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Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex, Port Blair, South Andaman Islands

The Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex is located in the city of Port Blair and is the closest area for water sport activities in the city. This complex is approximately 2 km in size and it has a park as well for relaxation and other health/wellness activities such as jogging and yoga etc. The complex has two entrances one is the main entrance to the jetty and the other is in Marina Park. This place is suitable for all age groups and is ideal for families as it has a combination of various options such as water sports suitable for kids and adults play area for children, space for relaxing and jogging.

This complex holds the monument of the Battle of Aberdeen which was fought between the British and the people of Andamans in 1859. Also, there is a statue of Rajiv Gandhi in the middle of the two pathways.

This complex is the ferry point to head towards North Bay Coral Island and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose (Ross) Island. You can enter through the main gate and take a walk to the jetty for boarding the boats. The Ross Island can be sighted from the complex as it is pretty close by.

Rajiv Gandhi Water sports complex Port Blair

The manner in which the complex is constructed is great for taking casual walks or jogging. The view of the open sea space is amazing while relaxing or taking a walk and do not mistake it for a beach. Visitors can grab some snacks from the small shops around and spend some quality time with their family in this seaside park surrounded by lush greenery. The best time to visit this complex cum park is after 3 PM when the sun hides away and the weather is cool for the visitors to go around and enjoy the place.

Water sports complex Andaman Islands

Water Activities that can be done at this complex (Briefed in short) :

Jet Ski:

It is an adventurous water ride that is done with a mini jet-like vehicle that gives the rider a feeling of riding a bike on water. Go and experience jet skiing among the waves as it is an amazing activity that must be tried. Tourists aged 10 to 55 can take this ride.

Speed Boat Ride:

These speed boat rides offer the most thrilling experiences of all time. These adventurous rides take on the fierce waters on a super-fast speed which is awesome and feel the sea breeze on your face as you enjoy this amazing ride. Tourists aged 10 to 55 can take this ride.

Banana Boat Rides:

These rides are taken on a banana-shaped air-inflated boat that is tied to a speed boat. Six people can take this ride at once; the riders will be seated on the boats with the lifejackets on. Once the ride starts and the speed boat starts moving across the sea, the boat flips and throws the riders into the water and the rides try to get on to the boat again and this continues till the end of the trip. Tourists aged 10 to 55 can take this ride.

Semi Submarine Coral Safari:

The Semi Submarine Coral Safari is one of a kind and is available only the North Bay Island. It is designed in such a way that the tourists can get to experience the underwater wonders through the glass fitted windows and it can hold up to 100 passengers on a single trip. This semi-submarine moves into the deep sea areas that are untouched and undisturbed which displays the most beautiful corals and diverse marine species. This ride is suitable for children and senior citizens as it is safe and comfortable.

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