Top Things to Do in Baratang Island

Baratang Islands lies in the Middle Andaman and acts as an entry to Rangat, Mayabunder and North Andaman Islands. This island has a lot of things to do and here are our top lists of things that most people when visiting Baratang Island.

  1. Visit the Limestone Caves 

    Lime Stone Caves is the most sought after attraction in Baratang Island. Make sure you visit this place. Get detailed overview about How to Visit Limestone Caves.
  2. Mangrove Boat Ride

    Enjoy an amazing boat ride through the mangroves at Baratang Island. The boat ride is lovely through the mangroves.
  3. Enjoy Vehicle Ferry Ride

    If your are going through roadways, you’ll experience the lifeline of Andamans, the Vehicle ferries which takes all the vehicles aboard to cross the waters between Nilambur Jetty at Middle Strait and Baratang. Moreover, you can see many species of birds during this trip. If you are a nature photography lover, get ready for some amazing clicks.
  4. Visit Parrot Island

    For those staying in Baratang Island for a night, can take a boat ride to Parrot Island in the evening. Thousands of parrots make way to their home on this island. Lovely sight for those interested in bird watching.
  5. Mud Volcano

    A mud volcano exists at Baratang Island. This can also be visited by hiring a jeep at Baratang. Get detailed info about how to visit Mud Volcano.
  6. Pass through the Tribal Reserve

    While taking the roadway to Baratang, you will pass through the Jarawa tribe reserve. This reserve consists of thick dense forests where the tribals live. No photography is allowed when you are inside the reserve. 


These are the top 6 things in Baratang Island that can be done to make your trip worthwhile. 


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