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What are some of the best travel and exploring places in India which are not overcrowded with tourists?

Answer by A Quora admin:

We would definitely say Andaman Islands should be one, but where in Andaman we believe is the question!

Havelock Island, though the best island destination in India gets pretty crowded.

Least Crowded places in Andamans

Here is our list to find serenity.

1) Diglipur Island

Situated in the North Part of Andaman 320 kms away from Port Blair, should be the pick.

Very few travelers visit this destination per year. To visit any island, you have to enter through Port Blair and then travel to Diglipur Island by road.

Ross and Smith Island is one of the most sought after destination and you should never miss visiting this Island when in Diglipur.

Twin Island

The pictures showing the 2 islands Ross & Smith by a sand bar surrounded by crystal clear open sea waters is the aerial view of the islands.

When you land at the place, during the low tides you get to see a sand bar connecting the two islands on which you can walk to reach from one island to the other

Kalipur beach at Diglipur is the most visited beach for Turtle nesting in the entire Andaman Islands. The beach is pretty famous actually and the turtles do come to lay eggs here.

Kalipur beach

It also hosts Mud Volcano and Trekking trail to Islands highest peak, Saddle Peak

2) Long Island

Situated close to Middle Andaman is another destination with virgin beaches.

This destination is not yet discovered by many who know about the Andaman Islands.

Lalaji bay beach

Long Island consists of many hidden and unexplored beaches.

The Lalaji Bay Beach, The Guitar Island and the Merk Bay Beach.

Lalaji Bay Beach is a beautiful, sandy beach on the west coast of Long Island. We need to take a fiber boat from the Long Island jetty to get to the very beautiful and picturesque beach.

3) Hutbay Island 

Hutbay Island is known for its waterfall and surfing waves and is quite famous among foreign travelers who visit the islands for almost one month. Hutbay is popularly known as Little Andaman Islands and is one of the most offbeat places to visit in Andaman Islands.

4) Neil Island

Neil Island

Neil island is located about 37 km by sea route from Port Blair and is one of the major attractions of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

The island has breathtaking coral reefs, thick tropical forests, and magnificent bio-diversity that is worthy of visiting.

Visit Laxmanpur beach for a stunning sunset, Bharatpur beach for water activities and trek to Natural rock formation.

If you are planning a trip to the Andaman Islands then you must visit Neil Island and explore the stunning beauty that this island has to offer.

Well, you will still find people here, however, it’s still at its beginning to get commercialized.

Other popular and most visited Islands in Andaman are Havelock Island, Jolly Bouy Island(The turquoise it can even get in Andamans), and  Baratang Island(known for Limestone Caves and Jarawa tribe reserve).


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