Traveling with Kid/Baby to the Andaman Islands

June 1, 2017

Traveling to Andaman with your kid is something you should try for sure. The beaches and the pleasant environment will be loved by your little one for sure. Having said that several questions might be bogging your mind that whether you should travel to Andaman with your kids or not? Whether you can bring your baby to the islands or not and many more…

This may be because you worry about:

  • * If there are any mosquitoes which may be a serious concern for the baby?
  • * Are the beaches in Andaman Island safe for your infants?
  • * If you accommodate at the beachside in cottages/ huts, is there any danger of wild animals?
  • * Is the weather in Andaman very harsh for my kid?
  • * What kind of water activities will my kid will be comfortable with in Andaman
  • * And many more…

From a local perspective, what we can assure you is that the Andaman Islands are absolutely safe for you and your kids. It is a stunning place, there is no impairment going to happen to the kids on this heaven. We are sure that your kids will love the coming days of your journey to this island. Andaman offers a lot of activities that you can indulge with your kid. In addition, beach side rooms or cottages are absolutely safe. Plus there are no wild animals on ground in the islands. So the initial worries are crossed absolutely.

When it comes to the question about our young ones we take extra caution and we must be cautious. Now, this article I have written to help you understand how you can make the most of your time with your kids in Andaman. Plus what activities, tours, and sightseeing you can cover during a visit in Andaman with your young ones.

What are the medical facilities available for Kids in Andaman?

Honestly, the private services that you get in the major cities might not be possible in the Andaman. Specifically, in islands such as Havelock and Neil Island. Though these islands have basic medical facilities. However, if there is something major then you will have to arrive to the capital city Port Blair. There is a government hospital G B Panth, that provides the genuine basic treatments. But if your child is suffering from specific problem then you must carry the medicines and the kit. The medical stores are also accessible so you need not worry about it. Still, we would suggest try to be least dependent on the in-house facilities.

The hotel management and your local tour operators are also very cooperative and an n emergency they are ready to work at hand and make you comfortable. At Experience Andamans, in case of emergency all vehicle charges in Port Blair are free of cost.

A word of caution and few things you must take care of:

Carry full sleeves clothes for your infants and kids and don’t forget to carry hat as there is an issue of direct sunrays which might affect the health of your child. There is also a danger of sand fly by the beach side in the evening. Full sleeve clothing can protect your child and make your visit hitch free.

Because we feel prevention is better than cure you can carry cerelac and some stuff that suit your child else we can guarantee about the hygiene of the food provided by the hotels we provide in the package.

In addition, we recommend you to avail boiled or water bottles to drink water everywhere. This will avoid any unnecessary issue that can come by drinking contaminated water.

Attractions that can be avoided with kids below 3 – 5 Years.

Elephant beach at Havelock Island – It is approximately 30 minutes by boat from the Havelock Island dock. It is a beautiful white sand beach with marvelous coral reef which starts at a depth less than a meter. It can be visited with the kids but sometimes the rides get bumpy. Travelers with an infant might find it difficult to manage the ride. In case of all clear weather it should not be a problem.

Baratang Island – Now, this is a full day trip that starts around 3 AM and ends by 3 PM. Though the trip is amazing, however, the whole journey can sometime get exhaustive for your kid and elders.

Though many consider availing the above-mentioned tours with their kids. However, few traveling with their infants were uncomfortable with the above-mentioned tours so we thought of adding it to this blog.
Overall the whole of Andamans is a great place to be with your kids.

Must do Activities with your kids in Andaman?

* Glass Boat Ride – Semi Submarine. Your kid will just love it.

Semi Submarine Coral Safari Andaman

* Snorkeling with Caution. For kids above 4 Years, Snorkeling will be fun. However, you need to take caution much younger kids.

Snorkeling with kids

* Swimming or beach side playing. Offcourse this cannot be missed isn’t it.

* Boat Rides

* Cruise Rides – Makruzz/ Green Ocean / Govt Ferry

Cruise ride in Andaman

Can my Kid Avail Scuba Diving or Sea Walk in Andaman?

Now, if your kid is above 7 Years he qualifies for Sea Walking. However, before the activity begins the instructors again checks for the feasibility whether the kid can go for Sea Walking or not. Honestly, Sea Walking is a must do for your kid and it is not as complex as Scuba Diving.

Kids above 10 Years qualify for Scuba Diving. However, here as well your kid will be examined before taking him/her underwater for safety reasons.

Many travelers come with their family to the islands and all have given a positive feedback about the Andaman. If you are traveling with your kid then need not worry. You are visiting the right place. Now, here is the list of the things that one should do with kid in Andaman

  • * Visit Havelock Island in private Cruise. This will be an awesome experience.

    Green Ocean

  • * Coastal Ride to Kalapathar Beach, Havelock Island is mostly a sightseeing place to spend some leisure time in the Havelock Island. The drive to reach Kalapathar Beach is embellished by the turquoise colored waters surrounding you during your ride is an amazing experience.

  • * One can visit Radhanagar beach which is one of the best beaches in Asia. Swim here. You will love it.

  • * One must try the seafood (if you are a non-vegetarian).
  • * Cellular Jail Visit is a must when traveling with kid.

  • * The museums in Andaman, you can spend the whole day with your family being amazed at every sight that meets your eyes.

  • * Ross and North Bay Island will be a good experience with your kid. Ross Island, the first Administrative Settlement of British in Andaman. North Bay Island is the same island as seen in the back of a 20 Rupee Note.

    Ross Island

  • * Chidiatapu, Port Blair with a lot of driftwood and uprooted trees make the sandy beaches where you can spend time with your family and enjoy the breathtaking sunsets and bird watching.

    chidiatapu andaman

  • * Japanese underground tunnels and bunkers can be seen all around like near Corbyn’s Cove and at Ross Island too!
  • * Visit Andaman Water Sports complex. Here your kid can indulge in water sports in Andaman.

A child can easily connect his studies with the visual impact when they will grow and will cherish the memories by skimming through the snaps which you will have during your visit. Andaman is both historical and scenic and many things your kid learns in school will be witnessed first hand in Andaman. Especially the Cellular Jail that is usually covered in most school syllabus.

More than 90% of the Andaman Island is covered with rich forests. The Andaman islands have a very vast and wide range of flora but very few know that the forest area covered in Andaman is more than any other state in India. So this visit will be memorable for your family outing. So you must not lose a chance to visit such a hilarious place just because of some misconceptions that your infant will be harmed.

Just take precautions while going for small boat rides or long journey. Long journeys will be little tiring, apart from this everything is cool and beautiful in Andaman. Your kid will for sure love this exotic destination.

PS: In case I have missed any point about traveling with kids to Andaman then do comment on this post and I will be happy to write more about it.

Written by Azhar


Hey, thanks for reading my post. Do let me know what you think about my insights about the Andaman Islands. Also, if you have any inputs for me then do write to me at I will be happy to assist you. Wish to see you in the islands soon 🙂

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