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Mayabunder Andaman Islands - How to Plan and Visit in 2020

The headquarters of North & Middle Andaman District– Mayabunder, a small town located in the northern part of Middle Andamans, about 3 (three) hour’s drive towards the north to Rangat happened to be our next stop of the Adventure-cum-Exploring quality check trip. So here, this article comes up with the most possible detailing and information for you to know Mayabunder as a destination of attraction. Stay with us through the lines while we bring out this undercover destination- Mayabunder in this article.

Mayabunder is located 242 kilometers by road and 136 kilometers by ferry from Port Blair. This place is 72 kilometers north of Rangat and 79 kilometers south from Diglipur, which makes it fall between Diglipur and Rangat. Mayabunder consists of a number of villages scarcely populated. Bengali, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu are the major languages spoken here. The families of Burmese Karen tribes who were brought in as cheap labours by the British people are part of the population of Mayabunder. Being mostly preferred by tourists who are looking for offbeat experiences, this place is still growing as a tourist destination –having limited infrastructures and less frequent connectivity with the capital town of Port Blair. Just like Rangat, Less information about the place and lesser known ways of its accessibility has left this town less explored. Still, Rangat is touched by tourists going to Diglipur from Port Blair but Mayabunder falls to the other side of Rangat, so it is visited only when there’s a plan to do so.

Mayabunder island andamans

So this time, we have thought of exploring every corner possible of this unexplored destination to let our customers know that, how they can pay a visit to Mayabunder using the existing facilities and possibilities.

What to Expect while visiting Mayabunder?

Mayabunder is home to few beautiful and scenic beaches, few seasonal turtle nesting grounds, mangrove lined tidal creeks, the 2nd biggest harbor after Port Blair- where the mainland passenger ships takes halt. This place is also the starting point to visit some of the Virgin Islands nearby like Avis Island, Coco Island & Interview Island. We will give you more information on planning the trips to these islands in our coming sections.

This is a very remote destination just like any other island in the North & Middle Andamans that we have discussed before. So you cannot expect any luxury conduct of stay. You will get idea on stay options in our “Accommodations” section.

All that you can expect here is to explore the nature and a trip to Mayabunder should mean a trip to the outskirts of Andaman, far from the busy and crowded life and too near to the organic natural life which is not technological but soothing and pleasant. With least or no connectivity to the telecom services and internet, you may feel detached to the contemporary world but as soon as you start exploring the beaches and other sights nearby –all you would do is relax in the beaches, click the moments and thank yourself for planning to stop here before moving further.

Ferry to Mayabunder

How to reach Mayabunder:

Just like we have mentioned in our entire destination guides (especially of North & Middle Andamans), that in order to visit any island in Andamans, you have to enter through Port Blair (VSI Airport). So the origin to start through any of the modes of transfers that we are mentioning below is from Port Blair only.

By Bus:

The first and the most economical option to reach Mayabunder from Port Blair are by Buses.

a) Government operated Buses:

There are direct buses from Port Blair to Mayabunder every day. You can take a Government operated Bus that departs from Port Blair at different timings. The preferred one is around 4:30 AM. It takes around 10 hours to reach Mayabunder from Port Blair. This bus will pass through Andaman Grand Trunk Road to reach the Public Bus stand at Mayabunder junction. From there you’ll have to hire public transport to reach your accommodation place and to do the sightseeing. These buses are not Air-conditioned. The tickets for these buses can be purchased from the government Bus depot, Port Blair. Due to the cheap cost, there is a huge demand for government bus tickets because most of the local public uses this mode of transport as their lifeline to stay connected between Mayabunder & Port Blair. The boarding point of these buses is at the Aberdeen Bus Depot. It has multiple other pick up points on the ATR. However, you need to enquire at the ticket counter for your nearest pick up point.
If you have reached Mayabunder by the government buses then the return ticket for Port Blair or for going further to Diglipur has to be booked from Mayabunder only.

b) Buses run by Private Sector:

There are private bus operating directly from Port Blair. These Buses depart from Port Blair and reach Mayabunder. These buses ply between the origin and destination at different timings. The preferred/ suggested slot of departure from Port Blair is around 4:30 AM or the earlier possible so that one gets most of his/her time there in the destinations once they reach. It takes about 10 hours to reach by these buses as well. These buses are available as Air conditioned and NON Air Conditioned both. The AC ones are costlier but worthy for a long road journey like this. Non AC ones are cheaper than the AC ones. As compared to the rate of government bus tickets, the NON AC Private bus is expensive because they provide more comfort and ease for the journey. The tickets for these buses are available from their respective reservation offices across the Port Blair town. Online bookings are not made available by them. The boarding point of these buses is mostly near the Aberdeen Bust Depot. It has multiple other pick up points on the ATR. However, you need to enquire at the ticket counter for your nearest pick up point.
If you have travelled by the private buses for your onward journey, then the return ticket can also be booked from Port Blair when you start or else you can book the ticket for returning to Port Blair or going further to Diglipur at Mayabunder Bus terminus as well having said that, pre booking is always the best choice.

Government Ferry :

a) Direct ferry from Port Blair:

The direct government ferry from Port Blair to Mayabunder shows up only once in a week via Diglipur, which makes it difficult to plan a visit to Mayabunder based on these ferries. But if you are on a long vacation, and have lot of time to wait for this schedule to show up and avail this option of travel, then these government ferries can be an option for you.

b) Combination of ferry & Bus:

Another way that we found out to be available, for reaching Mayabunder from Port Blair is – to take Government Ferry to move from Port Blair to Rangat. This voyage will be 5-6 Hours long. (NOTE: The voyage time might change considering the number of passengers boarding and getting down at each stop) This ferry starts from Port Blair goes to Neil Island then to Havelock Island and finally reaches Rangat.
On reaching Rangat, you can take a bus to proceed towards Mayabunder and hire a local jeep for sightseeing at Mayabunder.
This option cannot be taken as a definite one. The reason behind is that the sailing of the ferry considered here, is not available every day and the schedule and ticketing for these ferries open only 1-2 days before the departure. The tickets are issued from the STAR ticket counters in Port Blair and the return ticket has to be booked from Rangat itself. The Harbor for Rangat is the Yerrata Jetty. Just like the previous option, those who come on an extended vacation to Andaman can consider the government ferry as an option for their conveyance. This mode could be unpredictable and may not work for the travellers who are planning to visit Andaman on a fixed duration of about 4 - 10 days. Considering, there are so many things to do in Andamans and the other schedules will get affected if in case this option of reaching Rangat doesn’t work.

2) By Private Cab:

The third and a definite way to reach Mayabunder from Port Blair is in a Privately hired vehicle from Port Blair. In this case, the driver –who is a local person and know the destination well, will be traveling with you from Port Blair. Neither you need to look for a return option, nor would you have to hire any other public transport for going around and seeing the places of attraction which are accessible by the road. By choosing this mode of reaching Mayabunder, you can be assured of the time management which is not possible to be done by you while exploring a place.
The private Cab option is the best choice for those who have a fixed date schedule and a fixed number of days to explore the Andamans to its fullest. These type of travellers need a pre-booking and proper planning in every destination and activity. The best part of this option is that you can book this service online before starting your travel and the cab will be there on-time, almost at your doorstep, to pick you and drop you back to your respective accommodation after completion of the entire trip.

Trip from Port Blair to Mayabunder

Attractions at/near Mayabunder:

Rampur Beach: Rampur Beach is a small yet beautiful beach located at a distance of about 30-minutes Read more about Rampur Beach
Karmatang Beach: Karmatang beach is considered the most attractive and the best Read more about Karmatang Beach
German Jetty: If you enter the premises of the APWD Guest house located in Mayabunder Read more about German Jetty
Avis Island: Avis Island is a tiny yet beautiful island located about 20 minutes Read more about Avis Island

Karmatang Beach Mayabunder

Accommodation Options:

As stated earlier, since Mayabunder has minimum tourist flow and is still growing to gain popularity, there are limited accommodation options available there with limited facilities. There is one Government guest house known as the APWD Guest house, one popular privately owned hotel namely- Sea and Sand having the basic facilities like attached bath, provides sea view from the property and there are some lodges nearby the Bus-stop area with basic facilities only.
Services like Television in rooms, Room service, wifi connection, etc. cannot be expected while planning to stay in Mayabunder. Even though the hotels are very basic, and have minimum amenities, they are hygienic and decent enough for families to stay. In case you have a requirement of night stay at Mayabunder, make sure you have pre-booked your accommodation to avoid any on-spot issues in searching and getting a good place to stay in.

Food Options in Mayabunder Island:

There are small food stalls, Dhaba(s) or canteens run by the local folks of Mayabunder. Most of the eateries are nearby the tourist attractions or near the main market area.
The Sea n Sand property has a small restaurant with limited menu option yet serving good food. For dining of groups of 10 or more people, it is required that you order the entire day’s food during the 1st meal of the day so that they have your food ready to serve by the time you come next, to dine at their place.

Exclusive- The Sequence of the Attractions in Terms of Location:

This section is absolutely exclusive. In this section, we are able to tell you the D-I-Y sequence of covering the attractions in and around Mayabunder, in a better way than any online maps. This is not surprising, because our team has created this physically by going there, where an online map doesn’t work to help you.
Start from Rangat –> towards Dhaninallah mangrove walkway (Read our Rangat section to plan a visit to this attraction) –> Arrive at Danapur Junction (the market area of Mayabunder) –> Take a diversion towards Karmatang Beach –> Return towards Danapur Junction (the market area of Mayabunder) –> Proceed towards Rampur Beach –> APWD Guest House –> German Jetty –> Return towards Rangat crossing the Danapur Junction and proceed further towards Diglipur/ Port Blair as per your plan.

Planning a visit to Mayabunder:

German Jetty Port Blair

To visit Mayabunder, few hours are enough. Since there are convoy restrictions between Rangat-Baratang and Baratang-Port Blair (these are the paths on the way that you cross to reach or go back from Mayabunder), and visiting hours restrictions at the sightseeing points, so a careful time management and pre-planning is mandatory for making this trip happen. If you are thinking of paying a visit to Mayabunder, there are few ways you can do so. Being called an Island expert, Experience Andamans takes pleasure of mentioning two of the possible options:

  • While going towards Diglipur –Stay a night in Rangat, next day morning go to Mayabunder and visit Rampur Beach, Karmatang Beach, and German Jetty. Later in the evening, proceed to Diglipur and stay overnight.
  • While coming back to Port Blair (From Diglipur)– Proceed towards Mayabunder, visit Dhaninallah Beach (falls in Rangat), upon reaching Mayabunder, visit Karmatang Beach, Rampur Beach, German Jetty and stay overnight. Next morning, return to Port Blair.

The above options are very few out of many other alternative combinations that our experts could sketch for you based on your interests, the number of days you have, and the budget you have decided.



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