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Kalipur Beach Visit and Turtle Nesting in Kalipur in 2020

Kalipur beach at Diglipur is the most visited beach for Turtle nesting in the entire Andaman Islands. The beach is pretty famous actually and the turles do come to lay eggs here. The beach is preserved and security guards are present all day and night for the safety of the turtles. You will need a guide at night to actually spot any turtle laying eggs here. For a newbee its practically difficult to spot a turtle at night and if you are smart enough to search via a light source then forget it as the turtles wont turn up fearing danger.

Turtle Nesting Diglipur Andaman

The entire beach of North & middle Andamans becomes a home to thousands of turtles from various species during their nesting seasons. Kalipur Beach is one of the most famous Turtle nesting grounds preferred by maximum species of turtles to swim in and nest themselves here for their egg laying and hatching. The forest department has specific arrangements for safety of the turtles and their eggs. They help the eggs hatch in healthy conditions and then the baby turtles are helped swim away in the seas after they are ready to do so.

Kalipur beach Turtle Nesting

We recommend travellers to stay at Pristine Beach Resort or Turtle resort at Diglipur to experience turtle nesting at Kalipur beach. These two properties are few metres away from the beach. Possibly the best location to stay to experience turtle nesting in the Andaman Islands.



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