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I’m planning a surprise trip for my parents which one is the best place Andaman islands or Kerala tour?

I will always vouch for the Andaman Islands, however, I do not know how old are your parents to guide you in a better way. Whatever it is, this will be my suggestion for a family on a trip to the Andaman Islands.

I am assuming your parents might be over 50+ years(sorry, if that’s not the case). This is what you can do during their Andaman trip

They can customize a package for around 5 days, including Port Blair and Havelock Island.

If they are frequent travelers, I will also recommend adding Neil Island.

By doing this, we are also making sure that the trip doesn’t get so hectic that your parents start feeling tired during their vacation.

Package with details

Here is my itinerary suggestion, which might help your parents experience the Andaman Islands in a much better way

Day 1

They arrive in Andaman, rest, and evening take a trip to Cellular Jail Light and Sound Show.

Cellular Jail

They can even combine this with Corbyns Cove Beach visit and Cellular Jail visit

Well, this all depends upon their arrival time in Andaman. Since Cellular Jail is a historic destination, they will surely like it.

Day 02 

Well, on this day they can plan a trip to Ross Island and North Bay Island Trip.

Again these destinations are very close in proximity to Port Blair, thus reducing the travel time.

North Bay Island
Ross Island was the first administrative settlement of Britishers and North bay island is a nice coral island to spend time with your loved ones.
You can do snorkeling or scuba diving here as well. Sea walk at North Bay Island is another great attraction here. You can plan a visit here.

Day 03 

Now today after 2 days in Port Blair I will recommend they move to Havelock Island. I believe you will have heard a lot about this destination as this is extremely famous.

Radhanagar beach
Take a ferry from Port Blair to havelock island, a private ferry or a government ferry can be taken to reach this island.
Take the morning ferry to Havelock from Port Blair.
Check in your hotel, rest, and enjoy the white sand beaches. Suggest you take a beach resort only.
Evening you can go for a visit to the most famous beach in India, Radhanagar Beach.

Day 04

Today, based on the comfort of the elderly travelers they can either go on a  ferry ride from Havelock To Elephant Beach. After reaching Elephant beach, you can indulge in various water activities that are available at this island.

Elephant beach

If they just want to relax then they can keep the entire day at leisure and plan to have lunch in nearby resorts.

Seafood in Andaman Island is awesome and one should not miss out on that.

Day 05

Today you will be departing from Havelock Island to Port Blair on a ferry so make a note that you will have to check out your hotel in Havelock Island before moving forward.
If your parents don’t want to do any activity on Havelock Island on this day then I will recommend them to move to Port Blair by the early morning ferry from Havelock.
Usually, the checkout timing is around 9:00 AM and the evening ferry is around 4:00 PM.
Sometimes, travelers do not prefer to stay outside after checking out of the hotel/resort.

After reaching Port Blair you can go for Chidiatapu Sunset Trip, which is said to offer the best sunset view in the Andaman Islands.

Chidia tapu

Day 06

Departure from the Andaman Islands.

A trip to the Andaman Islands
is something that people cautiously plan and it should rightly be done as the island has a lot to offer.

However, if travelers have a superficial approach towards traveling to Andaman then they can ruin their vacation.

It’s a destination to think about before moving forward like Leh-Ladakh, Kashmir.

You need to know what is the most important thing to make your trip memorable in Andaman.

I’m planning a surprise trip for my parents which one is the best place Andaman Islands or Kerala tour?


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