What are the Family Activities you can Enjoy Here?

Aatika Fatima
June 18, 2018
family trip to Andaman

Your family trip to Andaman list will find no stopping when you get to see the sunny skies, white sand, and turquoise waters. Certainly, it won’t be wrong to call this place a perfect destination to go with family and friends. A visit to the Andaman Islands awaits water sports fun including sea walk, scuba diving, and sightseeing spots. Andaman also has a strong connection to our history, be here and collect some of the lesser known facts of India’s freedom.

Getting to the Andaman Islands is not very difficult – our recommended mode of reaching here is by air, and the nearest airport located here is Veer Savarkar International airport in the Port Blair. If you prefer to reach Andaman by cruise, you can take one from Chennai, Kolkatta or Vizag.

Family activities:

Beach is bumming: Soaking up in the sun with your family has to be the number one priority in Andaman. The atmosphere around these beaches is so calm that you can laze around on one of them for the whole day. Though the Andaman Islands are very popular, most of the beaches are not crowded, and you will easily find a spot to sunbathe with family for the whole day.

Water activities: Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, sea walking, parasailing, and banana boat rides are some of the most popular water activities here in the Andaman Islands. Not to mention, dolphin watching is a popular activity too – Andaman truly has a lot of things to do, to keep your fun and adventure mood on. If you are here for the sea adventure, we recommend booking a beachside resort – with private access to the sea.

Visit Havelock Island: Havelock Island is home to one of the world’s most beautiful Radhanagar beach; the Island is unbelievably scenic and gives you a time to unwind bringing you close to nature. Try snorkeling at Elephant beach on the Island for an out of the world experience.

Bird watching: Chidiya tapu is the Andaman’s bird Island – it is known for thick forests and mangroves where hundreds of bird species visit all through the year. Visit this place is a must if you are a true nature lover.

Trekking: A novice would never associate the Andaman Islands with trekking, but Madhuban, is a perfect place for it. It is located at a distance of 20 km from Port Blair by ferry – and is famous for the trekking route to Mount Harriet which is the highest peak in the archipelago. The trekking experience here demands attention as you walk through the zig-zag routes and wooden bridges amidst the thick forests – it’s something you can’t afford to miss.

Mangrove Kayaking: Mangrove kayaking in Mayabunder, Andaman is a must try the activity. The experience gets you closer to nature as you enjoy the serenity and listen to the birds chirping while you cruise through.

Cellular jail: Historically, known as Kala Pani, the cellular jail was used by British to imprison our freedom fighters. The jail is one of the examples that remind us of the pre-independence era. A visit to Cellular jail and sound and light show held here every evening is a must if you are in the Andaman Islands.

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