Vinayak Damodar Savakar Remembered On His 133rd Birth Anniversary

Aatika Fatima
May 30, 2016

Vinayak Damodar Savarkar was born on 28th may 1883 commonly known as “Swatantryveer Savarkar”. He was a pro-independence activist, poet, a writer, and playwright. He was born in the Chitpavan Brahmin family of Damodar and Radhabai Savarkar in the village of Bhagur, near the city of Nashik, Maharashtra. Ganesh (Babarao), his elder brother was his great source of influence in his life. He had lost his father, Damodar, and mother, Radhabai at a very earlier age.

He was also a great orator, writer, historian, poet, philosopher and social worker. Veer Savarkar was an extraordinary scholar, and among others, he had coined the words for telephone, photography and the parliament. He advocated the dismantling of Hindu Culture Cast System and also reconverted the converted Hindus back to Hindu religion. Veer Savarkar occupies a unique place in the history of Indian Freedom Struggle.

His Life History:Veer Savarkar had his initial education at the Shivaji School, Nasik. During his High School days, he used to organize Ganesh Utsav and Shivaji Utsav, which has been started by Bal Gangadhar Tilak. Savarkar Considered him as his GURU and put plays on nationalistic themes.

In March 1901, he married “Yamunabai” and after his marriage, he joined Fergusson College in Pune. The British Governments does not allow Veer Savarkar to complete his graduation degree because of his involvement in the Indian freedom movement. In 1906, he went to London to become Barrister. When he was in London, he encouraged the Indian students in the England against the British Colonial Masters. He founded the Free India Society.

On March 3, 1910, he was arrested and sent to India for trial, when the ship reached France; he escaped from there but was arrested by the police. On December 1910, he was sentenced to the Jail in Andaman, known as ‘Cellular Jail’. By his efforts, he established a library in jail. He tried to educate the illiterates in jail. By the demand of Vithalbhai Patel, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, and Mahatma Gandhi, he was released andbought back to India on May 2, 1921.FcB5ApUu1Oed0nKlpzrsmUn55FCcBUA896zIxPzr_i8

With his Brother Ganesh, he had struggled in the harsh environment: Forced to do the task of cutting trees, chopping of wood and working at the oil mill under regimental strictness, and without talking to admist prisoners during the mealtime. All the prisoners will be frequently facing the mistreatment and torture in jail. Contacting with any people outside world and the home was restricted, writing letter is allowed only one a year.

Veer Savarkar was arrested and indicted by the Government of India in the Mahatma Gandhi assassination case. But he was acquitted by the Supreme Court of India, for the reasons of lack of evidence. At the age of 83, on February 26, 1966, he passed away.

Veer Savarkar International Airport at Andaman Island:

The Airport at Andaman & Nicobar Island, Port Blair has been named as Veer Savarkar International Airport in the loving memory of the great freedom fighter.

Andaman Map

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