What are the best travel hacks to Andaman Islands?

January 28, 2015

Travelling to Andaman Islands, India sometimes goes over budget. Here is our insight to make your trip the cheapest and affordable.
* Book your flight tickets in advance! The content is in Bold as its the most important thing to consider first. The island is not just any destination where you plan to visit the next week or two and you will find cheapest flight fares. Even if you are planning say +3 to +5 Months ahead we suggest book your flights the moment you find the price going down. Put an alert in Skyscanner | Find the cheapest flights fast: save time, save money!  cleartrip or any similar websites from where you can find alerts.
* You are now done with the most difficult part.
* Now plan as per your preference say if you wish to avail a package avail it or if you are wish to do all by yourself you can do that as well. Go to Andaman Trip planner web and select whats your preference are and create a trip for yourself.
* Hotels – Most travel websites share the famous resorts and you never come to know about the ones which are not found at many places. Here is one place where you can find the most diverse kind of hotels available in Andaman Islands https://trip.experienceandamans…. . Mostly, what you will get is 10-20% discount. That’s the cheapest it goes as the demand is more than supply and any discount within this range is good enough to be considered.
* Know your Connectivity – The second most important factor for which travelers face a lot of issues. How to connect to different islands? Here is where you can find the ferry services and schedules https://trip.experienceandamans….
* Activities – Andaman trip planner is a market place where all local islanders add content and offers. From here you can select what you wish to do and book. The discounts are the best as its from a local dealer.
* Vehicle and other costs – If you are taking a package you don’t have to worry, however if you are on self drive you can either hire an auto or you can also avail pay per km cab services in Andamans. 2 wheeler is also available for rent.
By following these procedure we expect your tour package cost to andaman will come down by 30%. Hope this helped.

Andaman Map

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