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Delhi to Andaman by Air, Ship and Train

The city of Delhi has a bit of everything which makes it a combination of a lot of things. Since, it is the capital of India it is culturally diverse and is unbelievably crowded because people from all across the country come and settle here. It for sure is a magical city with so much to offer, best shopping places, restaurants, hotels and a lot of options to hang out at. Once, you live in Delhi, it’s almost difficult to settle elsewhere. Well that may sound strange but that’s the beauty of the place.

Andaman on the other hand is a group of isolated Islands, which still remain a virgin land. It’s a group of 572 Islands out of which only few are inhabited by the human population. Port Blair the capital of Andaman and Nicobar is a multicultural city as people from all across the country come here but as you move to other Islands the resources become less. The first thing that you will experience when you reach here is peace and tranquillity. When you see big cities you will say they have everything a man can wish for. Better job opportunities, healthcare and more, but nothing compares to Andaman. With little advancement, limited resources, and less job opportunities, it remains a place where everyone would come down and live the peaceful life. It without a doubt is the heaven on Earth it’s all about white powdery beaches, long palm trees and relaxation.

If you are in Delhi and are looking forward to visit Andaman, there are three ways you can reach here. You can either travel by Ship, train or air:

How to reach Andaman by Ship?

You can reach Andaman from Chennai, Kolkata and Vishakhapatnam through government operated ships. As Delhi is not connected with Port Blair by sea, so you have to reach one of these places first.

Chennai to Port Blair by Ship 

SHIPDeparting PortDeparting TimeArrival PortTime Taken
 M.V.SWARAJ DWEEP Chennai 1600 Hrs Port Blair 60 Hrs
 M.V. HARSHAVARDHANA Chennai 1600 Hrs Port Blair 60 Hrs

Port Blair to Chennai by Ship

SHIPDeparting PortDeparting TimeArrival PortTime Taken
 M.V.SWARAJ DWEEP Port Blair 1600 Hrs Chennai 60 Hrs
 M.V. HARSHAVARDHANA Port Blair 1600 Hrs Chennai 60 Hrs


Kolkata to Port Blair by Cruise

SHIPDeparting PortDeparting TimeArrival PortTime Taken
 M.V.AKBAR Kolkata 1600 Hrs Port Blair 66 Hrs
 M.V.NICOBAR Kolkata 1600 Hrs Port Blair 66 Hrs


Port Blair to Kolkata by Ship

SHIPDeparting PortDeparting TimeArrival PortTime Taken
 M.V.AKBAR Port Blair 1000 Hrs Kolkata 66 Hrs
 M.V.NICOBAR Port Blair 1000 Hrs Kolkata 66 Hrs


Vishakapatnam to Port Blair by Ship

 SHIP  Departing Port  Departing Time Arrival Port  Time Taken
 M.V.NICOBAR Vizag 1000 Hrs Port Blair 56 Hrs
 M.V.SWARAJ DWEEP Vizag 1000 Hrs Port Blair 56 Hrs


Port Blair to Vishakapatnam by Ship

 SHIP Departing Port Departing Time Arrival Port  Time Taken
 M.V.NICOBAR Port Blair 1600 Hrs Vizag 56 Hrs
 M.V.SWARAJ DWEEP Port Blair 1600 Hrs Vizag 56 Hrs


Note: The above timings are for reference, and the actual sailing time may vary.

Delhi to Port Blair by Train

To reach Port Blair by Train, you first need to take a train from Delhi to Chennai, Kolkata or Vishakhapatnam.

Delhi to Chennai



Departs on: Tue & Sat                              Departs         Arrives                 Duration
15:45              20:10               28:25hrs




Departs on: All days                                                        22:30              07:10                  32:40 hrs

G T EXPRESS(12616)


Departs on: All days                                 18:40            06:20                   35:40 hrs
Delhi to Kolkatta

KOLKATA RJDHNI(12302)              Departs        Arrives                  Duration


Departs on: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu,

Sat & Sun                                                16:55           09:50                     16:55 hrs



Departs on: All days                               16:25          10:10                      17:45 hrs



Departs on: All days                                07:00         07:55                      24:55 hrs


Delhi to Vishakhapatnam

A P EXP(22416)                                         Departs         Arrives                 Duration


Departs on: All day                                    06:25           17:50                35:25 hrs

Top of Form


Bottom of Form



Departs on: Wed & Sun                             05:50          17:30                  35:40 hrs

Top of Form


Bottom of Form



Departs on: All days                                  23:00           13:30                 38:30 hrs

Note: The above details are for reference, actual time may vary.

Delhi to Andaman Flights

The Veer Savarkar International airport connects Andaman to all major cities of the country. Air India, IndiGo, SpiceJet and Jet airways have regular flights to this destination. The flight connectivity to and fro Andaman has become very good in the past few years and more flights are likely to come to Andaman making air travel more convenient.

Major flights from Delhi to Andaman are:

Flight                                                       Duration                             Type

5:30 AM – 9:05 AM

Air India                                                         3h 35m                                       Nonstop

8:40 PM – 7:20 AM+1

Air India                                                         10h 40m                                     1 stop

5h 30m MAA

4:50 AM – 9:50 AM

IndiGo                                                              5h 0m                                            1 stop

6:50 AM – 2:15 PM

SpiceJet                                                         7h 25m                                           1 stop

2h 20m MAA

Please note: The above flight details are for reference, actual time may vary.

What is the cheapest mode of travel from Delhi to Andaman?

The cheapest way is to take a train from Delhi to Chennai, Kolkata or Vishakhapatnam and then travel by ship.

What is the best option to travel to Andaman from Delhi?

Sea travel may seem very exciting for many but it has some constraints, and the foremost is unexpected weather change. If the weather is not favourable, you may have to cancel your journey. Moreover, the amenities and services are also not top grade, so if your budget allows travel by air.

Experience Andamans recommends you to opt for a flight option instead as it saves time and is hassle free. If you still want to have the sea experience we recommend reaching Andaman by air and taking sea route on the way back.



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