Are there any 5 Star Luxury Resorts the Andaman Islands?

Suniti Bahl
October 26, 2017
Holiday Inn Resort

If your dream destination includes a cosmic stretch of water beneath your feet, clear blue sky above and enchanted beauty then the Andaman Islands is your place. These Islands cannot be described in words; they have their own charm that comes from the vastness of nature yet such a simple living. Many tourists visit the islands every year in search of peace, spend some alone time in nature, explore the underwater mysteries and get themselves very close to nature.

We are happy to announce that in February 2018, the only 5 Star Resort in the Andaman Island by Taj has been launched and is operational for travelers. Before the season begins, this resort will be all set with all its amenities for travelers on a visit to Andaman. The resort is very well placed close to the finest beaches in India, the Radhanagar Beach. This luxury resort is among the best hotel in Andaman. Any other Luxury resorts in Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island are only Four-star, however, Taj is the only Five-star luxury resort in Havelock island Andaman.

Now, after Taj, the only 5-star resort in Andaman at Havelock Island there are no other 5 star resorts in Andaman. However, there are many 4-star properties which offer the amenities very to close to that of a five-star property. There are several classy and beautiful beach resorts in Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island that will make your stay in the Islands worthwhile.

We have congregated a list of best hotels in Andaman, take a look and book the one that meets your requirements:

Luxury Resorts in Port Blair

  • Sea Princess Beach Resort:

    Among the most luxurious resort, though situated very far from the city. The Wandoor beach is very much accessible from this resort. Has a swimming pool and other amenities that you expect from a 4 star resort. Having said that, this resort is far away from the city and conveyance during the day for sightseeing will be difficult from this resort.


Now this is a good resort in Port Blair situated far from the main city en route to Chidiatapu. Has a very good swimming pool. This resort can be considered in case your preference is to stay far away from the city. The individual cottages here in Suncity resort is very big and spacious with an open to sky bathroom.This is a good property with good space, however, lacks some amenities and exceptional top notch service which you expect when selecting a luxurious property.  Having said that, the USP of this property is a very good location along with the privacy that you may be looking for.

Luxury resort in andam


  • Peerless Sarovar portico:
    Peerless Sarovar is a good 4-star resort located very close to Corbyn’s Cove beach. The beach is at a walking distance from the resort.  This resort can be considered when you want a luxury resort by a beachside. The city is also very much accessible from this resort.  This resort is a little old and for some travelers who wish exquisite experience might not like the building structure. However, the rooms are decent.

Peerless Sarovar portico:

  • Sinclairs Bay View:
    Among the most demanded property in the Andaman Islands. Though not a beach resort, however, this resort is located very close to the sea and has sea view rooms. The resort is located very close to the Marina Park where you can go for a walk in the evening. The food I found was ok and not that great, however, you can try some restaurants nearby Sinclairs hotel.
    Sinclair is a good option for a 4 star category and can be selected during ones trip to the Andaman.


luxury resort in andaman

Sinclairs Bay View

  • Coral Cove:
    Among the latest 4 star luxury resorts in the Andaman.Apparently this is the only four-star resort in Andaman with bath tub. Not all resorts in the Andaman has a bath tub.  Coral Cove is a pioneering new breed of city hotels in Port Blair. With 42-star class suites, perfect design, elegance, and comfort, Coral Cove is a beautiful place to stay in the Andaman Islands.


Coral Cove Resort

Luxury Resorts in Neil Island:

  • Holiday Inn Resort: Enjoy the luxury lifestyle at Holiday Inn Beach Resort with in-house swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and spa treatments. Rooms are available in four different categories namely Neil Plaza, Paradise, Lagoon Vista and Crane Sea Villa. These rooms are fully furnished with free WiFi facility and special arrangements can be made for candlelight dinner on the beach.


Holiday Inn Resort

  • Summer Sands Beach Resort: This resort is Located in Neil Island which is hardly 40km from Port Blair and comprises of 5 villages; this luxury resort is a paradise in its own sense. The resort has 62 fully furnished rooms and suites and experienced staff to accommodate your day and night. In Neil Island, Summer Sand offers most luxurious accommodation. A very good option for those looking into luxurious accommodation in Neil Island.

  • Sea Shell Beach Resort: Sea Shell Beach Resort has kept up with the theme of Andaman Islands and makes tourists feel comfortable in the natural setting. Hotel staff keeps everything ready and cottages are nicely done, and spacious. Surrounded by coconut trees and water, this resort gets you closer to nature. Breakfast offered at the resort is complimentary; you can also enjoy here Island’s traditional food or experiment with seafood, continental or other delicacies. In short, it is worth the money as the aesthetics compliments with hospitality making the stay memorable.


  • Silver Sand Beach Resort: The resort is 23km from Havelock Island and is made in traditional Nicobari Hut style giving a coastal feel to the tourists. The beachfront resort is perfect for those who love to wake up early and enjoy going for an early morning walk. You can enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating walk on the beach. People complain about lack of supplies in Neil Island, but this resort provides every basic thing which a tourist needs and that too at a basic price.

Facilities: Front desk, multi-cuisine restaurant, intercom, 24 hours hot and cold water, complimentary breakfast and room service.

Silver Sand Beach Resort

  • TSG Aura: Located at Sitapur beach, this resort has everything a traveler can ask for after a crazy day underwater. It is a lifestyle hotel with Cosy wooden cottages, friendly staff, fully furnished rooms and mouth-watering cuisines. Hotel’s philosophy focuses on providing efficient service, well-appointed rooms, and multi-cuisine restaurant.

Facilities: Dining, room services, air conditioning and spectacular views.



Written by Suniti Bahl

I have loved writing since I first began to spell and construct written sentences. For as long as I can remember, writing has been a means of expression for my passions which include travel, philosophy, interiors, fashion and like subjects; It has also served as a tool to share my knowledge so that others may learn, and it is a conduit for conflict resolution and inner peace. In addition to writing, I’m a wife, traveler and food enthusiast. Thank you for stopping by today! Come back soon.

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