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Lamiya Bay Beach Diglipur, Visit & How To Reach Lamiya Bay

The Lamiya Bay Beach marks the foothill of the highest Saddle peak. This beach is very picturesque and even though it is just a beach amidst a huge island, being on this beach will give you the feel of standing on a lonely isolated island. Lamiya Bay is located few kilometers ahead of Kalipur Beach and under the national Park from where the trek to Saddle Peak begins.

Lamiya Bay Beach

To reach the Lamiya Bay Beach, we took the same route that we had taken for Kalipur Beach and went ahead around 30 minutes to reach the starting point of the trek to Saddle Peak. From here you can walk to the Lamiya bay beach at Diglipur. Entry permits has to be taken before entering the premises.

Lamiya Bay Beach Diglipur

Sitting by the side of this beach gave us the immense tranquility that we were looking for. When you invest some of your days out of the busy life to recharge yourself till your next vacation, these are the type of places one should be looking for. No doubt, Swaraj Dweep and Shaheed Dweep already have in store, all of these qualities. But choosing on among them is like choosing the best diamond out of a bag full- It’s truly difficult to give judgments. The sound of the waves crashing on the huge rocks at the foothill of the Saddle peak, works like meditation music for peace seekers.

Entry to Saddle Peak Gate

If you are keen to visit this beach then we recommend you to keep a day aside for both Lamiya bay beach and Saddle Peak. First you reach Saddle Peak entrance gate and then walk a little to reach Lamiya Bay Beach. After you have visited this beach you can do nature walk to explore the national Park and if you are gutsy and are a regular trekker who loves challenges then go ahead to conquer the mighty Saddle Peak. Its not an easy trek for beginners as we have seen it all.

View from Saddle Peak



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