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Merk Bay Beach at North Passage Island near Long Island Andaman and Strait Island in 2019

Merk Bay Beach is another pristine beach accessible from Long Island and is located on North Passage Island. The North Passage island is very close to Strait island which hosts the primitive Ongi tribe people. One side of North Passage island is covered with dense mangrove forest. This is the part of the island where your boat will stop. Here, it anchors itself near a wooden Jetty. You have to walk through this narrow wooden jetty and walk for few kilometers through the mangrove forest which opens up to the beautiful Merk Bay Beach.

The waters of this beach makes it ideal for swimming and snorkeling. If you are a snorkeling enthusiast, then it is recommended that you carry your snorkeling gears and start off experiencing the rich marine life there. Kindly note that at Merk bay beach there are no

Merk Bay Beach

North Passage Island

Merk bay gives an experience very similar or even better than Radhanagar beach located at Havelock Island. The major reason for Merk Bay beach is that less than 1% of the tourists visit this island, hence, the pollution is very much in control here. Merk Bay beach is one of the remotest and one of the beautiful beaches that you can visit in a lifetime. When we visited Merk Bay for the first time, we were engulfed by its charm and its aura. Lovely is the word for Merk Bay and for those who wish to go off the beaten track then we recommend you personally to visit Merk Bay Beach.

North Passage Island Jetty

How to reach Merk Bay beach at North Passage Island from Long Island?

The only known way to reach this beach is to hire a private chartered boat from the Long Island jetty to reach the Merk Bay Beach. In a clear day the boat will take around about 01 hour to reach the island on a clear weather day.

Merk Bay Beach Long island

Are there any stay options in Merk Bay Beach?

No. There are no stay options here. You have to stay the overnight at Long Island. This beach and the island is for a day visit only.