contact with the rest of the world. Since there is not much exposure to the tribal areas of Andamans and if you want to know more about the Andaman tribes this is the perfect place to know about their lives and history. The museum timings are from 09:00 AM to 01:00 PM & 01:30 PM to 04:30 PM and the (entry closes at 04:00 PM) and it is kept closed on Mondays & Government holidays.

Fisheries Museum: The fisheries museum hosts 350 species of marine life. It showcases specimens of various aquatic creatures from small fishes to big sharks and whales. A variety of shells, corals and skeletal remains of marine creatures are displayed at the museum. The remains and samples are preserved in glass and chemicals and it is advisable not to touch any of the items displayed in the museum. The museum is open from 09:00 AM to 01:00 PM & 02:00 PM to 04:45 PM and the entry closes at 04:00 PM It is closed on all Mondays and is located near the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex.

Samudrika Naval Marine Museum: This museum has a wide collection of shells, fossils, corals and a few species of colorful fishes of the sea around the islands. It is run by the Indian Navy and has five galleries concerning the history, geography, marine life and the anthropology of the Andaman Island. The museum is open from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM and the entry closes at 04:00 PM, the museum is closed on Mondays and is located in Haddo.

Kalapani Museum: This is a privately owned museum. This museum has exhibits exploring the history of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands through photos, paintings & models. A short film on Veer Savarkar is shown at the end of the museum tour. The museum shows the history of the British Rule and the Japanese occupancy during World War II. It is open from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM and is open every day.

Science Center: The Science Centre has many exhibits fostering an environment of fun-filled learning, with a playground with little slides and swings within its compound. A place suitable to keep school going children fascinated. The center displays scientific facts in a modern way which is will be fun to watch. The museum is open from 10 AM to 5.30 PM and is closed on Mondays. It is situated in the Good Will Estate, on the way to Corbyn’s Cove Beach. Find the list of all museums in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Children Park and National Parks To Be Visited in Port Blair

Gandhi Park: Gandhi Park can be visited for a nature walk. It is located in the heart of the city and also hosts a Japanese bunker. The park has a statue of Mahatma Gandhi at the center. It is a great place for relaxation and short strolls around the beautiful scenic views.

Jogger’s Park: Offering a beautiful panoramic view, the jogger’s path is at one of the highest points of Port Blair. The beauty of this park is enhanced in multiple folds during the evening. It is one of the cleanest parks in Port Blair and the park offers an amazing view of the runway of Veer Savarkar Airport. The flight taking off can be sighted from here and it is another nice view.

Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex (Marina Park):

Rajiv Gandhi Water sports complex Port Blair

The Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex also known as Marina Park is the one-stop destination for water sport activities which can be availed in North Bay. Surrounded by the sea, this park is a perfect place to relax, walk or jog. The park has a great view of the open seascape on one side trees on the other; it is an ideal place to visit during the evenings to take tiny strolls or to spend some quality time with your family. Also, this park gives a direct view of the Netaji Subash Chandra Bose (Ross) Island. The boats to North Bay and Ross Islands are available here.

Mount Harriet forest national park : Mount Harriet is the highest peak in the South Andaman archipelago and the 2nd highest in Andaman & Nicobar Islands. It is stationed at 55 km by road and 15 km by ferry from Port Blair. Mount Harriet was named after British soldier Robert Christopher Tytler’s wife Harriet. It has a variety of flora and fauna and Port Blair can be spotted from the peak of this mount. And it offers a nice trekking trail for trekkers in Andaman.

Chatham Saw Mill Port Blair

Things to Do Post Sunset in Port Blair

Andaman is a land of early sunrise and sunset. The days start and end early in Andamans, most of the sightseeing areas close by 6-6.30 PM; nightlife is not that prevalent in the islands so there are not many options for night-outs.
But the life in Port Blair is still alive after the sun goes down. It’s not as boring as you think. You can still explore it in many ways.

Cellular Jail Light and Sound Show : This is arranged at the Cellular Jail premises. It shows the struggles that the freedom fighters underwent during the pre-independent times with colorful lights and music. Tickets can be booked online on Government Website or can be booked at the counter near the gate after arriving. (Tickets are subjected to availability) The show timings are as follows 05:15 PM, 06:20 PM, and 07:25 PM. And it is available in Hindi on all days & in English versions on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Light and Sound Show at Netaji Subash Chandra Bose (Ross) Island : A Light and Sound Show can be witnessed in Ross Island as well. Online tickets for the light and sound show at Ross Island can be booked at Government Website for ticket booking. However tickets for Light & Sound Show does not include boat tickets to reach the island. The boat tickets have to be purchased offline from Aberdeen Jetty. Hard copy or soft copy of the light and sound show tickets are required while purchasing the boat tickets. The boat timings for the evening are at 3 PM from Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex. The show commences at 5.30 PM and it is available in Hindi and English.

TSG Bella Bay – The Dinner Cruise : It’s a luxury dinner cruise created for enjoying delicious food while enjoying live music of local bands and sailing around the open sea of Port Blair. After completing the day tours tourists can opt for this fancy cruise for dinner. The cruise timings are 07:00 pm from Junglighat. The duration of this dinner cruise will take up to 2.5 hours.

Local Restaurants or Shopping : The tourists can take a walk from their stay and explore the local restaurants and other food joints. There are different kinds of hotels offering almost all types of cuisine you can choose one place and enjoy your dinner.
Shopping in Andaman is another option where you can walk up to local shops and purchase souvenirs for your loved ones.

Shopping In Port Blair

Things of interest to purchase: Cane products, Miniature Nicobari Canoes, Palm Floor, and other artifacts/ handicrafts made from Shells, wood, Mirror & Pearl, etc. These are handcrafted items made by the artisans of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands that are sold in the shops. Best places to pick from:

Best places to pick from:

  • Sagarika Emporium is a government cottage industry that sells handcrafted items made from shells and coconuts etc. It is a perfect place to pick some souvenirs from Andamans. It is open from 08:45 AM to 06:45 PM and is closed on Sundays.
  • Craft shopping at Junglighat is another option. It is open from 8.30 AM to 7.30 PM and is open every day.
  • Shell Craft showroom at Middle Point is a place where you can purchase handmade shell accessories, jewelry, and other items. The shop is opened from 8.30 AM to 7.30 PM and is open every day.

Activities in Port Blair

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  • Coral Safari Semi Submarine at North Bay Island - More Info
  • Andaman Dolphin Glass-bottom Boat ride at North Bay Island - More Info
  • Jet Ski Ride at North Bay Island & Corbyn’s Cove Beach - More Info
  • Parasailing at Corbyn’s Cove Beach - More Info
  • Glass Bottom Boat ride at North Bay and Jolly Buoy Island - More Info
  • Trekking at Mundapahad & Mt. Harriet - More Info
  • Bird Watching at Chidiyatapu - More Info
  • Game Fishing at nearby Islands from Port Blair - More Info

Top Hotels and Locations to Stay In Port Blair

Port Blair has a wide range of accommodation options located at various locations and corners. But it is always suggested that you choose to stay close to the prime locations of the city such as the Phoenix Bay, Junglighat and Aberdeen Bazaar. Numerous properties are offering great accommodation at Port Blair with good services. The hotels and resorts in Port Blair fall under different categories for all kinds of tourists, whether it is a luxury hotel or a pocket-friendly hotel you can find properties as per your budget in this city.

Without a doubt when you are choosing our Island experts for suggesting you the properties to suit you, stay assured that they understand what suits your budget and requirements and provides you with the handpicked experience. All the properties offering accommodations in Port Blair have the basic amenities and services for the tourists. From simple elegant rooms to big luxury rooms all are available in Port Blair.

The properties are all located in and around the prime locations of the city, and also some properties are closer to the airport. While planning for Andamans, you cannot expect Star certified hotels/ resorts. As on date, except Taj Exotica, no other property has a star certification. They are categorized based on the cost, the services they provide and the interiors and amenities they have. Namely the categories we offer are Economy, Standard, Premium and so on. In this section, we are giving you some details on the categories we provide.

Room services are available for all the categories except for the economic category. Most of the hotels have restaurants inside the properties itself and the guests can have a meal there if they prefer. The ambiance of the property differs based on the location the property is situated. The different categories of hotels that are available in Port Blair are:

Economy: These categories of rooms are for people who want comfortable rooms at lesser price. The economy hotels are best for backpackers or any traveler who want to just spend the nights in a hygienic and average room after full day tours. These kinds of rooms usually have one large bed or two separate beds, and these rooms are light on the pockets.

Standard: These hotel rooms provide the required comfort and service that one may need after a tiring day of sightseeing. They are mostly considered to be 2-star facility properties. The rooms are slightly bigger and wider compared to the economy rooms. Find the best places to stay in Andaman Islands

Premium: Premium properties are those properties that offer quite big rooms with certain options such as larger rooms, rooms with better views, attached balcony, sea-facing, and corner rooms, etc. They are a little expensive compared to the above categories.

Deluxe: The deluxe category in Port Blair offers spacious rooms with good furniture, high ceilings, and modern amenities. The cots are available in large sizes and the bathroom has separate spaces for shower and toilet. Guests who are willing to spend a little more out of the budget for better comfort can opt for the deluxe category. We have recently come up with an upgrading option for the Deluxe range customers- The Deluxe Plus.

Deluxe Delight: The deluxe delight category is expensive than the Deluxe ones, yet offers great services; all the modern amenities are available. These properties are usually bigger and located by the beach or sea for a great view. The bathrooms are very spacious and there are toiletries provided also in certain properties one can get the luxury amenities like bathtubs, swimming pools, etc. The rooms are very comfortable and spacious and people with a slightly expandable budget can go for this category of rooms.

Luxury and Elite: These are the highest category of hotels and resorts available for our customers who prefer 4-star facilities and these properties are relatively expensive than the general 4-star properties you’d find in mainland India. Some of these range of properties are located near the sea for the sea view and offer all the modern amenities, swimming pools are also available. The rooms and bathrooms have luxury interiors, polished furniture, and large comfortable beds, in some of the properties, the balconies provide a soothing experience to the guests. Based on one’s taste, the travelers can opt for these properties for a luxurious experience. Refer to all the luxury properties in Andaman Islands.

Restaurants in Port Blair

Sea Food restaurant in Port Blair

There are a wide variety of restaurants offering different types of cuisines to the people; you can give your palate a treat. Seafood lovers this is a delight for you all from various fish, crabs, prawn and lobsters even the red snapper is available at the restaurants. There are several restaurants, tiny food joints, street food stalls and local eateries in Port Blair that are all situated near the major locations of the city.

Pure Vegetarian: Several restaurants offer pure vegetarian foods and the Jain food as well for the vegetarians. Both north and south Indian cuisine will be available for you even if you are a pure vegetarian.

Multi-Cuisine Restaurants: The multi-cuisine restaurants offer different kinds of food both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. All the meals are available and best for people who prefer more food options can go to a restaurant like this.

Seafood: Seafood lovers can hit up to restaurants that are famous for the seafood dishes. There are a wide variety of dishes that are available like fish, crabs, and prawn, etc. Seafood lover or not, if you are a Non-vegetarian, we recommend you try the seafood dishes from Andamans at least once during your trip.

Chinese: Chinese cuisine restaurants are also available for those who prefer Chinese delicacies.

Fast-food: The fast-food joints are a must-try for a snack while relaxing.

Bengali Cuisine: There restaurants that offer typical Bengali foods and sweets.

Cafes: There are quite a few cafes in Port Blair that offer ice cream, snacks, sandwiches, and coffee, etc. You can stop by at a café to grab a bite or a drink and relax for some time.

Beauty, Health and Wellness

There are various centers for beauty, health, and wellness. Just like any other city in mainland India Port Blair has spas, salons, gyms, fitness and wellness studios, and yoga centers. Visitors can make use of these facilities if required during their tour. Among branded salon currently only Lakme has a branded salon in Port Blair.



Other Islands and Attractions in Andaman

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