Visiting Long Island in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Long island in Andaman is one of the most offbeat locations in the archipelago. This destination is not yet discovered by many who know about the Andaman Islands. Fairly because of many reasons. The foremost reason that we see is the remote locality of Long Island and poor connectivity of this destination. In addition, limited accommodation facilities are available on Long Island. Until 2017 this destination has decent popularity among foreign nationals. However, many Indian travelers don't plan Long island in their itinerary as a visit to Long island will require 10 or more days visit to Andaman. Now, in this article, we will address the how to reach Long island and what one can do on Long island.

How to Reach Long Island from Port Blair?

From Port Blair you can reach Long Island in 4 different ways.

The first and the most economical option to reach Long island from Port is to first reach Rangat and from Rangat take a Government ferry to Long Island. You can reach Rangat by Government operated Bus from Port Blair at 4:30 AM. It takes around 8 Hours to reach Rangat from Port Blair. This bus will pass through Andaman Grand Trunk Road to reach Yeratta Jetty at Rangat. From Yeratta Jetty you will board a Government operated boat to Long Island. It usually takes one hour from Rangat to Reach Long Island in a boat. The thing to note here is that the sailing of the ferry from Rangat to Long Island is not on daily basis its on alternative days usually Monday-Wednesday-Friday. However, this time can change anytime without any notice. In addition, there is no advance booking of the ticket that can be done.

The second way is to reach Rangat in a Personal vehicle from Port Blair and the driver will help you get the ticket for Government Ferry based upon the availability.

The third way is to hire a private boat to Long Island from Port Blair. This could be fun, however, a little expensive. In case you are a group of around 8-10 people then the tour will be fun and cheap as well. You could consider this option and sail through the archipelago of the islands before reaching Long Island. For fishing enthusiast, you can consider fishing during the trip as well.

The fourth way is to take Government Ferry from Port Blair itself. This ferry will go from Port Blair to Neil Island to Havelock Island to Rangat to Long Island. This will be a whole day sailing. The catch here again is that the sailing is not done every day and the ticket opens only on the day of departure. Now, for those who come on an extended vacation to Andaman can consider this option. However, for those who visit Andaman for up to 4 - 10 days visiting Long Island could be difficult considering there are so many things to do in Andaman.

How to reach Long Island from Havelock and Neil Island?

From Havelock island, you will have to take a Government Ferry to Long Island. This ferry is operational on alternate days. Basically, this is the same ferry that sails from Port Blair to Long Island and it takes a pit stop at Neil Island, Havelock Island and Rangat before moving to Long Island. The same applies to visiting Long Island from Neil Island. From Neil Island also you need to take a boat to Long Island.

An economical package option to Long Island from Port Blair?

For those looking into a compact package to reach Long Island, here is one of the itinerary that will come handy and recommended for people traveling to Andaman for less number of days and are planning to visit Long Island as well.


We begin from Port Blair to Baratang Island and visit Limestone Caves. Overnight we stay at Rangat in Middle Andaman. During this day you can cover some sightseeing in Rangat as well. Locations such as Ambkunj beach and Dhanninalah Mangrove Walkway can be covered on this day. Overnight stay in Rangat.


We take a boat from Rangat to Long Island, the boat tickets has to be manually purchased which our team will get it done. You will get on a boat to Long island from Rangat. Upon reaching Long Island you can spend some time in Long Island as a day tour. Post this, you return back to Rangat from Long Island in the afternoon. Note : A guide can accompany you during Long Island tour, however, that will be at an additional cost. Overnight stay in Rangat.


Today, we return back to Port Blair from Rangat. Overnight in Rangat.

Note : Please note that Long Island has very limited resources and travelers have to not overexpect this destination with all the luxury. This is a remote location and travelers have to be flexible during the tour program.

For A unique Experience to Long Island?

Well, for those looking into a more private and adventurous trip can avail a private charter to Long Island from Havelock Island Or Port Blair. This boat takes you to Long Island from Havelock Island. Enroute you will see the scenic beauty of the archipelago around Havelock Island/ Port Blair Wilson Island, South Button, Tamarind Camp, Inglis Island, John Lawrence and few other islands that come on your way in a boat. For adventure lovers, a fishing trip is also organized on the way. Though you can ignore fishing as per your preference. This boat will take you to Long Island where you can stay for a day and explore long island Lalaji Bay.

The second day we board the boat again and return back to Havelock Island/Port Blair. During our return, we will take a stop at Guitar Island where we can snorkel for a while before moving back to Havelock Island. During your whole boat trip, the lunch and refreshments will be provided. After returning back to Port Blair/Havelock Island you can check in to your hotel for overnight stay.

Where Do we stay in Long Island?

In Long Island, you have a Government accommodation facility and a private accommodation named Blue Planet. In both these location, you can spend your night. You will need assistance for local companies to get your accommodation booked as none of the online things will work properly for Long Island. The accommodation facilities are very basic so make sure that you not prepared for the most luxurious accommodation when in Long Island.

What to Do in Long Island?

In Long Island, you can go visit Lalaji Bay and can also do Scuba Diving. There is another attraction named Guitar island which can be visited by hiring a boat from Long island. You can trek the 6 Km trail from Long Island Jetty to Lalaji Bay as well.

What can avoid Long Island?

Travelers who are visiting Andaman for the first time and are coming for fewer number of days to the islands can avoid Long Island. Travelers with Kids can avoid this island.

What should never miss Long Island?

People who are in search of remote and exotic destinations in its pure form should never miss Long Island. For Backpackers, Certified Scuba Divers and offbeat travellers Long Island is the place to be once in a lifetime.

Is Long Island that unique an attraction?

Yes, Long island is a unique attraction in the Andaman. Consider a location where no one uses vehicle its a true example of an eco destination. Every where on the island you have to walk and go. You are back in time when on Long Island. It has NO internet facility and no proper mobile network. You might need a BSNL sim card to stay connected.