How is Andaman Islands as a tourist destination?

January 28, 2015
Ross and Smith Island Diglipur Andaman

We were recently asked, “Is Andaman Islands in India a good tourist destination?”. Well, we thought of highlighting the best things to do from the South East Corners of India, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

The island hosts a great number of things  :
1) One of Asia’s best beach, Radhanagar Beach. White sand beach with turquoise waters attracts tourist all over the globe

Radhanagar beach Havelock island

2) The only swimming Elephant in Asia, Rajan. Well, he expired in 2016 actually.

3) The best of coral reefs where you can go for both advanced and beginner Scuba Diving courses.


4)Sea Walk – Under water walk at a depth of 10 meters gives you an experience of Moon walk. Well, you can just walk here with basic setup.

Sea walk andaman islands5) Trips to uninhabited islands. Cinque Island, Rutland Island, Inglis Island and the clusters around Havelock Island. You can go here for fishing trips or just for a ride.

Islands around Havelock Island

6) Game Fishing around virgin islands.

Game fishing in andaman

7) Aboriginal Tribes such as Jarawa, Ongi, Sentenelse, Shompen, Nicobarese. Make a note that travelers are STRICTLY not allowed to interact with any of the aboriginal tribes of Andaman Islands.

Great Andaman tribe

Among the last few of the Great Andaman Tribe members. Their ancestors fought the Battle of Aberdeen in 1859.

8) Baratang Island Limestone Caves and Mud Volcano. This is where you may see a member from the Jarawa tribe. Be cautious not to take pictures of the tribes else you might get in trouble from the Andaman authorities.


Limestone Cave Baratang Andaman

10) India’s only active volcano, Barren Island. You can take one of the private boats such as Sea horse to this wonder.

11) Live aboard Yachts including diving – Here you can stay in a cruise for over 5-6 Days

Barren Island Andaman

12) Raman and Alfred Caves – Said to be still unexplored till its depth because of the complexity involved to reach down, Saddle Peak – Highest Peak in the Andaman archipelago and Ross and Smith Island- Adjoining Sand bar between 2 islands. These are hosted in the North part of Andaman Islands, Diglipur.

Ross and Smith Island Andaman North Andaman

All these apart from the common beach side activities, which is usually available around any beach side destination. More to explore in Andaman Island packages during your trip to this exotic destination.

Andaman Map

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