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Lalaji Bay Beach, Long Island in Andaman and Nicobar Islands in 2019

Lalaji Bay Beach is a beautiful, sandy beach on the west coast of Long Island. We need to take a fiber boat from the Long Island jetty to get to the very beautiful and picturesque beach. The route from Long Island to Lalaji Bay Beach is in the midst of the open sea and indeed an adventurous experience. On the way, the boat will cross through beautiful and unique mangrove creeks; this is a picture perfect scenic view which makes the journey much more memorable.
The island has a stretched out white sandy beach with clear water. One can easily bask in the sun or get immersed in the clean water to give a treat to mind and body.

lalaji Bay Beach island Andaman

lalaji Bay long island Andaman

How to Reach Lalaji Bay From Long Island?

There are 2 ways to reach Lalaji Bay Island, One is to take a chartered fiber boat from Long Island to Lalaji Bay and the second option is to through trekking. Hiring a Boat for this trip is a bit expensive yet comfortable, whereas the trekking option is economic and takes effort.

Boat to lalaji Bay Beach

1) Reach Lalaji Bay Beach by a private chartered boat: You can take a private chartered fiber boat from the Long Island jetty that will help you to reach the Lalaji Bay Beach. The scenic view while going from Long Island to this beach is simply awesome. This boat takes about 30-40 minutes on a clear day when the sea is calm. This is a more comfortable option but is a little expensive.

2) Trekking to Lalaji Bay Beach: There is an option of trekking from Long Island to the Lalaji Bay Beach. The trekking trail starts near the Blue Planet Eco huts. It can take about 1.5 Hours to reach the Lalaji Bay. This option is quite economic and is adventurous indeed. So this option of reaching Lalaji Bay Beach is suggested for those who are adventure enthusiast.

lalaji Bay Beach

How to go about planning to trek to Lalaji Bay Beach?

For planning to trek from Long Island to this beach, do not book an accommodation at Long Island. You can reach Long Island and start trekking to reach this beach. But then it depends upon your comfort level.

Is there any stay option in Lalaji Bay Beach?

There is a forest rest house in Lalaji Bay Beach. The service of this rest house can be availed on reaching there. There are forest officers who can arrange for food on request. It is always suggested that you carry some bites and drinking water.