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Guitar Island at Long Island Andaman in 2019

Guitar Island is an adorable island near the Long Island. The island derives its name from its appearance. Beware of the photo-shopped pictures promoting the myth that Guitar Island looks like a guitar having a hole in between depicting the sound hole. But actually the depiction of this island as a guitar is that, the Island is adjacent to the small guitar island. So this Small Guitar Island (which looks like the headstock of a Guitar) & the Guitar Island (Which looks like the body of the Guitar) is joined by a sand bar (which acts like the fret-board) hence giving it a structure similar to a guitar.

Guitar island Andaman

Guitar Island is an uninhabited Island and no accommodation facility is available. Tourists need to halt for the night at Long Island to visit the Guitar Island for a day trip. This island is reachable by a fiber boat from Long Island. The Boat leaves you near the tip of the island shore. From there you can walk along the long & narrow stretch of sand leading towards a beautiful beach. The water here has crystal clarity and the cool sea breeze, gives a dismaying peace to the stressed mind. To enjoy the experience at this beach at its fullest, go in the morning, carry some snacks, water & your favorite book, and lounge lazily in the beach for hours.

Sunset Guitar island Andaman

Swimming is generally not suggested here due to the sudden depths of water. Anyways you can take a walk on the beach from the Guitar Island to the small Guitar Island or just relax at an ideal shade.

How to reach Guitar Island from Long Island?

Take a fiber boat from Long Island Jetty, it takes a 15-20 minutes cruising from Long Island to reach Guitar Island on a clear day when the sea is calm.

Guitar island Long island

Are there any stay options in the Guitar Island?

No. There are no stay options here. You have to stay the overnight at Long Island. This beach is for a day visit only.