Andaman Tourism – The Unexplored Paradise

April 2, 2022

Away from the hustles and bustles of the cities, the union territory of Andaman is surely a place to rejuvenate. Surrounded by the waters of the Bay of Bengal, this island has been a popular point of attraction for many tourists across the globe. Do not mistake it to be any random coastal island. Andaman and Nicobar Islands has a lot to unfold that makes this island quite distant from many other usual tourist places.

Apart from exploring the natural beauty of this archipelago in India, there are many other elements that make it special. Even if you are an avid explorer, you will find it difficult to completely explore the bewitching limestone caves, mangroves, and other natural places. On the contrary, if you are a shopaholic, be prepared to fill in your bags with the local spices, fishbone articles, and artifacts made up of jute, coconut, shells, timber, and natural pearls.

Why You Should Choose Andamans for your Next Vacation?

andaman honeymoon

Andaman is not just for people to unwind but also the perfect destination for romantic getaways and vacations. Its breathtaking landscape and fairy-tale set-up make it one of the best locations for honeymoons in India. One of the most romantic places in Andaman is Havelock Island that is stunningly perfect for couples to spend some lazy time at the beach side or at Radhanagar Beach. 

Have planned a trip with your family or friends? Andaman will be the perfect place to act as a stressbuster and offer you ample memories to cherish on your way back home. Whether it is about walking barefooted with your loved ones on the white seashore sand, or spending time in the local market, you will cherish every memory. 

If you have decided on a solo trip, or planning a fun weekend with your gang, the variety in Andmans is sure to entice you. There are so many places to admire that boast of the island’s natural essence. The beaches, mangrove creeks, limestone caves, and mud volcanoes are some such sites that you will surely not want to miss out on. 

When it comes to relaxing, you can comfortably choose from an array of beach resorts and hotels, depending upon your convenience. Choose from a wide range of Andaman tourism packages according to your requirements such as honeymoon package, vacation, family package, and others to get the best options available. 

The Perfect Place to Discover Your Adventurous Side

If you have always wanted to test your brave-heartedness, Andaman islands can spoil you for choice. Apart from checking out the adventurous sites in Baratang and Diglipur, a vast underwater world is waiting underneath for you to explore. 

The island offers a wide range of water sports and exploration activities that are sure to be on your bucket list now:

  • Scuba Diving – This is one of the most famous underwater activities that has attracted many adventure lovers to this island. Get disconnected from the surface world to traverse across the enchanting world of coral reefs, colourful fishes, and marine life. 
  • Kayaking – If you have full faith in your arms to kayak against the strong waves, take up the challenge at Havelock Islands. Burn your calories and feel refreshed after a rafty session. 
  • Parasailing – Different beaches of Andaman also offer you the joy of parasailing. Fly up to the sky leaving behind your worries. With rushing adrenaline, enjoy the view of the sea and other people down on the ground. 
  • Glass Bottom Ride – It is quite thrilling to see corals without going underwater. Book a trip of the glass bottom boat ride to check out underwater coral reefs & fishes in their natural habitat. 

Andaman Trip Planner

The best thing about the Andaman islands is that you can plan a trip to this island throughout the year. Whether it is the summer months of April to June, the monsoon months of July to September, or the winter months of October to March, you can visit this location at your convenience. But if you wish to enjoy the most, especially the sunbaths and the sea sports activities, then winter is the time that welcomes most of the tourists to this place. 

Make sure to carry appropriate items such as cotton clothes, raincoats, and others depending upon the season in which you are traveling to the island. Also keep in mind the activities you would be taking part in and carry some athletic clothing accordingly. 

Andamans is a group of islands. Hence, selecting the right island to stay in is very important. Some of the islands where you can stay and enjoy are Port Blair, Havelock Island & Neil Island. Other Islands that can be considered for overnight stay are Diglipur, Rangat and Long Island. Barren Island, Baratang Island, Little Andaman are few other islands that can be visited. If you have an extended holiday, you can also combine a few islands and make a package accordingly to explore this destination in its entirety. 

While exploring the beauty of Andaman, do not forget to introduce some local cuisines to your taste buds. If you are a non-vegetarian, do not miss out on the opportunity to taste a wide range of authentic seafood options available. 

To travel to Andamans, you have to take a flight to Port Blair from where you can go to your desired islands. The Andaman tourism cost is quite decent and you get several discounts if you take a package. The price will depend upon the location from where you are booking such as Andaman packages tourism from Chennai will be much lower when compared to other cities in the Northern part of the country.


How many days are enough for Andaman?

Spending 4-6 days is good enough time to spend on this island for the honeymoon couples as well as other tourists. If you wish to explore different islands, then it will depend upon the islands that you are traveling to and the activities you have planned out. 

How Safe Is Andaman?

Andaman is known for its serene atmosphere and peaceful environment. With very low crime rates, the tourists visiting Andaman have not faced any kind of severe safety threats. Recently, all the authorities on the island are maintaining Andaman tourism COVID guidelines in order to keep the tourists as well as the inhabitants of the island safe and protected from deadly infection lately. 

Which is better Andaman or Goa?

Both the places have been attracting tourists for their exclusive water sports such as scuba diving, parasailing and glass bottom boat rides. But when it comes to choosing, it is always Andaman over Goa due to its serene atmosphere, breathtaking coral reefs, and several spots that are perfect for peace lovers and romantic couples. Moreover, the beauty of an island amongst the sea would be unparalleled by any coastal destination. 

Andaman Map

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