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Top 10 Adventure Activities and Offbeat Trips in Andaman Islands?

Andaman Island is filled with unique beauty that altogether puts forward an different experience. If you are really looking for an adventure filled experience during your trip to the Andaman Islands then check our bucket list of the most exotic offbeat adventure experiences. The suggestions are for travellers looking forward to experience the real Andaman Islands.

1) How about the Virgin Island Cinque?

Hardly 5-10% of the travelers who visit Andaman Island visit this destination because of its remote locality. Lying Southwest of South Andaman this destination is an ideal destination to let yourself loose. Well, you will find no one around this virgin island except for you, your loved ones, crew members and yes off course the boat. Travel to Virgin Island Cinque and anchor for a night around this island. Sea Horse, an exclusively customized boat takes you to Cinque Island from Chidiatapu. This will be an ideal trip for adventure lovers and a group of friends who wish to experience the island from a different perspective. Sea Horse can also take you to the only active volcano in India, Barren Island.

Boat to Cinque Island

2) Fishing in Havelock Island and Trip to Inglis Island in Black Marlin

You know what, fishing around the Havelock island is an experience of a lifetime. Black Marlin, a fishing boat anchored around Havelock island rides you through the waves to explore the islands around Havelock. You can visit Inglis Island, South Button Island, Wilson Island, Peel Island and many more virgin island during this trip. If you don’t need a fishing trip then you can hire this boat to explore islands around Havelock.

Havelock island fishing trip

Fishing in Havelock Island

3) Scuba Diving in Havelock Island.

How about Underwater diving in the best reefs in India, Scuba Diving in Andaman and Nicobar Islands is something that you should never miss in your lifetime. Many are concerned whether it is safe or whether we need to know swimming to avail Scuba Diving? The answer is NO. Even if you have never entered the water, you should be fine. Scuba diving doesn’t require swimming skills. Only for advanced courses you will have to know swimming. The beginner fun diving course doesn’t require any swimming. But, if you have any other major health issues then you might consult your doctor before availing this trip.

Scuba Diving in havelock

4) Traveling to India’s only active Volcano, Barren Island

There are various ways one can travel to the only active volcano in India, Barren Island. However, this is one of my personal favorite where you get into Sea Horse for a trip to Barren Island. This trip can be availed by a group of up to 7-9 persons where you can combine the trip with fishing activities and visit to other virgin islands around the Andaman archipelago as well. The boat is equipped with bedrooms, kitchen, restrooms and an over deck sitting area to enjoy the ride.You can spend a couple of nights on this boat to experience the beauty of Andamans while riding the waves in the Bay of Bengal.

Trip to Barren Island Andaman

Barren Island andamanPic courtesy @NASA

5) Sea Walk in Andaman

Have you ever thought of experiencing Moon Walking? If yes, then you should try Sea Walk in the Andaman Island. A completely different kind of experience for the travelers. Here, you are taken to a depth of around 7 meters with just a helmet through which you are continuously provided with oxygen from a stationed pontoon above the water.

Sea Walk in Andaman Islands

6) Trekking to Elephant Beach, Havelock Island

You know what Elephant beach at Havelock Island can be reached through both boat rides and trekking and most people prefer to go through a boat. Now, for adventure lovers my personal recommendation will be why not hiring a local guide to trek through the jungle forest, marshland and mangrove lands. It’s something that you could try during your visit to Havelock Island Andaman. Trekking to Elephant Beach Havelock Island

Elephant beach Havelock Island

7) Sea Plane Rides and Helicopter Rides

Earlier Sea Plane used to be the charm of the Andaman Islands, however for around 1 year Sea Planes are not operational. The birds-eye view of the island is great enough to bind each one for a memorable experience in the Andamans. Helicopter rides in Andaman still take place, however, the tickets are open on the day of your flight and with just 6 seats available, it gets really difficult to make a booking. Though, if you are lucky enough you can still get one, but yes make sure you are flexible enough to book a cruise or ferry in case the tickets get sold out.

8) Turtle Nesting in North Andaman Islands, Diglipur

If you are anytime arriving in the Andaman Islands from November – March then I will recommend you to explore the Northern parts of Andaman Islands, Diglipur. Around 80% of the travelers visit South Andaman and thus miss this unheard experience happening in the northern part of the islands. All our Adventure tour packages to Andaman islands make sure that you surely get a chance to experience turtle nesting in Diglipur.

Turtle nesting in Andaman

Ross and Smith island andaman diglipur

The above picture is of the twin island, Ross and Smith. This two island are joined by a sand bar through which you can walk during low tide and during high tide it just disappears. A natural wonder in the island and during your trip to the North Andaman islands you can visit this attraction as well.

9) Trip to Jolly Bouy Island, Port Blair

How about visiting the best snorkeling destination in the Andaman and Nicobar islands. A Trip to Jolly bouy island is among the most exotic attraction that one should avail on their visit to Andamans. This island comes under the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Reserve and is opened only for 6 months in a year usually from October – April. Glass boat rides and the turquoise water here are more beautiful than Havelock Island. Few things to know before traveling to Jolly Bouy Island are that you are not allowed to stay in this island and also you cannot carry any plastic bags/bottles to this attraction. A prior permit is required to visit JollyBouy Island which can be arranged by local travel companies in the islands or you can go to the tourism office to collect your permit.

Jolly Bouy island Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Glass boat ride Jolly Bouy Island

I just got 1 short :P. Maybe I will add more to this blog in future.

I would say that these are the 9 best experiences in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.


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