People and Language in the Andaman Islands

The people of the Andaman Islands are the native tribal people and the people who shifted their homes from the mainland the islands. The tribesmen are scattered all over the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and few tribes do not prefer to have contact with the rest of the world and stay away in the dense forests. There a lot of people who have moved down to the Andaman Islands from mainland India and from Bangladesh as well.

All the people who have shifted to islands live only in the Andaman Islands and have not made a settlement in the Nicobar Islands. Most of the people who have settled down in the islands are from Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Punjab and Karnataka; all these people together live with peace and harmony in the islands. There is no culture, language or religious differences among the people of Andamans they respect each others’ values and maintain a good relationship with others. It is a mini India and the people of Andamans are very friendly.

Language: People of the Andamans mainly speak Hindi, English, Bengali, Tamil, and Malayalam theses are widely spoken in the islands. The native Andamanese people speak the tribal languages that are different from the Nicobari languages such as the Shompen and Moh-Khmer languages. 

Occupation: The main occupations of the islanders are mainly agriculture, fishing, and tourism. The rich vegetation of the island yields a good amount of crops and the varieties of fish are available in plenty at the ocean. Tourism Industry is another major occupation on the island; tourism on the island has flourished over the years and has offered a lot of employment opportunities to the people living in Andaman Islands. Also, the cottage industries and the handicrafts are other sources of employment to the artisans of the island. 


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