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Photographers in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Photographers will just love Andaman Islands. There are so many absolutely amazing spot in the Andaman Islands for you. Make sure you carry your kit when in the Andaman. There is a possible chance that you may capture the best shot of your life time. Now, what are the best locations for that perfect picture? Post this we will also cover the various cost of hiring a Candid Photographer in the islands. So far in Andaman cameras are not provided on rent to travelers who are coming for a visit.

Best Photographic Locations in Port Blair?

  • Sunrise enroute Carbyns Cove Beach.
  • Mount Harriet - Amazing Panaromic view of Both North Bay Island and Ross Island.
  • Sunset at Chidiatapu.
  • Capture the ride to Jolly Bouy/Red Skin Island.
  • Best Photographic Locations in Havelock Island ?

  • Radhangar Beach Sunset and the huge trees around it.
  • Underwater images posing around the corals and the fishes.
  • Pose anywhere by the beaches for a lovely turquoise coloured waters in the background.
  • Best Photographic Locations in Neil Island ?

  • Sunset at Laxmanpur Beach.
  • Natural Rock Formation.
  • Looking to Hire Photographers in Andaman Islands?

    Now, the island has very few decent Photographers, so finding an availability might be a challenging task. The Photographers are found mainly in Port Blair, however, in case you wish to do a photoshoot in Havelock or Neil Island then that is also possible.

    Photographers in Andaman

    Havelock island is the best place in Andaman for a photshoot. Many newly wed take this opportunity to do a photo shoot at Radhangar Beach or by the beach side resorts. In addition, many prefer photo shoot during their special candle lit dinner as well. However, a photoshoot at Havelock Island is a little expensive than a Photo shoot in Port Blair, so mainly it depends upon your budget whether to hire a photographer in Port Blair or Havelock Island.

    Andaman island is a photographers heaven and candid photographs will just be perfect to capture those amazing memories.

    Candid Photographers in Andaman

    What is included if we hire a Candid Photographer in Andaman?

    Actually, almost everything is included when you hire a photographer in Andaman. All things including Camera Cost, Photographers Charge, Editing, Equipments and Extra Prop. Please note that soft copies of the photographs will be provided. We believe this covers almost everything, however, any specific charges applicable will be updated to the customers upfront.

    What is the Cost of Photography in Andaman?

    Location Duration Cost Without GST RAW / Processed Photos
    Port Blair at Carbyns Cove 1 Hour Rs.2000 10 Raw / 2 Processed
    Port Blair at Carbyns Cove & Around 1 Hour Rs.4000 15 Raw / 10 Processed
    Port Blair at Chidiatapu 2 Hour Rs.8000 50+ RAW / 25 Processed
    Havelock Island Beach Number 3 1 Hour Rs.3000 10 Raw / 2 Processed
    Havelock Island at Radhangar Beach 1 Hour Rs.5000 15 Raw / 10 Processed
    Havelock Island Personal Shoot 2 Hour Rs.12000 50+ Raw / 25 Processed

    Whom Should I Contact?

    You can write an email to and mention your requirements. Our team will get back to you with the details. OFFER - Candid photoshoot comes complimentary with our Andaman Honeymoon Packages. So make sure you check our honeymoon packages to avail a free photoshoot in Andaman.

    Note : Prior booking is a must for the photoshoot.