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How To Reach From Delhi to Andaman by Ship, Train, Flight and Bus

The very fact that you have to travel all the way down from Delhi will make one want to think twice about a holiday in the Andamans. 

But look at it this way. Here is an island, close to your country for you to enjoy a couple of water sports and more importantly, a good break by the sea. 

So, pack your bags and your family and take a break from the noise and the busy roads of Delhi. We are going South to the Andamans and for that, let’s have a closer look at how you can make your journey. 

How Far Is Andaman From Delhi By Flight?

Delhi is a state located in the North of the country, Andamans is in the South, an island situated in the Bay of Bengal. This, should give you a fair idea of what to expect by way of distance.

But if you want the exact distance, then Andamans is 2471 km away from Delhi. If you are traveling by road, the distance is 3,518 km. 

In other words, you are going to travel all the way down from Delhi to Chennai, Bangalore or Kolkata after which you will be traveling to Andaman, either by another flight or a ferry. 

Indigo, Spice Jet, Go Air, Jet Airways and Air India are some of the common planes that can take you to Andamans from Delhi. 

These planes will probably take you to the Veer Savarkar International Airport, after which you will have to take another cab or a ferry to reach the particular island. 


Radhanagar Beach in Havelock Island is the most visited beach in the entire Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

The beach lies on the western coast of  Swarajdweep that is away from the city’s hustle-bustle which makes it calm and a quiet place. Also has a stunning sunset view.

The Havelock Island is the paradise for couples planning their honeymoon. You can check various honeymoon packages on our website.

Can We Go By Train To Andaman From Delhi

Yes, but now there is no direct train to Andaman from Delhi,  you will have to stop to take the cruise to Port Blair as there are no rail lines connecting Andaman. 

And there are a lot of trains running to Andaman from Delhi, so if you don’t like flying, you have absolutely no reason to worry. 

You have almost a dozen trains going from your city to this place, common being the TN Sampark Kranti, Thirukkural Express, Andaman Express, Chennai Central Duronto Express, and the Dehradun Madurai Settigunta Express to various cities in south like Bangalore and Chennai. 

See, you have more than just a couple of trains to take you to the island from Delhi. 

You have a train that will take you through Sasan Gir, another through Mahesra, another one through Muzzampur Nryn, another one through Kotarlia, and finally one from Jaitipur. 

There, now you choose. 

Train from Delhi to Chennai

SBC Rajdhani is the fastest train running between Delhi and Bangalore.

First train to run between Delhi to Bangalore is Ypr Sampark Kranti.

Train from Delhi to Bangalore

The fastest train from Delhi to Kolkata is Howrah Rajdhani.

The first train to run from Delhi to Kolkata is Netaji Express.

Train from Delhi to Kolkata


Once you reach Kolkata or Chennai from Delhi via train, you can board a cruise sailing to Port Blair the capital city of Andaman.

Port Blair is the only entry point to Andaman. Please check the chart below for reference.

Ship Schedule To Andaman

Ship from Chennai to Andaman

Ships from Kolkata to Andaman

What About A Bus To Andaman From Delhi?

You saw the distance by road to Andaman from Delhi. Now, let’s look at a little more. 

There are no road lines directly connecting to Andaman from any part of the world.

For one, there are many buses traveling through the different towns and cities, so you can be sure that the bus route will give you a good journey. 

The only concern here is that it’s going to be a long journey. Don’t expect to reach Andamans as fast as you would have if you had chosen a plane journey.

But since this is the option you chose, chances are you are already aware of this. 

That said, you have a bus that goes from Delhi to Padrauna, Delhi to Gandhi, Delhi to Kesanapalli, Delhi to Oachira, Delhi to Kambadakana. 

In fact, of all the three types of transport, one can say that traveling to the Andamans by road is the best as you get to enjoy the beautiful view that you otherwise wouldn’t enjoy, especially if you chose to fly. 

How Much Does A Trip To Andaman Cost From Delhi?

Flights from New Delhi to Port Blair

And these are the many flight options you have as someone wanting to fly from Delhi to the Andamans. 

Have a good look at the list above before you settle for the one that is the most convenient for you based on the fare and the time, so you can take your family comfortably on a visit to the island at a price that suits your budget. 

It’s always advised to book your flight tickets in advance to avoid paying more as the journey approaches.

Laxmanpur beach

If you want to enjoy the breathtaking coral reefs, dense tropical forests then you must visit Neil island the vegetable bowl of Andaman. Laxmanpur Beach is a stunning beach at Neil Island. Mostly visited for the clear waters and striking sunset view.

Choose Your Andaman Journey

A Journey to the Andamans by a bus or a train is one of the best with friends or larger groups, as you can have fun while you are traveling, laughing through many activities that you enjoy together on the way, all the while anticipating the destination at the end of the journey.

So, go ahead and book a train or a bus together, as this way you also get to save money, money that you can use on the island when you come to the end of the journey. 

However, flying is a better option if you are traveling to the island with family, as this way you can all reach comfortably. 

Now, you choose how you want to go and make sure that you also have an enjoyable journey. 


The local boy of Andaman. Born and brought up in the islands and travelling stories and experiences from the south-east corner of India. You can connect with him at azhar@experienceandamans.com

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